OLTL Update Thursday 11/3/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/3/05


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John and Natalie are in bed together. John has a dream about Christian, and his being hung in his cell. Natalie stands behind Christian, and yells at John that he knew about this, and didn’t tell her. John wakes up with a start. He looks around, and sees Natalie beside him.

Statesville Prison

Christian yells for the guard to let him call his lawyer. The guard refuses to let him.

Llanview Hospital

Bo sits beside Nora’s bedside. Michael motions for him to join him. Bo questions him as to how Nora is. Michael, apologizes and tells him that there isn’t any change. They begin to discuss Matthew, and what a great kid he is. Bo points out that Nora is everything to Matthew.


Marcie sits at the bar with her laptop before her. Hugh brings her a latte, and attempts to apologize for the night before. They laugh together. Marcie questions him as to where he had went so fast. Hugh refuses to tell her anything.

Blair looks at a picture of her, and her family. There is a knock on the door. When she opens the door, a photographer takes her picture. He begins to ask her all kinds of questions about Todd, and how she feels about what has happened. Dorian comes up behind him, and hits him with a newspaper in the head. David pushes a button on his camera, and erases all the film. This upsets the photographer, and he leaves. Dorian goes into the apartment with Blair. She questions Blair if she had gotten any sleep the night before. Dorian tries to comfort Blair as best as she can. Blair fills her in that Todd has gone.

John is on the phone, and leaves a message for Bo that something has come up that he has to take care of .Natalie walks up behind him, and listens to his conversation. After he hangs up, Natalie questions him as to what could be so important that he would step aside from the case.

Statesville Prison

The guard comes into the cell with John Doe. They begin to talk about his loyalty going to the highest bidder. The guard takes the picture of Natalie. Chris tries to go after him, but the guard tells him that if he touches him, he will throw him back in solitary. Carlo walks up, and commends the guard on his actions.

Vangie comes into Rodi’s. She is on the phone with someone at the prison. They put her on hold again. She sees Layla with Jaime. She talks to them a few moments. Jaime wants to know where her daddy is. Layla leaves him another message. Vangie is disturbed when she finds out that she has Antonio’s daughter, but doesn’t know where Antonio is. Lindsay comes up behind them, and speaks to Jaime. Lindsay asks Layla if she can spend some time with Jaime.

Dorian shows Blair the headline on the front page of the tabloid. Blair insists to David and Dorian that Todd did not murder Margaret. Dorian finds it odd that an innocent would provide a phony alibi, and then leave town. Dorian offers her help by telling Blair that she knows where Todd is. The door bell rings. David goes to answer it .He is upset to see that it is Spencer. David immediately wants to know what he wants.

Spencer brings Blair something to eat. David suggests that they go and have a talk. Spence is reluctant to leave until Blair asks him, please. They leave. Blair and Dorian argue over Todd as usual. Blair lets it slip that she had called Evangeline to be Todd’s attorney. Dorian is more than a little upset, and begins to lash out against Todd again. Blair threatens to throw her out.

Michael offers Bo some encouragement about Nora, and her condition.

Hugh thinks that this is nice that Marcie, and him can spend some time alone together. They discuss one of her articles that she had written for her column.

Lindsay takes Jaime to a nearby table to spend some time with her while Layla and Evangeline talk. Lindsay brought Jaime a present of a bunny rabbit. Lindsay tells her that the bunny had missed her about as much as she had.

Carlo has the picture of Natalie much to John Doe’s disgust. Carlo lets John know that his network runs the prison. He hands John a book. When John Doe opens the book, he finds a square hole has been cut out, and inside is a package of pills. Carlo gives John Doe an ultimatum of taking the pills or dying some other way.

John and Natalie discuss the dream that she had had about her Mother and Nikki Smith. John remembers his own dream about Christian. He offers her encouragement.

Marcie lets Hugh know how much he had helped her to love again. This surprises him, and he thinks that she means that she loves him. Layla comes up behind Marcie. Hugh goes to talk to Evangeline while Layla talks to Marcie about her column, and one certain little boy.

Layla join Lindsay and Jaime at the table. Lindsay brings out a piece of paper, and gives it to Jaime .She tells Jaime to draw her another picture to go on her refrigerator while she has a talk with Layla. Lindsay lets Layla know that she is not going to let them get by with this, and the judge is going to see through this hoax.

Michael join Marcie. They also discuss her writing. Michael asks her if she missed them. Marcie admits that she does. Hugh walks up. Michael is upset to see Marcie with Hugh, again. He leaves.

John and Natalie have visited Jessica at Llanfair. Natalie tells John that she is asleep. Natalie lets John know how lucky she is to have him. They decide to go home. Once at their apartment, Natalie tells him that she loves him. He doesn’t answer her. They begin to kiss. The cell phone rings. Instead of answering it as usual, he turns it off, and throws it onto the sofa. He and Natalie resume kissing. Evangeline leaves him a message.

Carlo burns the picture of Natalie. Chris watches in disgust.

Spencer and David rejoin Dorian and Blair. Spencer insists that Dorian and David leave. After much persistence, Dorian and David leave. Spencer apologizes to Blair for not telling her about Margaret stabbing Todd. He encourages Blair to get some sleep. She lies back on the sofa. Soon she is sound asleep with her head on his shoulder.

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