OLTL Update Wednesday 11/2/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/2/05


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Llanview Police Department

Bo and a police officer discuss the place that they have staked out for looking for Todd. Bo goes into the squad room and sees Paige. He asks her if she wants to be the chief of police for the night. He invites her into his office. Spencer watches them. Three police officers discuss the murder of the woman and unborn child. Spencer again listens to them.

Blair sits alone in a chair in the condo. She watches the telephone. Starr and Jack come downstairs. Starr is upset because Todd sends them off to babysitters at all hours of the night. Starr demands to know what is going on. Blair refuses to talk about it. Starr again demands to know where her father is.


Viki opens the doors to Llanfair. She shivers when she feels the cold night air. Clint comes up behind her and takes her back inside. Viki is worried about Antonio and Jessica. Clint tries to assure her that Antonio will let nothing happen to Jessica. Viki still feels that something is wrong.

Todd is in his car. He checks to see if there are any broken bones.

Antonio and Jessica are in Antonio's car, which is down over a hill. They are unconscious. There are a few flickers of flames. There is smoke coming out from under the hood.

Todd comes down through the woods. He finds their car. He sees Jessica inside the car, and that she is unconscious. He begins to yell at her to get her to wake up.

Kevin is on the phone. He tells the person to treat the story as if it were his sister. Kelly approaches him. Kelly fills him in on the information that Ginger had told everyone at the bachelorette party. Kelly notices that something is wrong with Kevin. She questions him about it. He fills her in that Jessica is in the hospital, and she has D.I.D., just like Viki. Kelly is surprised. A reporter comes up and fills them in that Todd is the prime suspect in the murder of the woman and her unborn child.

Starr and Blair argue over where Todd is, and why he isn’t there with them. Starr questions Blair as to why she is so upset. Jack comes downstairs. Blair tries to assure him that everything is fine. The doorbell rings. Jack wonders if she is going to answer it. While she goes to the door, Starr pulls Jack aside and tells him that he knows that their mom is lying. It is Kelly .

Todd tries to awaken Jessica, but with no luck. He starts to leave the scene, but something makes him look back at the car, which is about to ignite.

Viki and Clint discuss Jessica. Viki is frantic with worry that something has happened to Jessica and Antonio. They hear the doorbell ring. Viki immediately thinks that it is Jessica. When they open the door, they find that it is Nash.

Bo fills Paige in that Todd is a prime suspect in the murder of Margaret Cochran. They also discuss Blair, and what that family had gone through the last year.

Kevin comes into the police station and shakes hands with one of the officers.

Spencer enters Bo’s office. Bo and Paige pull apart. Paige looks away. Spencer asks if there is any new evidence in the “floater” case. Bo is reluctant to tell him anything. Spencer offers his help. Spencer starts to leave as Kevin walks in. Spencer apologizes for the card game, and his winning the prize thoroughbred. Kevin wonders what he is doing there.

Viki questions Nash about the fact that she thought he was leaving town. He shows her a letter from Tess. He insists that he is not leaving town until he talks to the woman who wrote that letter. They argue over Tess and Jessica. Clint starts to invite him in, but then he realizes that it isn’t his place. Viki invites him in.

Todd breaks the back window out to get to the front seat to get Jessica free. He drags her to safety. He tries to revive her, but with no luck. He looks back at the car with Antonio inside it.

Viki and Clint usher Nash into the family room, but they assure him that he has to be gone before Jessica gets home. The telephone rings. Viki goes to answer it. Nash notices the pictures on the desk of Jessica. They discuss Jessica. Viki comes back and tells Clint that it is Dallas. Clint leaves to take the call. Viki informs Nash that she needs to ask him some questions. Viki asks him how he met Tess. Nash fills her in on the happenings of their first encounter. Viki then asks him if she had said anything about her family.

Todd pulls Antonio out of the car just minutes before it explodes. Todd shields Jessica’s body from the explosion.

Jessica comes to and sits up. She remembers about the baby. She is frantic that something has happened to it. Todd gets back to his car before the ambulance arrives. He apologizes to Jessica under his breath.

Spencer visits Blair and lets her know that he knows about Todd. Blair is upset that the press is making a three-ring circus out of this whole situation.

Clint gives Nash a picture of Jessica. Nash declares that he will fight for Tess if he finds out that this is his baby. Clint completely understands. He leaves Llanfair .

Viki receives a call from Jessica filling her in on the crash, and she assures her that they are all right. Jessica needs to be taken to the hospital to be checked out, to see if the baby is all right. Jessica is placed on the stretcher. Antonio holds her hand. Viki and Clint arrive and follow behind the stretcher as the EMTs take Jessica to the ambulance.

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