OLTL Update Tuesday 11/1/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/1/05


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Llanview Hospital

Jessica yells for Antonio, but Viki refuses to let him go inside because she is afraid that Tess will emerge again. Antonio and Nash look at Jessica through the glass in the door.


Vangie looks at newspaper clippings concerning Carlo Hesser. Natalie comes up to her table. Natalie fills her in that she had paid a visit to John Doe, and had had a conversation with him. Vangie is upset and wants to know why she had paid a visit to John Doe.

Statesville Prison

Carlo comes downstairs and runs his fist up against Cris’s jaw. They discuss his possible hanging. They both know that Carlo had been behind his possible hanging.

Llanview Police Department

Bo, John and Hugh question Denton about Todd and his possible alibi. They encourage Denton to open up and start talking .

Todd and Blair arrive home at their condominium. Todd thanks her for believing him. Blair tells him that it would be better if he packed his belongings and got out. Todd is surprised.


Adriana calls Duke and leaves him a message on his answering machine. She orders a drink.

Natalie fills Vangie in that John Doe had decided to drop his appeal to get out of Statesville. Vangie is upset and informs her that she had just signed his death warrant.

Bo and John question Denton about his possible involvement in this Todd Manning deal. John goes outside the office and comes back with a folder. Inside, it tells all about Denton’s credentials. Bo encourages him to cooperate if he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Blair comes downstairs with Todd’s suitcase. Todd grabs it and throws it back up the stairs. Todd insists that he didn’t kill Margaret. Todd wants them to move on, since this Margaret deal is behind them. He asks her to give him one more chance to make things right .

Bo, John and Hugh go aside and have a private conversation. John decides to go back to the lab. In a few minutes he brings the tape back, and he shows that it had been tampered with. Bo wants to cut a deal with Denton in exchange for information.

Todd still insists that he didn’t kill Margaret. Todd tells Blair that he can’t live without her. Blair admits that she cannot live without him either.

Bo and John go over evidence with Denton. Bo calls an officer in to take Denton to the evidence room to take his statement. Bo takes a call from Marcie and Michael, who tell him that Matthew is sound asleep. They also tell him that Nora is still unconscious. Bo tells John and Rex that he will not allow Todd to get away with murder.

Llanview Hospital

Dr. Jamison comes out of Jessica’s room. Viki questions him as to how she is. Dr. Jamison fills them in on the details of Jessica’s condition. Antonio asks if he can see Jessica, and the doctor agrees to it. Antonio goes in to see Jessica. Jessica fills him in on how she had tried so hard to get back to him. Jessica tells him that she needs him so much, and her family. Antonio goes over and opens the door so that Viki and Clint can come in. Jessica tells Viki that she is so glad to see her. Nash watches through the window. Antonio tells Nash to go back to California, but Nash refuses.

Adriana is joined by Rex. She questions him as to what had happened at the police station. Rex tells her that she did good. He tells her that she can go home now, unless she is there for some other reason.

Vangie and Natalie discuss what had been said between her and John Doe. Vangie also asks her if anyone else had been listening to their conversation. Vangie tells Natalie to excuse her because she has to talk to her client.. Vangie assures her that one day she will thank her for getting John Doe out.

Statesville Prison

Carlo and Cris have a conversation. Cris tells him that he has allies. Carlo makes fun of him for using such big words. Carlo points out that he has friends in prison who will watch his back. A guard walks by and makes fun of one of the other prisoners, who is reading a book. Cris begins to read a book that he has.

Todd thanks Blair for believing in him and giving him a second chance. Blair tells him not to make her regret it. Todd insists that they go upstairs and just hold each other. Todd tells her to go on up, and he will join her shortly. Todd takes a call on his cell phone. He then makes a call to Denton, who doesn’t answer. Todd gets his suitcase out from under the steps. He writes a note to Blair, leaves it in a box near the desk, and leaves.

Jessica is so sorry for the way that Tess had treated everyone. Viki and Clint tell her that they know about the baby. Viki encourages her to go into therapy. Jessica wonders if Antonio is there. She then wants to see Nash.. They are reluctant to let her see him. Viki agrees to talk to Dr. Jamison to see what he thinks. Dr. Jamison agrees to let her see him as long as he can stay in the room. Nash comes in. Jessica and Nash talk. Jessica doesn’t want him to try to see her again.

Vangie tries to call the prison in order to talk to Cris, but the guard refuses to let her talk to him. Hugh comes in. They start up a conversation, which leads to them sitting down. They discuss Nora and her condition..

Adriana asks Rex for a job at Ultraviolet. Rex admits that there is an opening, but he refuses to let her have it. She is surprised.

John tells Natalie that there has been a break in the Cochran case, and that the prime suspect is Todd. Natalie isn’t surprised. John tries to comfort her as best as he can. Viki calls her and gives her the details on Jessica’s condition. She encourages Natalie to get some sleep. John and Natalie decide to forgo the beer and decide to just go home and go to bed.

Antonio is driving Jessica home. Jessica still cannot believe that she is here with Antonio. Antonio tries to reassure her as best he can. Todd is driving down the same road. He thinks about his conversation with Blair. He decides that he needs to talk to her. He starts looking for his cell phone on the seat next to him. The cell phone falls to the floor. Todd bends down to pick it up. When he looks back to the road before him, he sees he is headed straight for another car. Unbeknownst to him, Antonio and Jessica are in the other car. Todd swerves to miss them, as does Antonio.

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