OLTL Update Friday 10/28/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/28/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie


Hugh and Marcie come into Rodi’s for a real date. Marcie orders a Virgin Mary. Hugh tells the waitress that he will have the same. Marcie hopes that this date will not be like all the others. A woman yells "Hughie!" and begins to kiss Hugh, much to Marcie’s dismay.

Adriana heads for Rodi’s. Rex yells at her and asks her if she is looking for him. Adriana gives him a puzzling look.

Llanview Hospital

Viki and Clint are at Jessica’s bedside. They are hoping that she will sleep through the night, and that is why Viki had sent Kevin and Natalie home. Viki makes the assumption that when she wakes up she may be neither Tess nor Jessica. Viki also declares that she will never be the same again.

Nash hurries out of the hospital. Then he heads back toward the hospital when he meets up with Antonio. Nash declares to Antonio that he is going to get Tess out of there. Antonio orders him to leave Jessica alone. He also threatens to kill him if he tries to take her out of the hospital.


Bo and John have found out that Todd and Blair have left the hospital. John has sent a squad car to the Manning residence. Bo states to John that he will get a warrant for Todd’s arrest in the death of Margaret Cochran and Todd’s unborn child.

Denton follows closely behind them.

Blair and Todd are on their way home. Blair is deep in throat. She questions him about the police believing that he had killed Margaret. Todd insists that he did not kill Margaret. Todd gets a phone call from Denton. Denton informs him that the police have more evidence against him. He questions Todd as to what he is going to do. He wants to know if Todd wants to use the tape that he had had made for him. Todd hangs up on him. Denton, aggravated at him for hanging up, talks to himself a few minutes, and then declares that he needs a drink.

Matthew and Michael come into Rodi’s. They want hamburgers and fries. Matthew is upset that he had to leave his mother. Michael assures him that she is getting the very best of care. Michael also reminds him that Paige had said that she would call if there were any word.

The woman is still kissing Hugh, which attracts Michael and Matthew’s attention.

Blair wants to know who that was on the phone. Todd replies that it was Denton. Blair asks what he had found out. Todd fills her in on what Denton had told him about the new evidence. Todd insists again that he didn’t kill her. Blair wants to know how they had found his blood at the scene. Todd makes her believe that Margaret had planted it there. Blair wonders what he is going to do. Todd looks in both mirrors and then attempts to turn around.

Bo and John discuss the evidence against Todd and how it will affect the members of his family.

Viki cries that she wants their baby back. Viki knows in her heart that Jessica will never be the same. Clint knows that there are two men out there who are in love with both Jessica and Tess.

Nash and Antonio argue over Jessica and Tess. Clint comes up to join them and tells them that they need to have a talk. He tells Nash to go first.

The rest of OLTL was pre-empted due to a special report on the indictment of Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff.

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