OLTL Update Thursday 10/27/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/27/05


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Llanview Hospital

The ambulance drivers bring Jessica/Tess into the emergency room, yelling and screaming. She is lashing out at first one person and then another. All of Jessica’s family follows. Paige arrives in the E.R. and Bo fills her in on what has been going on. Paige instructs the nurse to start an I.V.


John is speechless when he finds out that Natalie has been to Statesville to see John Doe. He questions her as to why she had gone. She informs him that she needed to tell John Doe that she never wanted to see or hear from him again. John asks her if she is out of her mind.

Todd’s penthouse

Blair wants to know what Todd had done to make sure that they had overcome Margaret. She demands to know if he had killed Margaret and his unborn child.

Llanview Hospital

Michael looks at Nora’s chart while she lies on the bed, still unconscious. Lindsay watches him through the window. Michael comes out of the room. Lindsay asks him how Nora is. Lindsay goes on to tell him that Nora had loved Jen as if she had been her own daughter.


Natalie is frustrated because she thinks that John thinks that she is still in love with John Doe just because he has Cristian’s face. John tells her that he doesn’t want to see her get hurt. He also tells her that she shouldn’t have gone up to the prison on her own because it was too dangerous. Natalie wonders why he doesn’t object when Evangeline goes up there on her own.

Llanview Hospital

Tess yells at Nash not to let them take her. Antonio starts to go with her, but Viki stops him. Paige comes up and wants some insight into what is going on.

Bo hugs Clint and tells him that he didn’t know he was back in town.. Clint notifies him that he is just back in town to check on some family business, and he didn’t know he was in for this. Kevin comes up and wants some kind of explanation as to what is going on with Jessica. They all want Viki to explain. Clint talks to Antonio and asks him what he has had to do with this.

Viki explains to Paige about Jessica having D.I.D. Paige informs her that she had known that she had been seeing Dr. Jamison, but she didn’t know that it was this serious. She promises to get Dr. Jamison down there as soon as possible. Paige asks her how she knew that Jessica had D.I.D. Viki informs her that she, too, had suffered from D.I.D.

Blair orders Todd to tell her about Margaret. Todd is reluctant to tell her. Blair tells him that if he won’t talk, then she knows what she has to do. She goes over to the desk, picks up the phone, and dials Bo’s number. Todd orders her to put the phone down. He agrees to tell her everything that she wants to know.

Llanview Hospital

Michael and Lindsay discuss Nora, and how close she had been with Jen. Lindsay admits that she had been jealous of the closeness that Jen and Nora had shared. Matthew comes up and asks her if she would go in with him to see his mother. Lindsay agrees.

Clint demands to know what is going on, and who Nash is. Viki tells Nash and Antonio that it would be better if they left. Viki informs them that she wants to talk to Bo. Viki questions Bo as to how long he had known about Jessica. Bo fills her in on all the details. Bo gets a phone call from the station. Paige arrives with Dr. Jamison. While he goes into Jessica’s room, Paige joins Bo, Viki, and Clint. Bo introduces Paige to Clint. Bo tells them that he has to leave because of a case he is working on. Paige leaves.

Clint and Viki talk. Clint is afraid of what Viki is about to tell him. Viki is afraid to tell him about the D.I.D.

Tess whistles and tells Dr. Jamison that they are really calling in the big guns. Dr. Jamison speaks to her.

While Natalie is with John, she receives a phone call from Kevin, who tells her that Jessica is in the hospital. Natalie fills John in on what is going on. She kisses him bye just before she leaves. He tells her to let him know when she hears anything. Bo arrives in John’s office. A forensics expert brings him the DNA report. Bo is afraid to read it because of what it might say.

Blair orders Todd to start talking or she will tell Bo about everything that he has just told her. Todd tells her that he did not kill Margaret Cochran.

Bo calls Blair and tells her that he needs to talk to Todd, because they had gotten the test results back, and the woman had been identified as Margaret Cochran. Blair is so surprised that she tells Bo that she will have to get back to him.

Nash and Antonio argue over Tess, and whether or not she was real. Nash doesn’t like it at all that Antonio hadn’t told him about Jessica having D.I.D. Kevin comes up and overhears them talking about Jessica having multiple personalities. Nash fills Kevin in about Jessica’s multiple personality, and that Antonio hadn’t told him until that night. Natalie comes up and wants to know what is going on, and where Jessica is.

Dr. Jamison tries to calm Tess down, but Tess doesn’t want any part of his help.

While Matthew and Lindsay are in visiting Nora, Nora begins to shows signs of having a stroke. They have to drag Matthew out of the room.

Viki explains to Clint about the D.I.D. Clint is totally confused and worried about Jessica. He orders both Nash and Antonio out of the hospital. He wants only the family there with Jessica.

Todd and Blair arrive at the police department. Bo thanks him for coming so quickly. Blair wants to go in with him for the questioning, but Bo informs her that they need to do this alone. John offers Blair some coffee. They take Todd into a room and start to question him. Todd is reluctant to answer any questions. The police release Todd to go home. The report comes in about the blood found on the log, and it matches Todd’s. Bo tells John to catch Todd before he leaves the building. Weston is outside the door and overhears what Bo has just said. He tries to call Todd to warn him.

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