OLTL Update Wednesday 10/26/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/26/05


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Viki is on the phone, leaving a message for Clint. With tears in her eyes, she tells Clint to call her immediately and that they all need him. Natalie walks into the kitchen and lays her hand on Viki’s shoulder. Viki jumps as though she had been touched with a hot iron. She calls Natalie "Jessica." Viki apologizes. Viki informs Natalie that there is something terribly wrong with Jessica and that she needs to talk to their father.

Asa and Kevin are still at Asa’s cabin in the mountains when they receive a surprise visit from Clint. Clint and Kevin hug. Asa suggests to propose a toast to the prodigal son, who has come home. Clint tells him that he doesn’t have the time because he has something to do, and he has to do it tonight.

At the airport

Nash confronts Tess about the D.I.D. and if she had known about it. Tess doesn’t really give him an answer. Nash asks her if she is really Jessica. Tess tells him yes. Tess is upset and suggests that they not talk at all. She suggests that since they are at an airport, why don’t they just go their separate ways. Nash will not allow her to go as he takes hold of her arm.


Bo sits at a desk in the squad room. John comes in to join him. Bo asks him if he thinks that lying is genetic. John is puzzled, as if that were the reason why he had called him down there. Bo fills him in that both Todd and Starr were lying. Bo admits that he could tell that Starr was lying. Bo thinks that both Todd and Starr were in this together. They want to name Todd as the prime suspect. Both Bo and John are desperate to get the DNA report back to see if the woman is Margaret Cochran. Bo wants to know what Todd is hiding.

At the penthouse

Todd gets off the elevator and comes up to the door. He unlocks the door, but finds that the chain is on the door. He yells for Blair, who he knows is in there. Todd insists that she let him in, because he is not going away. Blair mumbles to herself that he isn’t coming in there, either.


Bo and John know that Starr had lied when she had given her statement. Bo knows that it was all an act in his office when he previously questioned her. Bo knows that Starr had kept quiet about something until they knew that they had Margaret. Bo insists that Todd wanted Margaret dead.

Todd thinks that this is stupid and that Blair won’t let him in. He tries to make her believe that he isn’t lying, and that it is all over. He insists that he loves her. He tells her that he is leaving, but he will be back. Just as he turns to leave, he hears the door opening. Blair steps out into the hall, and they stand there, just looking at each other.


Natalie pours herself and Viki a cup of coffee. Natalie wants to know what is going on with Jessica. Viki tells her that she just can’t talk about it right now. Viki assures her that when she talks to Clint and Jessica, then she will fill her in on everything. Natalie knows that with the whole family behind Jessica, they will get her through this. Viki notices that something is wrong with Natalie. Natalie doesn’t want her to worry. Viki declares that it is better to find out what is wrong with her than to go on listening for a phone to ring. Viki asks her if there is any trouble between her and John. Natalie tells her no, the trouble is between her and Cris.

Clint agrees to one drink. This makes Asa happy, that Clint will drink with them. Clint declares that he wants him to stop gambling away his inheritance. Asa declares that he had meant to lose that horse. Kevin has to separate them from arguing. Clint proposes a toast to Asa. Asa demands to know what the real reason is for Clint being there. Clint tells him that he wants to see his family. Asa insists that he can do that tomorrow. Clint informs him that he will be at the office tomorrow. This puzzles Asa. Clint admits that he is there to check on the company, and how it is being run. Asa tries to start making excuses as to what had been happening. Clint is home just long enough to find out whose fault it is that Buchanan Enterprises is having so much trouble, and who leaked the information. Clint wants to drive Asa back into retirement.

Viki and Natalie discuss Cristian, and Natalie’s memories of him. Natalie insists that she is happy with John, but she doesn’t know how John feels. Natalie fills her in that Evangeline is working to get John Doe an appeal on the grounds that he didn’t know what he was doing when he killed Tico and made the attempt on Antonio’s life. Natalie also tells her that she had been to Statesville to talk to John Doe. Viki is surprised.

Tess yells at Antonio to leave her alone. Nash tells Antonio that he knows everything now. Tess informs him that the power struggle is over, and Jessica is never coming back.


Bo and John discuss how Todd wanted Margaret dead. Bo comes to the conclusion that Todd knew that the police were going to find her, so he wanted to find her first. Bo figures out that the kid that Margaret was having was Todd’s.

Todd thanks Blair for talking to him. Blair insists that the only way he is coming in is that she is going to ask him questions, and he is going to answer truthfully, and if he lies to her then she is leaving, and she is never coming back. She asks him where Margaret is. Todd tells her that he doesn’t know. Blair then fires one question after another at him. He answers her to the best of his ability. An argument erupts when he tells Blair that he didn’t think that she could handle it if she knew about Margaret’s pregnancy. Blair is upset with him that he would feel this way toward her. Blair hates that Todd would do this to his own daughter by making her lie for him to cover up Margaret’s pregnancy.

Bo and John discuss the fact that Todd would do anything to cover up the fact that Margaret was pregnant. John comes to the realization that if Todd had killed Margaret, then that would mean that he had killed his unborn child.

Todd fills Blair in on everything that had happened when he had found Margaret, and how Asa had given him a gun. Blair accuses him of making all this about him. Blair blames all of the pain on him.

Asa looks at the picture of "Home on the Range." He tells Kevin that no one is pulling anything on him.

Viki is worried that Natalie had gone to the prison on her own. Viki commends her on having that much courage to face John Doe on her own. Clint comes in. They are both surprised to see him. Clint and Natalie hug. Clint wants to know where Jessica is.

Antonio tries to get Tess to let him talk to Jessica. Tess refuses. Tess gets a headache and begins to hear Jessica’s voice. Jessica urges Tess to let her out. Nash orders Antonio to leave Tess alone. The police come up and grab Nash by the arm. Antonio continues to talk to Tess, urging her to let Jessica out. Bo arrives with other police officers. Jessica continues to talk to Tess. Tess jumps up and grabs one of the officer's gun. She tells them that she will shoot Antonio unless they let Nash go.

Both Antonio and Nash talk to Tess and talk her into laying the gun down.. When she lays the gun down, the cops grab her and handcuff her. Tess collapses at their feet.

Clint and Natalie hug as Natalie leaves. Clint wants to know about Jessica. Viki tells him that Jessica needs him desperately.

Blair questions Todd as to what he had done to Margaret.

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