OLTL Update Tuesday 10/25/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/25/05


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The docks

Antonio is on the phone, and he has all the police out looking for Jessica. He tries to assure Viki that the police will find Jessica. Viki informs him that Jessica is gone, but Tess had just left with Nash.

Llanview Airport

Tess has gotten them two bottles of beer. She threatens to drink both bottles to give her courage to get on that plane. Nash tells her to come and sit down. He calls her Jessica. Tess is surprised and wants to know why he called her Jessica. He tells her that he wanted to get her attention. She informs him that he has gotten her attention. She questions him as to what he wants. He tells her that he wants her to stop running.

Palace Hotel dining room

Bo and Rex have arrived, and Bo wants to question Starr about Margaret. Starr doesn’t want to answer any more questions about Margaret. Todd insists that Starr is not going anywhere.

Dorian, Kelly, and Adriana are out on the patio. Dorian is ranting and raving that Viki hadn’t showed up for her bachelorette party. She is also furious that Ginger had made the announcement about Margaret being pregnant. Dorian also points out that the only highlight of the night was Todd being questioned by the police.

Bo finds out about the private investigator’s news that Margaret was out of town. Bo is upset that Todd had interfered with his investigation. He wants to know what else the P.I. had found out. Blair wants to know if Todd is guilty of something. Bo tells them that he just wants to talk to Starr about her story. Starr finally agrees to go the police station.

Tess knows that Antonio just wants to drag her back to Llanview and her old life. Nash confronts Tess about the fact that she is keeping secrets from him and can never be honest with him. Nash refuses to get on a plane with Tess unless he gets some answers from her.

Viki and Antonio argue over the fact that she was not even given an option when it came to Jessica and this secret. She is upset that Antonio hadn’t even told her how bad off Jessica really was. Antonio tries to tell her that he was only trying to protect her. Viki, upset, tells him that by keeping this secret from her he was destroying her child. Viki admits that she had even caught Jessica researching an article on D.I.D., but she didn’t know that Jessica had D.I.D. Antonio lets it slip that Bo knew about Jessica, which upsets Viki further. Antonio is upset that they may never see Jessica again. They discuss Jessica leaving town with Nash and that they may never see her again. Viki assures him that they can’t go after her with guns blazing.

Tess threatens to leave town on her own if he doesn’t want to come with her. Nash tells her that he wants this child, and he wants her. Nash questions her as to why she hadn’t told him that this baby might not be his. He also wonders why she hadn’t told him that she had been with Antonio. Nash brings up her mother, Viki. This remark unnerves Tess. Nash tells her that her mother loves her very much and is just worried about her. He also tells her that her mother had told him--but his words stop in mid-air. Tess demands to know what her mother had told him. Nash admits that Viki was concerned about her sanity.

Viki points out to Antonio that Tess is stronger when she is with Nash. Antonio informs her that she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Viki tells him oh, but yes, she does know. She then begins to relate to him her experiences with an alter, and the loneliness that you feel.. Antonio listens very carefully.

Nash admits that he doesn’t know what to think. He confronts her and says that she is hiding something from him. Tess wants to know what it matters, since he doesn’t believe her anyway. Tess encourages him to get on the plane with her. Tess wants to know why he is grilling her about all of this. Nash tries to get her to believe that he loves her, and he wants this baby. Nash also tells her that this baby needs her to be real. Nash encourages her to be honest with him about what is going on. He insists that she tell him what is tearing her apart inside.

Bo goes over Starr’s statement with her. Bo admits that there are some loopholes in her statement. Starr is confused. Starr remembers her conversation with Margaret, and seeing that Margaret was indeed pregnant. Starr lies to Bo and tells him that she was just scared. Bo fills them in that there is a witness who knows that Margaret was indeed pregnant.

Antonio and Viki discuss Tess being with Nash. Viki points out that Tess is part of Jessica’s life. Viki encourages him to embrace Tess. Antonio refuses to do this. Viki tells him that if he comes down hard on Tess then he will never see Jessica again.

Todd reprimands Bo for the way he is treating Starr. Starr just wants to go home and for them to be a family again. Starr rushes out of the office. Todd follows her. Blair asks Bo if he is happy about the way that he had treated Starr. Bo tells her that he thinks that he is the only one who wants to find out what had happened to Margaret. Bo and Blair watch Todd and Starr through the window.

Blair comes out to join Todd and Starr. Bo stands in the doorway of his office and talks to another police officer. He tells the police officer that Starr is covering for Todd. Bo insists on the DNA results on Margaret.

Viki points out to Antonio that Jessica needs Tess to help her emerge from the darkness that is now engulfing her. Viki insists that Antonio find Jessica, and then call her. Antonio gets a call with a lead on Jessica.

Nash finds out that Jessica had created Tess, and they have D.I.D. Nash is confused.

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