OLTL Update Monday 10/24/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/24/05


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The Palace Hotel

Blair asks Ginger if Margaret is pregnant. Ginger tells her that she is. Blair tells her that she is lying as she slaps Ginger’s face. Ginger lays her hand on her cheek as she tells Blair that no, she is not lying.. Ginger informs her that she had just seen Margaret six weeks ago, and she was definitely pregnant. Ginger orders her to ask Starr, because she knows. Blair looks at Starr in amazement.

Llanview Police Department

Todd stands propped up against a filing cabinet. He is nervous at what the police might uncover about the woman and the baby. Antonio sees Todd just standing there as he gets a phone call from Layla.

In an alleyway

Viki apologizes to Tess. She mistakenly calls Tess "Jessica." Tess quickly corrects her. Viki questions her as to what had happened to Jessica that she had needed to create an alter ego. Tess explains to her that she is the one who couldn’t face this. Viki asks her if she is the one who had caused all of this. Tess just looks at her.


John talks to a police officer and gives him his instructions, and also orders him to get him information on Carlo Hesser. John goes into his office. He starts to pour him a cup of coffee, but finds the pot empty. The room suddenly goes dark, and John’s father appears. His father comments on the way that John looks. They discuss the fact that John has trouble opening up to people about his true feelings. John admits that he and Natalie are a bomb ready to explode.

Statesville Prison

Cris has another visitor, and this time it is Natalie. Cris is thoroughly confused. As they sit down opposite each other, Natalie confesses to him that she knows everything. Cris is surprised. Cris wants to know who had told her. Natalie won’t divulge any information. She reminds him that he is nothing like the real Cris. She also reminds him of what Carlotta, Antonio, and herself had been going through. She tells him that she will not allow him to come between her and John.

John and his father discuss how this secret that he is keeping is affecting everyone that he comes in contact with, especially Natalie. John knows in his heart that Natalie needs to know this secret about Cristian.

The Palace Hotel

Ginger encourages Starr to tell Blair and the others the truth about Margaret being pregnant. Starr refuses to divulge any information. Rex watches the argument that erupts between all the Cramer women. Dorian encourages Starr to tell them whether or not Margaret is pregnant. Starr still refuses by telling them that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Ginger apologizes to them all for what she had done to them. She leaves with Rex right behind her, which surprises Adriana. Starr begins to walk off, but Blair catches her. Starr tells her that she doesn’t want to answer any more questions.

Blair, Dorian, and Kelly discuss Margaret and what she had done to Todd. Blair is upset that Dorian is broadcasting what had happened to Todd.

Rex orders Ginger and himself a drink. Rex informs her that he believes her. At first, Ginger doesn’t believe that he believes her, but he convinces her that he does. He asks her to tell him everything that she knows about Margaret.


Todd sneaks around the police department. He starts to look at a file on a desk. An officer catches him prying. Todd lies and tells him that he is offering a reward for information about the woman and the baby that they had found floating in the lake. The officer refuses to divulge any information. Todd walks off and sees a sketch of the man that they are looking for who they suspect killed the woman and baby.

Layla tells Antonio that the social worker wants to meet with her about this situation between them and Jessica, who has been sleeping in Antonio’s apartment. Antonio instructs her to not say anything until he gets there.

Viki offers Tess help, but she refuses. Tess knows that Viki just wants to get rid of her in order to get Jessica back. Tess will not agree to the help. Her head begins to hurt, and she hears Jessica’s voice. Nash comes up and wants to take Tess home. Viki refuses to let him. Tess hears Viki speak Jessica’s name, and she hears Nash speak Tess’s name.

John doesn’t want to hurt Natalie, but he doesn’t know what to do. John’s father wants to know why he is trying so hard to protect Cristian.

Cris knows that Natalie doesn’t want him to get out. Natalie informs him that John is everything that he isn’t. She also tells him that she loves John. Cris asks her if she loves John as much as she loved Cristian. Natalie tells him that that is not any of his business.

Viki and Nash argue over whether or not to take Tess away. Viki asks to talk to Nash privately. Nash agrees and takes Tess away to the side until he and Viki talk. Viki informs him that her daughter is very sick.

Antonio arrives at the Palace just minutes before Nancy gets there. Nancy had wanted to spend some time alone with Layla, to observe her relationship with Antonio. Nancy tells Layla about Jessica sleeping in Antonio’s apartment.

Dorian says she had just wanted a simple bachelorette party, without all this trouble. She comments on Ginger interrupting the party. Dorian wonders where all the other girls had gone. Kelly is on the phone calling Kevin, and she tells him to call her after the bachelor party. Starr comes up. Starr and Kelly have a brief conversation about how things had gone on the patio. Blair comes in and wants to know what all the whispering is about. Kelly goes to freshen up. Blair and Starr exchange a few words. They see a policeman pass by and head for the patio where Dorian is. Dorian is on the phone, calling Viki and wondering where she is.

The policeman sets his record player down on the table. He takes the phone out of Dorian’s hand. He notifies her that he is taking her downtown as a prisoner of love, as he pulls out his handcuffs. He begins to strip off his clothes and dance around Dorian. Dorian begins to get into the swing of things. Blair and the other women all begin to laugh. Kelly and Adriana begin to dance with the stripper.

Todd is still at the L.P.D., keeping his eyes and ears open to any new developments in the “floater” case. Two officers talk to each other about some orders that Bo had handed down to them. One of the officers leaves while the other sits down at a desk. Todd is in the midst of questioning him when the phone rings. It is Blair, and she informs him that she needs to talk to him. He informs her that he is busy right now.

John’s father encourages him to try his best to get Cris out of prison.

Natalie insists that Cristian drop his appeal for a new trial. She makes him promise. Cris promises that no fake Cristian will be walking out of those doors. After Natalie leaves, Cris tells the guard that he wants to see his lawyer.

Dorian admits that she was the one who had paid for the stripper. She wants a group hug. While they are hugging, Todd comes in. Starr hurries to his side and tells him that she needs to talk to him. Blair tells him that they need to talk. Bo and Rex come in. Bo requests permission to ask Starr a few questions.

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