OLTL Update Friday 10/21/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/21/05


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Evangeline visits Cristian, having heard about his almost dying the night before (and he looks pretty fit for someone that was hung). He is angry at her for dragging John into his business. They argue about John trying to help him. Evangeline sticks up for John, even though she is not pleased about John sleeping with Cristian's wife any more than he is. She asks him to think about how he will feel when Nat finds out they both kept the truth from her, if he lives long enough to see that. Evangeline worries about what Carlo might do to Cris. Cris apologizes to her for yelling at her about John. She just asks him to be careful, then she leaves.

Todd is at the police station, asking a cop about who the dead body is. He doesn't want to tell Todd anything, until Todd reminds him that Bo asked for his help in the case by giving him a sketch of a suspect to put in his paper. He turns on his charming smile, but then Bo taps him on his shoulder from behind and asks why he wants to know. Todd claims he is just looking to scoop the Banner. Bo is skeptical. Antonio comes up and asks to speak to Bo in his office. Bo tells Todd that he isn't going to learn anything from his cops, then he follows Antonio. Bo is happy to hear from Antonio that he found Jess, but then Antonio tells him that she's disappeared again. He is anxious to find him before Nash does. Bo agrees but thinks they should tell Viki what's going on. Antonio informs Bo that Viki is looking for Jessica and might find Tess instead. Todd is lurking nearby when he hears the cops say that they got the DNA results finally.

Rex asks a guy he knows, a former criminal who is now a bartender at the Palace, if he recognizes the person in the sketch. The guy tells him that he's legit now and doesn't hang around with people like that any more. Ginger is sitting there at the bar, surprised that Rex is acting like a cop. Rex retorts that he didn't know she is a barfly now. A bunch of women walk by, so Ginger hides behind the bar and asks Rex to help hide her. He steps in front of the bar and spreads his arm wide.

The group of women includes Dorian and all of the Cramer women. They blindfolded Dorian and led her into the patio (past the bar) to surprise her with her party (although apparently Dorian has dictated how she wants the party to be). Dorian is thrilled to be there with her girls. She feels sorry for David, surrounded by the Buchanans at his bachelor party.

After the group passes by, Rex grills Ginger about why she is hiding from Blair. She reveals that Blair fired her for lying, so he wants the details. She reluctantly admits that Margaret is her aunt. Rex's eyes goes wide in surprise. Rex is surprised to hear it and asks her some questions. He wants to phone Bo about it, since he's been looking for Margaret. Ginger wants to tell Blair everything first. Rex stops her and asks what she has to say, but Ginger only will tell Blair. He tells her to yell if she needs help and lets her go.

Duke, Kevin and Asa arrive at their lodge. Asa talks about how great the place is while the others unpack some groceries. Asa hopes to find out what Spencer is up to tonight. They discuss Spencer being out to get their company and what they should do about it. Asa is confident that they have necessary security. He adds, "No one is going to get the drop on us without me knowing it". Just then, there is a big boom, like a shotgun, that makes Duke and Kevin jump and look behind them in shock. Asa gets a shotgun and points it at the door, yelling at the person to come out or he'll shoot them. Matthew walks in, holding up his hands, and begs Asa not to shoot him. They are very surprised to see him and ask him what he's doing there. Matthew apologizes for knocking over a bookshelf in the other room. They find out that Matthew took a cab there and that Bo doesn't know he's there. Matthew confides that he didn't want to live with Bo any more. He blames Bo for Nora's condition and explains why. Duke sits him down to tell him about the details, while Kevin phones Bo. Kevin phones Bo to tell him that Matthew is at the lodge. Bo tells Kevin he will leave right away. Antonio understands that Bo's son comes first, so they plan to touch base later.

Denton creates a disturbance, so Todd sneaks in to look at the DNA results. He is caught by Antonio. Antonio takes the papers away and gives them to a uniform cop to take to John. Todd and Antonio get into a discussion about Jessica. Antonio warns Todd to stay out of it. Todd is surprised to hear that Viki knows about Jessica having returned. Todd assures Antonio that he has his own problems. Antonio has a cop page John because he needs to track a missing person (Jessica, no doubt).

John looks through Cristian's files at his desk. Natalie arrives, wondering where he's been, so he tells her that he was at Statesville Prison. He explains about John Doe being attacked in prison last night. Nat remarks that it's too bad he didn't get killed. John admonishes her for saying that, so she rages on about all the bad things he did to her life. John doesn't think that she would feel this way if he had died. She asks if Evangeline is still trying to get him out. John nods and says she just might do it. Nat thinks that Evangeline is just doing this to get back at her. She leaves after John gets the DNA results. Evangeline drops by John's office to tell him about her meeting with Cristian. She still wants John's help to expose Carlo, or else she fears that Cristian will be dead.

Back at the lodge, Asa tells Matthew, who is complaining about Bo, that Bo also arrested his grandfather. Kevin argues with him about that. Bo arrives, so Matthew avoids him by walking to the other side of the room and ignoring him. Bo goes over to chat with him. Asa wonders where Spencer is. Asa assures Matthew that he is not mad at him for running away and agrees that he is at fault for what happened to Nora. He admits that he said some things that he shouldn't have said and hopes that he gets a chance to make it up to her. He says he didn't mean it to hurt her, though, or Matthew. He asks Matthew to understand. Matthew knows that Bo loves him and that he didn't mean to hurt Nora, but he still did hurt her. Bo agrees and asks Matthew to go home and talk this thing through. Asa offers to let Matthew stay there to play poker. Duke and Kevin tell Asa to stay out of it, but Matthew says he doesn't want to go home. He insists on staying there.

Spencer takes David to the Palace to say hello to Dorian before his party. David knows that Spencer just wants to see Blair. Spencer mentions David's scraggly beard. David says he thought it might intimidate Asa. Spencer rolls his eyes and walks toward the Cramer party. Dorian is thrilled by her gifts. The Cramers are surprised to see them there. Dorian wonders why Viki isn't there and whether she is still angry with her. Adriana asks Dorian what she did to Viki. Dorian puts her own spin on their chat the other day. Dorian tells them that she said Jessica was unstable. The women are not surprised that Viki isn't there after what Dorian said. They scold her for saying it. Starr tells Dorian that there's nothing wrong with Jessica, but Dorian points out that Jessica has been disappearing lately and that not even her mother knows where she's been. Adriana can sympathize about wanting to get away from your mother. Kelly suggests that Dorian phone Viki and apologize. Dorian refuses and won't let Viki ruin her special evening. David comments sarcastically that Viki has some nerve to act this way just because Dorian said her daughter was insane. Dorian reminds him that it was his idea for her to ask Viki to be her matron of honor. David says that was just sarcasm. He tells Spencer how great he is and how glad he is to have him there in town, as an example of sarcasm. Spencer, undeterred, says he's honored to be a part of their celebration. Adriana wonders where Carlotta is. Dorian says she had to baby-sit her grand-daughter at the last minute. Adriana is skeptical and wonders if Dorian said something to her, too. Kelly wonders what is going on with Dorian and Adriana. Blair wonders, too, but Dorian tries to laugh it off as nothing. Adriana yells that it was a huge fight about her wanting her to keep it a secret from Duke that someone is after his family. Kelly is surprised to hear it. David and Spencer exchange glances.
Dorian tries to get the party going again by asking Starr about having fun. Starr blurts out that Ginger turned out to be Margaret's niece. They are all shocked. The women discuss it. Dorian thinks they should get revenge on Ginger, but Blair disagrees. David makes a joke about water torture. Adriana is glad that Duke will hear about this and not want to be around Ginger. When David mentions going to the Buchanan Lodge, Dorian vainly tries to talk him out of going to the party. David blames it on Spencer, so he explains that David doesn't have any friends and that they have been generous about his research. There are more jokes, especially from David and a drunk Kelly, then David and Spencer leave. Dorian goes back to wanting to take revenge on Ginger. Kelly wants to know about what they were talking about earlier--Spencer going after the Buchanans. Dorian keeps on about Ginger, changing the subject. Blair thinks Ginger knows more about Margaret than what she's saying. Blair is venting about Ginger when she walks up to their table. They all start yelling at her, especially Starr. Ginger can't tell Blair the news. Rex comes up and yells at them all to leave her alone. There is more arguing. Ginger tells Blair in tears how much she came to care for them all. Blair doesn't believe her and yells at her some more. Ginger, upset, yells that if she had wanted to hurt Blair, she would have told her that Margaret was pregnant. Blair is stunned and there are shocked stares all around, except from Starr, who looks furious that Ginger blurted out the secret.

On the docks, Viki has just realized that "Tess" is not Jessica. She asks her who she is. Tess introduces herself, holding her hand out. She points out that Jess and Tess is kind of like Viki and Niki. Viki knows that Tess is an alter, but Tess counters that she is not an alter, she is a person, just like Viki. Viki is shocked as Tess points out that she and Jessica have the same thing that she has. Viki gets upset that she didn't know that her own daughter was so ill. Viki says that when she was a little girl, she had a happy childhood, so she doesn't know why Jessica would need an alter. Tess wonders if Viki is really that clueless. Viki is still upset that Tess wanted her to die from the heart attack. She realizes that Todd knows about Tess, too. Tess tells Viki that she's been scamming her for months, which further shocks Viki. Tess goes on and laughs about how she stole the best bottle of booze from under last year's Christmas tree and left cigarette butts lying around, and then Viki blamed the fake Cristian for it. Viki points out that Tess can't keep on trying to live Jessica's life. Tess agrees, saying that's why she has her own life, with Nash, and she's not going to ever give it up. Viki looks scared. She wants to help Jessica, but Tess knows that Viki just wants to integrate her with Jessica. Viki protests that she loves Tess, just as much as she loves Jessica. Tess is surprised to hear that but says that no one but Nash loves her for what she is. Viki argues with her and explains to Tess that she also created alters to deal with something she couldn't handle. She says that Tess is there because Jessica has something that she can't deal with. Jessica doesn't think she understands, but Viki tells her that she's grateful for her because she is helping Jess. Viki begs Tess to tell her what happened to Jessica that created Tess. Tess tells her off, saying she already knows.

David and Spencer arrive, wanting to play poker. Asa insists that they frisk Spencer and David first, to make sure they're not armed. Bo points out that they wouldn't do anything there with the chief of police in the room. Asa warns that card games can get dangerous. Spencer and Asa bare their proverbial chests to each other.

Natalie visits Cristian in jail; he is very surprised to see her.

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