OLTL Update Thursday 10/20/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/20/05


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Todd takes his blue contacts out at home and hides his bag when he hears Blair's voice upstairs, talking to Starr. She comes downstairs and is surprised to see him home already. He asks what's going on with Starr. She says Starr has barricaded herself in her room and is keeping secrets from her. She wonders if Todd knows about that, but we can tell by her voice that she already knows that he does. Starr calls down that she's sorry, so Blair goes back up to talk to her. Todd phones Denton to make sure he finds out what DNA evidence there is from the dead body as soon as there is any news. Blair returns and tells Todd that Starr is a mess, crying, because she feels guilty about something. Todd says it's just Ginger. Blair is not so sure. She thinks it's the lies and secrets that are hurting their children and tells Todd that they have to stop. Todd tries to wiggle out of it, as usual. They argue again. Blair Todd blames him for the lying. He denies that he is having Starr lie for him, but he admits that he screwed up and that it's his fault for hiring Ginger. Todd stares bleakly into space, saying he can't take any of the things back that he did. He thinks that they should all just leave. Starr comes in and says that she's not going anywhere. She thinks Todd wants them all to run away. Blair assures her that they won't be leaving. She asks if there is any reason to run, but no one answers her. Starr knows that Todd wants to start over, and he concedes that he does, but he knows he can't change the past. He agrees with her that if he can start over somewhere else, he can do it there, too. Starr tells them how much she wants to stay in her home, and Blair reassures her. Blair reminds Starr that they are supposed to go to Dorian's bachelorette party. Starr looks very sad as Blair tells her to go upstairs and get dressed for the party. After Starr leaves, Blair asks Todd why he just lied to her. He doesn't answer, so she goes to him and kisses him. She knows that he loves her and is trying to protect her, but she says that whatever he is hiding is eating away at what they are trying to protect. He pets her arm and looks down but doesn't say anything. She gives up, going upstairs to get dressed for the party.

Todd gets a call from Denton but hangs up when Blair and Starr walk downstairs. She quizzes him about the call, and he tells her it was from Denton. Blair and Starr go to leave, so Todd tells them to have fun. Starr scoffs, saying that Dorian and fun don't even go in the same sentence. Todd phones Denton back to get the information. Denton tells Todd that the cops are about to find out the DNA info. Denton thinks the news will be bad for Todd, so he advises him to get his disguise on and leave town. Todd hangs up and picks up his bag again. He sees a picture of him with his family and picks it up.


Cristian gets a visit from John. He heard what happened the previous night and plans to do what he can to keep it from happening again. Cris doesn't believe him. John relates that he thought a long time before coming there, especially after last time. He has kept his secret as promised, but now that Evangeline knows, it's getting harder. John adds that it's especially hard if Cris wants to stay alive. Cris just stares at him, so John asks him if he wants to say something. Cris thinks John wants to just cover his own ass in case he dies and everyone finds out he's really Cristian. He asks how much Natalie will care about John then. John points out that keeping this from her was Cris' idea. Cris keeps accusing John of having his own agenda about wanting to make himself look good and stealing his wife. John wonders if he really thinks that; Cris says that's just a little bit of what he thinks. John doesn't care if Cris trusts him or not, but he plans to have him transferred for his safety. Cris doesn't want to leave because he thinks Carlo will give him some evidence to get him out of prison. John thinks that is a bad idea and still plans to help Cris. They argue more about John keeping his secret from Natalie and what his motives are. John offers to tell Natalie today that Cris is alive, if Cris really thinks he is doing this for selfish reasons. Cris continues to accuse John and lament about his situation. John points out to Cris that not only has he kept his secret for a long time, but he is the one that saved Cris' life by making a phone call to the warden. Cris is not very grateful. John wonders what Cris will do if Evangeline gets him out. Cris doesn't answer, so John tells him that he thinks he should go home to Natalie and hope she forgives him. He knows that's what Cris is really upset about. John stands up to leave after telling Cris to watch his back. Cris stops him and tells him that he only needs himself. John reminds him that Evangeline is helping him. Cris tells John he doesn't need his help and tells him to stay out of his business. He yells at John some more, so then the guard tells him that the party is over. John nods his head and leaves, looking perturbed.

Layla walks in Evangeline's place while Evangeline is on the phone trying to get some important files. Layla can tell she's in a bad mood, but Evangeline tells Layla that she and Antonio are the reason she is angry. Evangeline wonders what Layla is getting out of the arrangement with Antonio. Layla tells Evangeline off for taking her bad mood about her "prisoner dude" out on her. Evangeline says she's just concerned because she thinks Antonio is using her and she deserves better. Layla points out that the whole scam was her idea, but Evangeline goes on and on about how Layla should be with someone who wants her. Layla thinks that Evangeline is talking about her relationship with John. Evangeline is surprised when Layla is prepared to leave already. Layla assures her that no matter what happens, she won't be crashing at her place again. Evangeline confesses that she just felt bad for her sister because she had to come back after Antonio kicked her out (when Jessica returned). Evangeline apologizes, and so does Layla. Evangeline agrees that she is mixing her professional and personal life too much. Layla assures her that she is not into Antonio or anyone that is into someone else. Layla says she wants a little girl like Jamie someday. Evangeline is surprised to hear her sounding so maternal. They both agree that it is a blessing for her and Jamie to have each other. Layla gives Evangeline a kiss on the cheek and tells her she loves her before she leaves. A lady, Janine, brings Evangeline the files she needs about John Doe. Janine mentions that something bad happened to him last night, so Evangeline asks her to explain. Janine tells her that he tried to kill himself last night, but the guards got to him just in time.

Nash wonders to Viki and Antonio where Tess/Jessica could have gone, since they are four stories up. Antonio informs them that she climbed down the fire escape. Nash blames Antonio for it. Viki intervenes and demands to know who Nash is and why he's calling her "Tess". Nash says adamantly that she IS Tess. She asks Antonio what's going on, so he just says it's complicated. Viki insists on going after her by herself. Nash stops Antonio from going after her and chews Antonio out for messing up Tess's life. He asks Antonio if he's crazy or sick, so Antonio informs him that Tess is the one who is sick. Nash is skeptical and keeps blaming Antonio for her problems. When Nash tells Antonio that he is going to keep on loving Tess, Antonio tells him that he and Jessica have been together five years, are engaged, and are raising a child together. Nash still thinks that Antonio is bullying Jessica and keeping her from being her true self. Antonio hints again that there is more to the story. Nash thinks he knows enough, so he starts to head out the door. Antonio stops him by asking Nash if he thinks that he is the only one Tess has made love to. Antonio tells Nash that the baby could be either one of theirs, and that it's possible they may never see her or the baby again. Nash says he doesn't believe that Tess slept with Antonio recently, but he gets a doubtful look on his face as if he is remembering all the times Tess has lied to him. Antonio tells him again that the baby could be one of theirs (and why isn't anyone thinking that it might be the baby of one of those other guys Tess slept with ??). Nash doesn't agree. Antonio hints some more that Tess and Jessica are not the same person. Nash tells him to come out and say what he has to say. Antonio says that this is private stuff and it's not about Nash. He thinks Nash should accept that and get back to his life. Nash asks, "What about the baby? What if the baby is mine?" Antonio gets his jacket and says that he needs to find Jessica and help her get the help she needs. Nash argues with Antonio some more about Jessica wanting to be Tess now, and with him. Layla arrives with Jamie, so Nash accuses Antonio of keeping Layla on the side. Antonio tells him it's none of his business. Nash leaves and Layla asks what she missed. Antonio bids Jamie goodbye, then thanks Layla for her help. She wonders if Antonio has ever considered that Jessica might be trying to tell him something (by running off all the time). He appreciates her concern but doesn't have time to explain. He assures her that Jessica loves him and is fighting to get back to him. He says adamantly that he has to fight just as hard to bring her home for good. He walks out after saying that.


Tess is on the docks talking to herself. She says she's got to get rid of Jessica for good. She sees Jessica in a nearby mirror; Jess says that's easier said than done. They argue again about who gets to live and who the father of their baby is. Viki comes up as Jessica/Tess is staring at the mirror, in silent debate with herself. Jessica tells Tess that she can't help her here (with Viki) but asks her not to hurt her again. When Viki walks over, Tess tells her, "Don't". Viki gently asks what she needs. Tess says she needs Viki's help. Viki wonders why Jessica can't confide in her and why she ran away. She pledges to help Jessica in whatever way she can, especially if she's pregnant. When Viki says that she's her mother and she's here for her, Tess counters that Viki is not her mother. Viki looks at her, shocked. She wonders why Jessica thinks that. Tess says she doesn't feel like you're supposed to feel, like everyone else does. She mentions the baby, so Viki confirms with her that she is indeed pregnant. She walks back to the mirror. Viki asks if that's the reason she ran away; she asks if it is that terrifying to have another baby after losing Megan. Tess cuts her off, saying that didn't happen. She shakes her head and says that was a different life and happened to somebody else. Viki asks her where she's been all this time. Tess tells her defiantly that she has been living her own life, one that she couldn't imagine that she could ever have, where no one was telling her what to do. There is anger in her voice as she says these things. She gets in Viki's face and says she had a blast being on her own, until Nash. There are tears in her eyes and her voice softens as she talks about what Nash did for her. She says that she will lose him if she stays there, and if she leaves, she's never coming back. Viki, confused, asks why. She starts, "If you've fallen in love--" but Tess cuts her off, saying that Jessica hasn't fallen in love, she has. Viki is still confused, but starting to realize what's going on. Tess goes on and on about Jessica and how much everyone loves her. Viki stares at her with wide eyes as Tess goes on about her and Jessica. Tess confides that she doesn't know what to with Jessica now, or what she will do without her. She notes they have been together for so long and she is scared, afraid of the person she is now. Viki looks very upset, shocked, as if she's going to have another heart attack. She asks her daughter, "Who are you?" Tess says that it doesn't matter. Viki assures her that she doesn't have to worry about her heart because she's better now and can handle anything. Tess says she thought about how she went off on her before and gave her a heart attack. She confesses that she wanted Viki to die but then tells her that she was a bitch back then and didn't love anybody. She didn't think anyone could love her until she stole Nash's car. She laughs at the memory. Tess waves her hand and says it's getting way too complicated; she doesn't want to repeat what happened last time and figures she should just go. Viki asks her not to go and asks Tess to confirm for her that she's not Jessica.

David, looking unshaven and pretty awful, drinks some wine at Rodi's. Kelly walks up with a disgusted expression on her face and asks him what's wrong. David is defensive as Kelly points out that he's drinking Rodi's wine (in other words, it's not his usual high-class stuff). She asks why he's not at the Palace, so he claims it's because he doesn't feel like fighting with Rene. Kelly doesn't buy that and also wonders why he's got a little bit of growth on his face. She suggests he get rid of it by the time of his party tonight. He is in a bad mood and says he doesn't want to go to the Buchanan lodge; it's all Spencer's idea, not his. Kelly wonders what's wrong, so David blurts out that he doesn't want to get married. Kelly hopes he is not calling it off. He just means that the wedding has become this huge production with Dorian. David makes some more excuses about why he doesn't want to get married. Kelly grabs his arm and says she won't let him get out of this. She points out that he and Dorian are made for each other and that no one else would put up with either of them. David doesn't like it that Kelly makes him sound ordinary, but she assures him that he's not. She reminds him that the Buchanans are throwing him this party, even though they hate him. She thinks something exciting is bound to happen. He perks up at this idea. When he mentions the beard, Kelly tells him that Dorian will hate it. He rants that Dorian will have to put up with it if she wants him. David blames Dorian for tricking him into having Spencer as his best man. He rants on some more as she smirks at him. Kelly starts to say something, but David stops her and tells her not to give him "the speech" about love conquering all. He points out that there is a sequel to the speech about breaking up and divorce. Kelly reminds him how miserable he was when he split up with Dorian. David rants and raves about the bachelor party and how much it's going to suck. That's why he is celebrating by himself, to bid his old life goodbye. As Kelly watches, he drinks the bad wine after saying goodbye to his single life with a toast. Kelly takes his arm and assures him that he will be happy being married to Dorian. He asks Kelly if she can do him one last favor; with that, he picks up some padded velvet handcuffs. She scoffs, looking embarrassed at his illicit suggestion. He tells her that he wants her to give them to Dorian. When he starts to tell her the details of their sex life, she doesn't want to hear it. David hands the handcuffs to Kelly and asks her to give them to Dorian at the bachelorette party. Kelly refuses to embarrass herself like that, especially in front of Viki. She forces David to take them back. David thinks that this would be a better present for Dorian than anything else Kelly might have in mind. He pleads with her and she takes them. She tells him to sit there and drink his wine. As she turns to leave, she gives him a sly look and adds that she might have to give him a spanking. David smiles and sits down, looking thoughtful.

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