OLTL Update Wednesday 10/19/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/19/05


Written By Suzanne
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At Todd and Blair's place, Blair tries to explain to Todd what happened with Ginger. Todd is not happy to see Spencer there consoling his wife, so he orders him out. Spencer asks Todd if he knew that Ginger was Margaret's niece. He taunts Todd about how his wife and children thought they were safe when Margaret had a spy in the house all along. Todd doesn't believe it. When Spencer puts a hand on Blair's shoulder, Todd yells at him to take his hands off her, so Spencer does, but slowly. Todd thinks Spencer made this up, but Blair explains about the picture she found and confronting Ginger. Blair is annoyed and upset. Spencer goes over to her to calm her down, but Todd comes up behind him and punches him hard in the kidneys. Ouch! Todd grabs his hair and reminds him that he asked him not to touch his wife. Spencer is on his knees in pain as Blair watches them in shock. Blair wonders in horror what is wrong with Todd as she helps Spencer up. Blair says that Spencer was just being a friend, but Todd thinks he'd like to be more than that. She yells at him to stop it, reminding him that Spencer gave him his blood. She apologizes to Spencer, who says he should leave. Spencer suggests to Todd that he needs to get a checkup because he is carrying so much anger around that he might do something he regrets. Todd says that if he needs a doctor, he will find one that doesn't want to sleep with his wife. Spencer leaves, acting as if Todd is out of line. Todd says he's sorry that Blair had to deal with Ginger on her own. She asks what's wrong with him and when he became an animal. Todd says she's right; he is an animal and did something that no man should ever do. Blair looks concerned. He tells her that she and the kids are his life, so she asks what he did. He tries to explain that he thought anything he did was okay as long as he protected them. Blair guesses that it happened last month when he started acting strange. Todd just says that he hired Ginger without doing a background check, and he fired the security guards. Blair doesn't want to hear any more lies. She wants to hear what he really wants to tell her, whatever big thing it is. Todd is adamant that there is nothing else. He swears it, saying he was a fool. Blair says she knows he is acting guilty and it has something to do with Margaret. He says he doesn't want to talk about Margaret. She doesn't, either, she says, but she wants to call the cops. He grabs her arm as she walks to the phone, saying she can't do that. She yells at him to let go of her and looks at him as if she doesn't even know him any more. Todd asks what Spencer told her, so she tells him, confused, that Spencer doesn't know anything about Ginger. Todd wonders what she means. Blair thinks the police should talk to Ginger about Margaret. Todd thinks Margaret has already left town. Todd's sleazy reporter Denton phones Todd to tell him that the cops are about to identify the body from the lake. Todd pretends that the call is to remind him about an appointment he missed. Denton can tell that Todd is not alone and laughs. Todd asks if he's still at the Palace, so Denton knows to go there to meet him now. Todd hangs up, so Blair can tell he's leaving. Todd makes up a work story to cover what he's doing, as usual. Blair's disappointment with Todd is evident on her face. He says he's sorry he has to go, and she replies that's what she hangs onto, that he's sorry. He says with a kiss that he'd do anything for her or the kids. She says that's what scares her. Todd leaves as she watches him with concern. Later, Blair gets a phone call about going into work for something. She is annoyed that she has to handle it but apologizes to the person on the phone for snapping. She looks at the newspaper story with the sketch. She draws on it a little bit and says to the picture, "You could be anybody", as if to reassure herself it's not Todd. Starr comes home, slamming the door. Starr wonders where Ginger was because she didn't pick her up and she had to walk home. Blair looks like she doesn't know how to tell Starr about Ginger. She sits Starr down. Starr worries that Margaret did something to Ginger. Blair tells her that Ginger's fine, but she fired her. Starr gets mad at Blair and starts yelling at her, saying she was the only one in the family who was not crazy. Blair tells her that Ginger is Margaret's niece. Starr is stunned. She thought Ginger loved them but realizes that she lied. Blair tries to console her, saying it's over now. Starr yells that Blair doesn't know and has no clue. Blair wonders what she means, but Starr just yells at her to leave her alone and then goes upstairs. Blair wonders what is happening to them.

Nora wakes up after Matthew takes her hand. He is excited that she woke up. He runs to tell Bo and Paige, who are shocked. Paige goes in to see Nora, who seems unresponsive. Matthew is worried. Paige says Nora won't do everything right away, so she asks Matthew if he wants to go outside. Matthew wants to stay, so Bo tells him he needs to be quiet and let Paige work. She tells them that she has to find out just how far Nora has awakened. Paige asks Nora to squeeze her hand, but she doesn't seem to. Matthew goes over to Nora to see if he can get her to respond, so they let him. He gets frustrated when Nora doesn't answer. Paige tells him that when he talked to her, the monitor shows that Nora's heart raced, so she thinks that's a good sign. Paige encourages him to continue. However, Nora does not have the same reaction again and this upsets Matthew. Paige tells Bo that this may have been an involuntary response. Bo looks upset. Paige asks them to leave while she and Michael check Nora out. Matthew doesn't want to leave and protests loudly. He says that when you leave people, sometimes they die. Bo hugs him, worried. Michael tells Matthew that he needs to examine his mom, and he can do a better job if they are not around. He says Matthew can wait right outside the door. Matthew gets up reluctantly and leaves, calling to his mom that he's still there. Paige fills Michael in on what happened. Michael examines Nora and tries to get her to react, but nothing happens. Matthew, outside with Bo, is hoping for good news. Matthew wants to plan a coming-home party, but Bo tries not to get his hopes up. Paige and Michael come out. Matthew asks about the party, but Paige says that won't happen for a while. She tells Matthew that Nora has shown some improvement, and she's pretty sure Nora knew he was there, but she's still asleep and not trying to talk to them. Michael takes Matthew back in to sit with Nora. Paige had hoped that Nora was coming around, but it appears she's in a coma. Bo is disappointed to hear that. Paige says Michael is ordering some tests to see what Nora's mental state is like. Bo wonders why Nora opened her eyes. Paige tells him it was just reflect or something; she wasn't responding to their commands. Bo is worried about Matthew. She urges him to try to hold on until they get the test results. Bo still feels guilty for arguing with Nora. Rachel comes up and blames Bo, too. Paige leaves to get Matthew's babysitter to pick him up. Rachel blasts Bo for arguing with Nora before she collapsed, which she heard from a nurse. Bo wishes that hadn't happened. Rachel is worried that Nora is not fighting for her life because the last words she heard from Bo were that she let a murderer move into her house. Rachel asks what sentence he would give a man for what he did. Bo points out that he didn't give Nora an aneurysm. Rachel knows that high blood pressure can cause an aneurysm to burst, and she blames Bo for the stress that Nora had. Matthew prays to God, thanking him for letting his mom open her eyes. He talks about what a good mom she is and begs God to make her better. Bo tells Rachel, who is watching Matthew, that he takes responsibility for what happened, but he is not to blame for the aneurysm. Rachel continues to yell at him and they argue more. Matthew comes out just as Rachel is blaming Bo for Nora being in the hospital. Matthew asks in a heart-broken way if it's true that Bo made his mom sick. Matthew has tears in his eyes. Bo asks Rachel to give him a moment with Matthew. Matthew wonders if the reason Bo didn't want him to see her was because he was worried that he would find out that Bo hurt her. Bo wants to take a walk, but Paige shows up with the babysitter, so Matthew insists on going home. Spencer arrives, so Paige asks where he's been and insists that he examine Nora immediately. Matthew goes to leave. The baby sitter asks Bo what happened, but he just tells her he's upset and that it's a long story. She leaves with Matthew. Bo asks Rachel if she's happy now. Rachel says through gritted teeth that she didn't know he was there, but it doesn't change the truth. Bo gets a phone call from work. He demands that they get the name of the "floater" (the dead person) now.

Paige asks what he thinks about Nora's condition. He tells her there's good news and bad news, so she asks for the good. He says that he doesn't think Nora will be much of a problem for her and Bo any more. Paige chews him out for making jokes about Nora. Spencer says quietly that Paige can be the next Mrs. Buchanan with clear sailing from now on. She thought that he had repaired the tear in the artery. He says he did, but it must have been an arterial spasm after the surgery, but he's not sure. She says they will have an EEG in a while, and a second consult to determine if she needs more surgery. Spencer idly wonders if Paige would like a slip of the knife to get rid of her problems with Nora. She calls him disgusting. He then says he wouldn't really do that, any more than he'd slip up about her past, which would put an end to her happy little life with Bo. Paige worries, shaking her head, but he again says that he wouldn't. He adds that he will be calling on her for another little favor. She objects that he said there would be no more, but he looks at Bo outside the room and says that he knows she will be happy to oblige. Bo tells the person on the phone to tell the mayor he'll meet with him, but he's going home first to speak with his son.

At home, Matthew packs a backpack with supplies and remembers Bo telling him about how to pack for camping. Bo's voice says to be prepared and think ahead about all the things that might happen. Bo's voice says not to bring everything because he has to carry the pack, maybe for a long time. Matthew looks at a photo of his mom and remembers her telling him that she loves him. He closes his pack.

Viki leaves a message on Todd's phone because she's so worried about Layla drops by, not sure if Viki remembers her. Viki does remember her from the custody hearing. Layla asks Viki to stop Jessica from ruining Antonio's life. Viki looks like she's about to get defensive. She is wondering who Layla is to say such a thing. Layla apologizes for how it came out but says that she's just looking out for Antonio because of Jamie. Viki points out that the judge already ruled in Antonio's favor. Layla tries to convince Viki that it's best for Jamie if the court still thinks she and Antonio are involved. Viki can tell that Layla is worried about losing Antonio. Layla claims that she is not after Antonio, but Viki doesn't buy it. When Viki says that Jessica isn't even in town, Layla realizes she doesn't know. She explains to Viki that they all got back in town last night. Viki is shocked that no one called her. Layla says that Jessica is not in any condition to call anyone. Viki wonders what that means. Layla tells her that Jessica was acting confused, like she doesn't know who she is. She explains that one moment she acts like she wants to be with Antonio, and the next she runs away. She was acting drugged on the plane, even though she's not on drugs. Viki looks shocked and wants to go see Jessica. Layla wants to phone 911 because she knows about her heart condition, but Viki insists that Layla take her to see Jessica.

Antonio is shocked to hear about the baby from Nash. Jessica tries to explain about the baby; she apologizes to Antonio for him finding out that way. Nash is outraged that she is bothering to give Antonio the time of day. Antonio tells him to shut up or leave, so Nash suggests to "Tess" that they leave. She refuses to go with him, so he thinks she's just being independent. Antonio asks Jessica about the pregnancy. Nash is smug, thinking that Tess will tell him off. Jessica asks Nash to leave them alone. Nash does, reluctantly, saying he will bust the door down if he hears anything amiss. Antonio smiles at Jessica and asks if she's pregnant and whether Nash is the father. She tells him that she is pregnant but doesn't know who the father is. Antonio is upset, doubling over the kitchen counter, so Jessica gets upset and keeps apologizing for the terrible thing she did. She covers her face with her hands in shame. Antonio comes up and puts his arms around her, reassuring her. He says he loves her and they will work it out. All that matters is that he knows the truth. Jessica wonders if she should tell Nash the truth.

Outside, Nash remembers asking Tess if she's pregnant and her lying to him. Antonio lets Nash back in. Nash just wants to leave, but Antonio tells Nash that he doesn't really know what's going on, even though he thinks he does. Nash is open to hearing it, but Jessica insists that she tell him herself. She asks Antonio to leave them alone, so he walks away into the kitchen. Jessica tries to tell Nash that something is wrong, but with her, not with the baby. He asks her if it's because of her trying to terminate the pregnancy. Antonio is shocked to hear that she almost had an abortion. Jessica tells Antonio that it wasn't her. Antonio believes that. Nash tells her that he was wrong not to tell her before that he was happy when he found out that she might be pregnant. He was just going by their previous "no strings" agreement. He says he can't wait until they bring up their child. Jessica tells him that he didn't do anything wrong. Suddenly, Tess talks to Jessica, pointing out that Nash is calling it "our baby". She wants out to be with Nash. Antonio goes over to Jessica and asks what's going on. Jessica says, "No!" as she holds her head. Tess screams to get out. Antonio asks if it's happening again, so Nash wonders what he means by that. Jessica assures Antonio that she's all right. She explains to Antonio that it was Tess who went to the clinic, but the thought of her losing her baby made her strong enough to get out, so she ran away from the clinic. Nash wonders why she is referring to herself in the third person and if it's stress doing it. Nash insists again that they leave, but Jessica wants to continue. Tess again yells in Jessica's head, so she grabs it in pain again. Tess wants her life back. Antonio holds her and asks her to take it easy. He tells Nash, who keeps calling her "Tess", that he is not making things easy. He tells Nash that it's not a good time right now and asks him to go. Jessica feels sick to her stomach and runs to the bathroom. Nash is concerned. Antonio says he's not giving him any orders and he knows how he feels. He doesn't think Jessica can tell Nash what is going on. Nash stops him, saying that he wouldn't believe a word he said, anyway. Later, Nash says that as soon as Tess feels better, they're leaving and Antonio had better not stop them. Antonio tells him that if he calls the cops like he did in Napa, it won't work. Nash accuses Antonio of slapping Tess around. Antonio says that if she told him that he did things like that, it's because she's not well. Nash counters that she's the strongest, healthiest person he knows and all she needed to do was get away from him. Antonio prepares to tell him the truth, but Viki rushes in, frantically wondering where Jessica is. Nash asks, "Who the Hell is this?", so Viki informs him that she's her mother and asks who the Hell he is. Nash responds that he's the father of her child, so Viki looks completely shocked. She asks Antonio, who confirms that it's apparently true that Jessica is pregnant. Viki yells at him for not telling her that she is home or pregnant. Nash assures her that he and Tess are very happy about the baby and that everything's going to be fine. Viki wonders who Tess is and wonders where Jessica is. Antonio lets her know that she is in the bathroom. She is very upset, so Antonio tries to get her to calm down. Viki insists that he go get Jessica, even though he doesn't think it's a good idea that Jessica see her like this. As he goes to the bathroom, he orders Nash to watch her, saying she's been very sick. Viki sits on the barstool at Antonio's kitchen slab. Nash inquires if she is feeling better. She asks how long he's known her daughter. He says Tess and he have been together for a few months now. She asks again who Tess is. He says she was fine until they came back here. Viki replies that she doesn't think she's fine at all. Antonio runs back to say, "She's gone!" They all look worried.

Todd meets with Denton at The Palace. Denton informs Todd that there was a snag with the DNA results but they would be out in a few hours. Todd asks Denton if he got what he asked him for. Denton asks for his money. Todd gives him a package, and Denton hands Todd a paper bag. As Todd opens the bag, Denton claps him on the shoulder and wishes him good luck before he leaves. Todd rummages in the bag. Ginger comes over, but Todd tells her to go away. She says she loves his kids and would never do anything to hurt them. Todd gets up and blasts him for not telling the truth. Ginger says she didn't know what to do. Todd threatens her, telling her to stay away from his family or he'll kill her, strangle her with his bare hands. A waiter nearby hears the threat. Todd walks away from Ginger, who looks shaken. At home, puts in contact lenses to make his eyes blue instead of brown. He also has some hair dye and other things that he packs into a carry-case. He grabs the case and his jacket, then leaves.

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