OLTL Update Tuesday 10/18/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/18/05


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Blair is holding the picture of Ginger and Margaret in her hands. She phones Todd and tells him that she has been trying to phone him all night. He is at the Palace restaurant for a breakfast meeting, he tells her. She says they have to talk about something important. Ginger arrives, so Blair confronts her. Blair tells Ginger that she hasn't been to bed yet. Ginger says she will get the kids ready for school, but Blair tells her that they already went and that Ginger will not be going anywhere near them. Ginger is confused about Blair's attitude. Blair holds up the picture and demands that Ginger explain it. Blair yells at her, asking if she knows Margaret, so Ginger confirms that she does and that she's her aunt. Blair figures that Margaret planted Ginger to spy on them, and Ginger confirms that is true. Blair grabs Ginger during this and then throws her away in disgust. Blair says they were all such fools to trust her. Ginger tries to explain, but Blair keeps yelling. She calls Ginger a "little bitch" and accuses her of setting up Starr to die. Ginger finally manages to protest that she loves Starr and would never hurt her or Jack. She says that Margaret lied to her and the rest of their family. She told them that Todd seduced her. She almost adds that Todd got her pregnant, but Blair interrupts. They both agree that Margaret is crazy. Ginger says she tried to convince Margaret to leave, but Blair is not buying it. They argue some more. Ginger begs her to believe her, but Blair won't. Ginger begs Blair to please forgive her, but instead Blair throws Ginger out bodily. Ginger keeps apologizing tearfully as Blair throws her out. Blair tears up the picture and throws the pieces.

Todd meets with his sleazy reporter, Denton. Denton gives Todd a videotape that he had forged in order to give Todd an alibi for the night Margaret was murdered. The tape makes it seem as if Todd was at work. Denton notices the sketch in the paper. Denton tries to get more money from Todd for lying to the cops, but Todd remarks that Margaret used to test him in the same way, so Denton backs off, pretending he was joking. He says he hates cops, so Todd's secret is safe with him. Todd orders him to go back to the LPD to dig up more information. Denton takes another look at the sketch before he leaves, saying it might look a little like Todd. Todd reads the story and then suddenly leaves, looking grim.

Rachel is in Nora's hospital room. Spencer comes in, observing that Rachel was there all night. He tells Rachel that it will take Nora a long time to heal and that it's up to her now. Rachel is confident that Nora will be okay. R.J. visits and agrees that Nora is strong. He and Rachel hug. He apologizes for not coming by before, but she knows that he's been in jail. She heard it from her dad (Hank). He figures Hank enjoyed that, but she says that Hank figured it was just his street cred biting him. She asks if R.J. did it, so he admits that he did but says there were mitigating circumstances. They talk about his losing custody of Jamie; she is sorry about that. He says that a lawyer like Nora wouldn't have let it happen.

Bo and Paige discuss the wanted man that killed the woman and her child. Bo is surprised but please that Paige made him bacon and eggs for breakfast. He thanks her for the conversation she had with Matthew that helped him. He wonders how he can thank her, so she informs him that a man washing dishes is very sexy. They kiss. Matthew comes in right then and is grossed out by the kissing. He insists on seeing Nora instead of going to school. Bo tells him that Nora is not ready yet to see him, but Matthew just wants to see her. Bo tells him to get ready for school and says that he has to make his mom proud. Matthew reluctant leaves to get dressed. Paige offers to take Matthew in to see Nora, saying that Nora could possibly die. She and Bo discuss this possibility. She prepares Bo for the worst, saying that this might be Matthew's last chance to see his mom alive. Bo lets out a heavy sigh. Matthew returns, but Bo tells him that he can go to the hospital after all. Bo picks a happy Matthew up and rests him against his shoulder. Bo, Paige, and Matthew go to the hospital, to Nora's room. Paige suggests that Matthew talk to Nora but warns him not to touch anything and to remember that all the tubes, etc. are just there to help her get well and are not scary. Bo worries while Paige is supportive. Matthew goes in and talks to Nora about his school play. After a while, she wakes up.

Asa looks over Lindsay's shoulder at the Palace as she looks at a picture of Jamie. He asks who it is, so she explains that it's R.J.'s granddaughter. She says that she was helping to raise her, but that Antonio took her away. Asa wonders why she cares, since she didn't lose her daughter. Lindsay reminds him that her daughter was murdered, so things are a little awkward. Asa is sympathetic and says it's a real damn shame. He tells her sarcastically to keep drinking but then advises her to take the bull by the horns like a Buchanan. Duke and Kevin are nearby for a meeting. They wonder what this is all about to Asa. Asa says they are short one man. Kevin doesn't think Bo will be there, but Asa says it's not Bo they're waiting for. He phones Spencer and asks him to join them. Duke and Kevin are full of questions. Spencer arrives. He thought they would all meet up at David's bachelor party. There are some cracks about David. Asa tells Spencer that he would like to host the shindig. Spencer says he has it covered already. Asa tells him about a great lodge he has in the mountains, where they can drink whiskey and play poker. The idea appeals to Spencer, so he agrees to meet them there tonight. Kevin is annoyed. After Spencer leaves, Asa says that Spencer thinks she has an ace up his sleeves, but he will soon learn different.

Lindsay visits the hospital to speak with R.J. She asks Rachel how Nora is doing and says she's a tough lady. Lindsay is confident that Nora will pull through. Rachel leaves them alone to talk. Lindsay suggests to R.J. that they have a baby. He is shocked. They both agree they are in mourning, but he doesn't think a baby will solve their problems. She thinks it will bring new life and hope into their existences. He is only worrying about going to jail, but Lindsay points out that this would be someone waiting for him. He reminds her that she owes him a jail break. They agree to move somewhere quieter to discuss it.

Spencer stops Ginger, who is upset and wants to find Duke. He makes her sit down and explain what happened, so she does. He observes that she won't be welcome in too many places once the word gets out. She says it's too late now, but he insists on giving her money and helping her find a place to stay. She wonders what he wants in return, but he says that he wants nothing. She wants to know why. He just says that he knows what it's like to be young and out of options. He remarks, "It's not like you're selling me your soul", but she looks doubtful.

Spencer arrives to see Blair at her place. She shows him the picture of Ginger and Margaret. She is upset and explains what happened. Spencer pretends not to know any of it and shows concern. Blair freaks out, so Spencer comforts her. Todd comes home, coming up behind them.

Jessica awakens in Antonio's home; he is watching over her. She is grateful to be back and they hug. She asks the date, so he tells her. She is shocked that two months have passed. She wants to call her mom, but he thinks that might not be a good idea. She asks if she is in the hospital again, but Antonio assures her that Viki's fine. He is worried that Tess might come out again and cause Viki to have another heart attack. He thinks Viki could be the trigger for Tess to appear, or at the root of the problems. Jessica confirms that Tess mentioned something that happened when she was a kid. Antonio says that the secret has to come out. She says she has another secret to tell him, but then there is a knock at the door. He wants to ignore it, but she insists that he answer it. It is the social worker, there for an impromptu visit. She is worried about Jamie, since her grandfather went to jail. He tells her that Jamie is not there. The social worker barges in past him, saying she would like to speak with Layla. She finds Jess standing there, so she wonders what's going on. Antonio introduces them, so she realizes that this is his ex-girlfriend. Antonio says he can explain, but she blasts him for entertaining his half-dressed girlfriend while Layla is out. Jessica looks confused. The social worker tells him to tell it to the judge and storms out. Jessica wants to know what's going on, so Antonio explains everything. She blames herself, but he blames Tess and Nash. He criticizes Nash, saying that he is a perfect fit for Tess. Jessica knows that Tess and Nash are in love, but she swears that she barely knows Nash. She wants their life back, and so does he. Antonio vows not to let Nash come between them. She says that he might have already. She explains to Antonio that the reason she was so out of it when she met up with him is that she was medicated-sedated. He wonders why. Just then, Nash walks in, saying, "Tess, thanks God I found you!" Nash goes over to Jessica to console her, saying he knows she's going to have his baby. Antonio is stunned.

Viki is relaxing at home, reading the paper, when Dorian drops by for a visit. She wants to know if Viki has done anything to plan her bachelorette party. Viki tells her that she has more important things on her mind and suggests that she get Blair or someone else. Dorian reminds her that Blair is not her matron of honor; Viki is. Dorian goes on to say that Blair is a nervous wreck. She blames Todd and Margaret for this. Viki rolls her eyes as she tries to be sympathetic and not argue with Dorian. Instead, they start fighting about Todd again. Viki yells at Dorian for hating Todd and so many other people. They have a heated argument. Viki reminds Dorian that she has a heart condition and that Jessica is still missing, so Dorian had better watch it. Dorian asks what Viki doing about Jessica's being missing. Viki is stunned at what Dorian says but refuses to discuss it. Dorian says they are best friends, or at least confidantes. They have been there for each other through many experiences. She asks for help with Adriana because her daughter hates her. Viki is very sarcastic when she wonders what Dorian could have done to deserve that. Dorian begs Viki to tell her what's going on with Jessica. Viki replies that she doesn't know, but she describes Jessica's erratic behavior lately. Dorian points out that they both have mental illness in their family. She says she is not surprised because Jessica has always been unstable. Viki is appalled at the way Dorian is speaking to her. They argue about when Dorian hit Jessica with her car and Jessica lost her baby, and then she started playing games on Dorian to make her doubt her sanity, then she couldn't remember later doing that. Both women are offended by the other's bringing this painful memory up. Viki suddenly flashes back to Tess yelling at her; she looks thoughtful, as if she's starting to realize what's going on with Jessica. She opens the door, orders Dorian out, hands her her handbag, and then shuts the door on her.

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