OLTL Update Monday 10/17/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/17/05


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At the LPD, Rex and Bo look at the sketch that their sketch artist did, according to the fisherman's description, of the man that Margaret was seen with. Rex says he recognizes him. (It doesn't look like Todd or anyone recognizable, to me.) Todd's Sun reporter Denton lurks outside, listening, then he walks away. Rex says it looks like a lot of people he knows, including his super, a homeless guy, or even him. Bo asks Rex to show it to his contacts and see if they can find out anything. Bo has a plan to try to draw the guy out.

Blair suspiciously asks Todd as to why he had the car detailed 9 days after they had it done. He laughs it off as nothing, but she presses him on why he had the underside of the floormats cleaned so well. Starr (with Ginger behind her) comes downstairs behind Todd and says she knows why it happened, because someone was trying to hide something they did. She looks at Todd accusingly. Todd wonders where she gets these ideas. Starr admits she sees it in the movies when people are trying to hide something. Blair thinks it is a good point. Todd says he has it cleaned for Starr, so she can learn to drive it when she gets her learner's permit. Starr is shocked that he's giving her the car. Todd asks her to keep it clean, so she agrees enthusiastically, hugging Todd. She can't wait until she starts driving. Ginger tells Starr that they'd better get moving. Ginger and Starr leave. Blair is shocked that Todd didn't tell her that he plans to give Starr the car. He laughs, but she thinks he just made it all up to cover his tracks. Todd acts defensive, like Blair's just nagging him. She yells at him for making decisions without consulting her. He apologizes for upsetting her, but they keep arguing. She is worried because she keeps seeing the look on his face, which is the same look he had on his face when he was keeping from her what Margaret did to him. Denton phones Todd to tell him that the cops have a sketch of the suspect that was seen with Margaret. After he gets off the phone, Todd suggests to Blair that the unplug the phone and just focus on each other. The phone rings and Blair gets it in case it's about Starr. It's Bo, and he asks to speak to Todd. Todd reluctantly takes the phone. Bo asks him to stop by the station tonight for some urgent questions. Todd looks like he feels trapped. Blair quizzes Todd about why Bo wants to see him. Todd snaps at her and then apologizes. Todd tells Blair that he loves her, then he gives her a kiss before he leaves. Blair looks more worried than ever. She goes back to looking through his things. She starts with his clothes in the closet and then looks through the other things in the closet. She finds a picture of Margaret and Ginger together, smiling, and gasps. Blair flashes back to meeting Ginger and how she got into their lives. Starr returns, calling to Blair that she is home. Starr tells Blair that Ginger dropped her off and went to UltraViolet. She asks Blair what all the stuff is in the hall. Blair tells her that she was just looking for something. Starr wonders if she found it, so Blair replies that she has to ask Ginger some questions when she comes back.

Michael drinks beer at Rodi's. Natalie comes up and says hi, but she is very nervous, so she decides to go. He stops her, so she says she wasn't coming in, but she was on her way to John's and saw his car. She tries to avoid talking to him, but he wonders what she's all worked up about. She decides to ask him if he knows what is going on between John and Evangeline. Michael doesn't know what she's talking about but confides that he hasn't heard from either of them in a long while. He has decided to stay out of people's personal lives. Natalie wonders what changed for him. Just then, Hugh and Marcie walk in, chatting in a friendly way. They warn each other not to drink too much. Natalie understands what's going on with Michael now. She callously urges him to move on, so he points out that she should follow her own advice. Nat says that whatever's going on between John and Vangie is affecting their present.

Outside Rodi's, Rex shows Michael the sketch, but Michael doesn't recognize him. Michael jokes that the man must have ripped Rex off, but Rex explains that he's helping the cops out and that the man may have something to do with the woman and baby that were found on Llantano Lake. Michael has read about that and offers his help, but Rex says that it is "cop stuff". Rex wonders why Michael is lurking outside the bar. Michael remarks that if he were smart, he'd go home. Rex leaves him there.

Marcie and Hugh look at people around the bar and try to guess who they are and what their stories are. Hugh is amazed that Marcie can notice detailed things about people. He keeps complimenting her until she blushes. Rex comes back in and says he knows now why Michael is outside feeling sorry for himself. Marcie wonders to Rex why Michael has a problem with Hugh. She sings Hugh's praises, saying he is the reason she started writing again. Rex reminds her that he was there, too. He suggests that Marcie kick Hugh to the curb. Marcie knows that Rex is only on her case because he cares about her. Rex is forced to admit he does. He adds that whenever he sees Hugh, he is stringing along some bimbo; he thinks Hugh is a player. Marcie thinks Hugh is a bit like Rex: sweet underneath his smooth moves. Rex accuses her of being into Hugh, but she denies it, saying they are not each other's type. Rex then wonders why they were hanging all over each other. Marcie gets annoyed and yells at Rex a little defensively about having platonic friends.

John and Evangeline are till on the top of his roof. He phones the prison warden to see if they can get Cris transferred. Evangeline worries that it will take too long. John talks to the warden about Cris' life being in danger. After he hangs up, Evangeline frets that Cris is still in danger and that the warden won't do enough. She admits that this is the reason she went into the law in the first place. John knows that she never could turn down anyone in need of help. Natalie returns, breaking up an intimate moment. Evangeline leaves, asking John to call if he hears anything. She apologizes to Nat for ruining her evening. Nat says they need to talk, and John agrees. Natalie doesn't want to fight with John and had promised herself she wouldn't do this. He doesn't want to argue, either. She asks him if they will ever have a night without a ghost from the past coming back to haunt them. John looks unsure. Natalie decides that she's not going to worry about what's going on with Evangeline and John Doe. He wonders why, so she replies that when she's with him, she can survive anything.

Meanwhile, the guard on Carlo's payroll and the convict helping him struggle to fit Cris into a noose they are making, but Cris keeps fighting them, knowing that his life is at stake. He screams and yells at they put it on him. They put the noose on Cris, bind his hands and mouth, and put him up on a chair. The convict leaves, and the guard kicks the chair out, leaving Cris swinging. The guard leaves as he tells Cris "time for lights out". Later, the warden goes to check on Cris, so the guard lets the Warden in, saying he checked on John Doe a little while ago. The warden sees Cris hanging in his cell and yells at the guard to cut him down. The guard does so and then feels for Cris' pulse. John fights for consciousness as a doctor works on him. The guard tells Cris, while looking at him in a threatening manner, that he and the warden found him there and that it was the third suicide attempt on the block this month. Cris can't talk. The doctor gives Cris oxygen and tells the warden that he should be ok but has to stay in the infirmary overnight. The warden looks relieved. Later, the warden phones John to tell him what happened. He says that John Doe tried to hang himself tonight, and he's on his way to the infirmary. The warden tells him that there will be a guard on him. John wonders if it could be foul play, but the warden says there's no evidence of it at this point. John argues with him. The warden says that suicide and homicide are not rare there, no matter what they do. He promises to keep John posted about the inmate's condition. John hangs up. Natalie hugs him because she can tell he's upset. John asks Natalie to remember, no matter what happens, that he will do whatever he can to make things right for her. Natalie nods and they hug some more.

Layla entertains Jamie with a puppet. They are on board a private airplane. Antonio walks in with Jessica. Jamie runs to her, calling her name. Jessica hugs her tightly, calling her "my baby" as Layla watches with envy. Antonio takes Layla aside and asks her not to mention anything to Jessica about how he got custody. Layla wonders why, but he says he wants to give Jessica the truth slowly. He hopes that Layla can stay at Evangeline's for awhile. Layla thinks that's a crazy idea because the social worker might come by. Antonio says that Jessica has suffered enough, so Layla points out that it's not as if they are sleeping together or anything. He replies, "exactly" and walks away. Jessica struggles to hang on and not let Tess out. Antonio consoles her with a hug. Jessica is afraid to fall asleep in case Tess takes over. Antonio is worried about her, too, but assures her that he will make sure she stays. He tells her that he will never leave her side. Jessica asks Antonio a favor. She says that if Tess comes out again, will he makes sure that Jamie doesn't see her. Antonio agrees. He asks Layla to take Jamie to the other side of the plane while Jessica tries to fall asleep. Jessica prepares to tell him something important, but Antonio insists that she sleep first because she needs rest. Jessica drops off to sleep. Layla watches as Antonio kisses a sleeping Jessica.

Meanwhile, Nash phones around, looking for Tess. A woman from the Napa Valley Planning Clinic phones Nash, which shocks him. Later, the woman is chatting with the doctor about Tess when Nash walks in. He hears them talking about how Tess didn't go through with a procedure. The woman tries to give Nash Tess' cell phone, which is what she phoned him about, but they don't want to answer his questions about her private medical history. Nash realizes that Tess is pregnant. He has a flashback to her refusing to drink wine. He has a happy smile on his face as he realizes it. Later, he phones and finds out that Antonio carried Tess out of the diner, saying he was taking her home. He thinks that Antonio took her forcibly and vows to go get Tess and bring her and their baby home.

Evangeline says hi to Michael outside of Rodi's. They chat, having not talked in a while. He asks about the DNA thing she asked for, but she implies that it was not so good after all. He promises to see her inside. Michael goes back inside Rodi's after a while and says hi to Marcie. Michael tells Marcie that he's there to see Brianna (the sexy doctor from the blood drive). They both pretend that they don't need to explain their personal lives to each other and that neither one of them is jealous.

Evangeline phones to chat with the warden but finds that he's not in. Hugh comes over and chats with her, kinda tipsy with a drink in his hand. He says that he is still looking forward to facing off with her in court. After he walks away, she says to herself that the day might come sooner that he thinks. She has Cristian's file in her hand. Michael comes up and chats some more with her, noticing that Evangeline looks like she hasn't slept much lately. He wonders if it has something to do with John not returning his calls and Natalie being upset. He wonders if he should be worried. Evangeline replies that she is a defense attorney and John is a cop, so they are bound to run into each other. She admits that some days get to her more than other days. Michael is sympathetic.

Rex apologizes to Marcie and Hugh for being down on them earlier. Hugh tells him not to worry about it. Marcie thanks Rex because she knows it wasn't easy for him to apologize. Rex warns her that "Clark Kent" had better not be any less than Superman, or he will answer to him. Marcie appreciates his concern. She thinks it's great that he's working for the LPD, too. She jokes some more with Rex and then goes back to Hugh. Michael says hi to Rex and asks if he wants to play darts, so Rex agrees.

Marcie points at a woman so that Hugh can guess what her story is (the same way she was doing earlier). Hugh describes Marcie instead. Hugh asks Marcie out on a real date for the next day, rather than their impromptu meetings. Marcie agrees. They leave with smiles on their faces.

Evangeline leaves a message on John's phone to let her know what's going on at the prison because she can't get through to the warden. Rex asks Michael, who's throwing darts, whose face he's aiming for. Michael lies that it's no one's. Rex throws darts and says he's not, either. Evangeline observes that they are a couple of guys with broken hearts, and they say she is the same way. She tells them that there is a time to sit around and lick your wounds, and a time to fight. She makes Michael hold her purse as she picks up a dart and throws it. She hopes that when the time is right, none of them miss their target. Her dart makes it and she is surprised that she feels better.

Todd goes to Bo's office. Bo asks him to come in and close the door. Bo says a witness came forward about the bodies they found at the lake. Bo says he thinks they have a suspect. Todd asks who the killer is. Bo shows him the flyer and asks him to run it in the paper. Todd is surprised that Bo wants his help. Bo also plans to put the flyer in the Banner. He watches Todd's face carefully as he studies the flyer.

The warden tells the guard to get Cristian down to the infirmary and that nobody is to come near him. The guard tells Cris that his nine lives are up.

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