OLTL Update Friday 10/14/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/14/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Llanview Police Department

Bo talks to one of the other police officers. He demands the DNA test results immediately. The officer leaves to check on the results. Bo comes into the squad room and sees Rex with a man. Rex introduces him as a witness who had seen Margaret.

Todd’s condo

Viki sits in a chair at the desk and is deep in thought. Blair and Todd come in. They are confused as to what Viki is doing there. Viki fills them that she had just found out from the editor of The Banner about the woman and the baby that they had found in the lake. Blair tells her that they already know. Viki assures them that someone out there knows who the woman is, as she looks at Todd.

On the roof

John and Natalie share some quiet time together. Vangie interrupts them. John asks Vangie if this can wait until morning, but Vangie tells him that it can’t.

Statesville Prison

Cris does push-ups. Carlo stops by with the book cart. He wants the law book back. Carlo hopes that it was very helpful. A guard stops by and wants to check the books for notes. Carlo whispers to the guard for Cristian to be taken care of tonight, and he will be well paid.

On the roof

Natalie is more than a little annoyed that Vangie keeps interrupting them. Natalie wonders if there are any open cases at the police department, but she realizes there aren’t. She then realizes that it must be the John Doe case, and John is helping Vangie to get him released.

Love Center

Marcie and Hugh arrive at the Love Center to give blood. Hugh is making a big fuss over the little prick on his finger. They meet up with Michael, who is the only doctor on duty. Since Hugh is more than a little squeamish, Marcie agrees to give blood first. Hugh goes over to the side to await his turn. After Michael gets the needle inserted in Marcie’s arm, it is Hugh’s turn. Michael finds it hard to insert the needle in his arm, and he has to stick him twice. Michael checks on Marcie, who confronts him about his treatment of Hugh.

Llanview Police Department

Bo thanks Rex for bringing the man in. Bo takes the man into his office to talk to him. Rex tries to go too, but Bo closes the door on Rex’s nose. (Ha, ha.) Rex then tries to look through the window, but Bo closes the blinds. Rex informs one of the other officers that he should be given the key to the city, since he had brought in a witness in the floater case. Denton listens carefully.

Bo questions the man about the day that he had seen Margaret. The man gives him the exact day of September 19th. Bo wants a description of the woman. All the man can tell him is that the woman had long hair. Bo then asks about the man. Bo asks for a description of the man. Bo calls for a sketch artist.

Viki and Blair discuss the floater case, which really bothers Todd, who tells them that he doesn’t want to discuss it. Viki asks Blair for a glass of water so she can take her medication. Blair goes into the kitchen to get the water. Viki asks Todd if he thinks the woman is Margaret--or does he know that it is Margaret?

Todd is shut-mouthed, and won’t divulge any information. He gets a call from his city editor. He leaves the room. Blair tries her best to get Viki to tell her what the secret is that Todd is keeping from her. Viki refuses to tell her. All Viki will say is for her to give Todd time to tell her himself. Blair informs her that if she and Todd break up again it will be permanent, and it will be her fault .

Denton tells Todd that the police have a witness who saw the woman. They hang up so Denton can obtain more information.

John asks Natalie to give him some time with Vangie. Natalie doesn’t like it, but she agrees. She vows that this man is not going to come between them. Natalie leaves. John talks to Vangie. She fills him in on what has been happening with Cris and Carlo. John doesn’t believe that Cris is telling her the truth. After much discussion, Vangie shows him a piece of paper with writing on it. John tells her that there is no proof that Carlo had written it. John finally believes her, and calls the warden to get Cris out of there before he is killed.

Statesville Prison

Cris gets a visit from a guard, who brings him a cell mate. Carlo listens.

Love Center

Rex enters the Love Center to give blood. Natalie arrives too. They share some small talk about Bo thinking that he might want to become a police officer. Natalie fills him in that she was with John, but Vangie had interrupted them. Natalie is concerned that something serious is going on.

Blair tries to persuade Viki to talk Todd into telling her what is going on. Blair goes upstairs to check on the children. Viki tells Todd that even he couldn’t have hurt a woman, much less an unborn child. Viki leaves. Blair comes back downstairs. She informs Todd that she knows that he needs to get to the newspaper so he can oversee the story. Todd agrees, and then he leaves. Blair knows that he is hiding something from her, and she vows to find out what. She opens the lid on the laptop. When she can’t find anything, she searches through his coat pockets and finds a receipt, according to which Todd had had the car serviced. When Todd comes back, Blair shows him the receipt. He tries to make up an excuse, which Blair doesn’t believe.

Bo gets his composite sketch of the man. Rex bursts into his office. Bo tells him to hang around in case he needs his help. The composite drawing is done. The sketch artist and the witness leave. Rex, looking at the sketch, asks Bo whom he knows who looks like that.

The guard and the cell mate talk to Cris and threaten his life. The guard wants to make it look like Cris had committed suicide. They both begin to beat up on Cris. Cris falls to the floor. The guard dangles a rope in front of his face.

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