OLTL Update Thursday 10/13/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/13/05


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On the roof

Natalie meets John on the roof. He starts to hand her a drink, but he notices that something is wrong. When he confronts her, she tells him that Evangeline is killing her.

Statesville Prison

Evangeline has managed to meet with Christian after regular visiting hours. He informs her that Carlo had tried to kill him.

Napa Valley

Antonio is brought into the station on breaking and entering charges. Antonio insists that the police do not have any charges against him. Nash comes in, and states matter of factly that yes, they do have charges.

Restaurant/Napa Valley

Layla and Jaime are seated at a table. The waitress brings them a menu. Layla suggests that they split a quarter pounder cheeseburger with curly fries. Jaime suddenly says, Jessica.

Love Center

Spencer gets finished drawing Blair’s blood. He gives her specific instructions as to what to do for the next couple of days.

Duke admits to Adriana that he had kissed someone else, and that person was Ginger. Adriana is furious with Ginger. Adriana spies Kevin and Kelly. She tells Duke to go speak to them a minute, and she will be right there.

Adriana goes over and confronts Ginger about the kiss. She threatens that she will cut her hair off with a steak knife if she doesn’t stay away from Duke.

Todd and Denton discuss the floater case. Todd instructs Denton to supply him an alibi for the day and night that this all happened.

Blair can’t seem to find Todd anywhere. She suggests that she should have a G.P.S. installed in his shoes so she can keep track of him. Spencer voices no comment which is unusual for him.

Kevin and Kelly enter the Love Center. Kevin makes a snide remark about Truman of Transylvania having things well in hand. Kelly reprimands him for making fun of Spencer.

Statesville Prison

Chris fills Vangie in on the facts concerning Hesser, and how he had made a homemade knife in order to defend himself. Vangie doesn’t think that this will look too good in front of the warden.

On the roof

John doesn’t understand what Natalie is talking about. He wonders if Vangie had hurt her. Natalie fills him in that Vangie is representing that Christian imposter to try to get him out of jail.

Napa Valley

Layla and Jaime argue over whether or not she had actually seen Jessica. The phone rings. Antonio tells Layla that he has been arrested. Layla tells Jaime to come on that they will get her something to eat from the drive through that her daddy needs them.

Ginger and Adriana have a bitter confrontation over Ginger kissing Duke. Adriana confesses that Duke had shown her a few moves, and then decided to show her a few more. This makes Adriana even more angry.

Kevin and Duke discuss his talking to Adriana again, but Duke is less than enthused. He tells Kevin about the argument that he, and Adriana had just had.

Blair admits to Spencer that a cookie and orange juice just isn’t enough for her so she is going for a burger and fries.

Todd and Denton are still discussing the “floater” case. Blair comes up, and interrupts them. Blair asks Todd aren’t they ever going to tell each other the truth. Todd opens up, and tells Blair about the murder of the woman and the baby. Blair thinks that it is horrible, and wonders if the woman knew her killer.

Jessica comes into a restaurant. The waitress immediately asks her if she can help her. Jessica asks to use a telephone. She sees a flier with her picture and the telephone number of the man that she loves.

Antonio requests information on Jessica. The officer refuses to give him any help. Antonio lashes out at Nash for having him falsely arrested. Layla and Jaime arrive to pay his bail.

Natalie is frustrated because John won’t voice any comment about Evangeline, and what she is doing. John just wants to try to understand where this is coming from. John questions her as to how she had found out about Evangeline representing John Doe in a new trial.

Statesville Prison

Vangie encourages Chris to keep it together so he can defend himself against Carlo Hesser. A guard approaches them, and tells them that her time is up.

Ginger and Adriana are just about to get into a brawl over Duke when Kevin, Kelly and Duke interrupt. Kevin asks Adriana if she has had her blood drawn yet. Adriana tells him, no. They take her to get her blood drawn.

Spencer walks up behind Ginger which startles her. She informs him that she wishes that he would stop sneaking up on her. Spencer mentions how that they both want to have passion in their lives.

John and Natalie argue over Evangeline’s mental health in defending John Doe. John argues that there is nothing wrong with Evangeline.

Layla fills the officer in that Antonio had not done anything wrong, and he was only here to find the love of his life. The officer wonders where this leaves her. Layla tells him as a good friend. Layla gets Jaime and her picture and they leave.

Antonio goes back to the restaurant to question the waitress about Jessica. The waitress informs him that Jessica had just been there, but she had left.

Nash is at the police station. He is frustrated when he finds out that Antonio has been released. He shows the officer a picture of Jessica, and asks him if this is the woman, who had paid his bail. The officer tells him, no. Nash leaves.

Antonio looks around for Jessica, and then she walks up behind him. They hug. He tells her to let them go home. She collapses. He picks her up and carries her out of the restaurant.

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