OLTL Update Wednesday 10/12/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/12/05


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Llanview Police Department

Bo and John are in his office, going over the evidence that they have gathered in the Jane Doe case. Bo has instructed other police officers to canvass the area around the lake to see if they had any witnesses.


Todd and Blair are at Capricorn. She wonders if he is sick. She wants to make him an appointment at the doctor’s office to have him checked out. Blair wants to know who it was on the phone. Todd lies and tells her that he was talking to Viki. Blair doesn’t believe him. Todd lies yet again and tells her that they were discussing Jessica and the D.I.D. Blair encourages Todd to tell Viki. Todd tells her that he doesn’t like keeping secrets from Viki.

Brennan Winery

Antonio comes up to the door, but is reluctant to open it. He looks at the picture of Jessica.

Nash lies on the bed inside the house and makes notes on a pad. He wonders where Tess is.

Antonio knocks on the door and yells, "Jessica!"

Napa Valley Clinic

Jessica is lying on the bed. She cries and tells herself that she can’t let Tess destroy this baby. Jessica vows that if this is Antonio’s baby then she can’t lose it. She swings her legs off the bed and tries to stand up.

Asa’s mansion

Kelly and Kevin discuss the surgery, and how Kevin doesn’t want her to have it. Kelly knows that Kevin is against her having this surgery. He tells her that she is enough for him. She still insists that she wants to have a child.

Love Center

Paige is supervising the blood drive. Spencer approaches her and asks what is going on. He wonders why she is so hostile to him. He mentions the secrets that she has been keeping. Paige hopes that one day someone will have something to hold over his head. He remembers his conversation with Dorian, and her threatening to go to the Buchanans with the information that she has obtained.


David and Dorian eat lunch. Dorian demands to know what is bothering him.. At first he doesn’t want to tell her, but then he does. He fills her in on everything that Spencer had said. David tries to get her to back off.

Blair wants Todd to tell Viki the secret about Jessica and the D.I.D. Todd gets a call from one of his reporters. Todd orders the man to obtain what information he can on the two floaters that they had found in the lake.

Llanview P.D.

An officer brings in the DNA results. Bo suggests going back to the crime scene. They both leave the office .

Love Center

Duke and Adriana both arrive to give blood. They try to make plans for later, but both have previous engagements. Duke then questions her about the information that Dorian knows about the Buchanan family. Duke gets the idea that Spencer Truman is behind all of this.

Paige refuses to continue doing Spencer’s dirty work. He threatens her with things he knows about her past, and what she stands to lose if she doesn’t do as he says. Paige leaves. Spencer looks at the picture of Blair.

Todd is on the phone with the reporter, and he wants the reporter to find out what he can about the bodies and what the police are saying. Once Todd re-joins Blair, she decides to go to the Love Center, since she is behind the blood drive.

Dorian is furious with David about him telling her to back off. They argue over the fact that Kelly wants to have a baby with Kevin. David refuses to let her blackmail Spencer. Dorian can’t understand all this brotherly love.

Brennan Winery

Antonio knocks on the door and yells for Jessica. Nash decides to see what he is up to. He unlocks the door. Antonio turns the doorknob and comes in. He looks around the room, unbeknownst to Nash, who sits on the ladder behind the door. Antonio sees Tess’s necklace on the floor and picks it up. He yells, "Tess?" Nash laughs and asks him what he's got against Tess.

At the clinic

Jessica tries to stand up, but has difficulty doing so. The nurse comes in and stops her. She helps her to lie back down on the bed.

Kelly tells Kevin that she wants to talk to Dorian. Kevin assures her that they are going to work this out. They hug.

Love Center

Duke and Adriana discuss Spencer and what he is possibly up to.

Blair and Todd enter the Love Center. Blair spies Spencer and speaks to him. Spencer informs Todd that he can’t donate any blood, since he has had a blood transfusion. Spencer tells Blair where to go to get registered to give blood. Todd reminds Spencer of his promise about keeping his secret about how he was stabbed. Spencer wonders how many more secrets Todd is keeping from Blair concerning Margaret.

Llanview Police Department

The reporter asks the officer some questions about the bodies they found, but the officer refuses to give him any information. Bo comes in and tells the officer that he has a blood sample, and he needs to get it analyzed. They go into Bo’s office with the evidence.

Jessica still lies on the bed. The doctor and nurse come in and are ready to perform the abortion. Jessica tells them that she wants to keep the baby. The doctor leaves. The nurse tries to calm Tess down by telling her that they won’t do anything that she doesn’t want them to do.

David wants Spencer left to him. Kelly and Kevin join them. Kelly informs them that the procedure has been postponed. Dorian is thrilled. Kevin tells Dorian that he needs to talk to her.

While Paige is drawing Duke’s blood, Duke questions her about Spencer. He wants to know if Spencer had ever mentioned having a grudge against the Buchanans. Paige can’t remember them ever being mentioned.

Bo and John have the blood on the log analyzed to find out whose it is.

Todd orders Denton to get down to the Love Center and tell him any information that he has on the bodies that were found in Llantano Lake.

Nash and Antonio argue over Tess/Jessica. Antonio informs Nash that Tess does not exist. Nash has him arrested for breaking and entering.

Tess tries to emerge and gain control again. She orders Jessica to get back in there and get this abortion done. Jessica refuses.

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