OLTL Update Tuesday 10/11/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/11/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

Napa Valley

Antonio enters a bar and immediately questions the girl behind the bar about Jessica. He shows her the flier and asks her if she has seen Jessica.

Napa Valley

Tess enters the clinic. She talks to Nurse Rodriguez. She informs the nurse that she has reached a decision.

David is at the gym. Spencer enters and throws him a ball, which he misses. David demands to know what Spencer wants. Spencer informs him that he wants him to keep Dorian out of his business. David lunges at him and pushes him up against the wall.


Dorian is at Capricorn and waits on Viki. When Viki enters, Dorian tells her that she is late. Not showing much courtesy, Dorian immediately wants to know about the bridal shower.

Blair and Todd enter Capricorn. Dorian immediately confronts her about her not calling, and about the incident at St. Anne’s. Dorian wonders what Blair needs with him if she is going to go around killing people.

Llanview Police Department

Bo and John discuss the case and if there are any new leads. They go into Bo’s office. Bo gets a phone call from the coroner notifying him that this is indeed a homicide.

Asa’s mansion

Asa, Kevin, and Duke are huddled together, discussing the invitations that they have all received from Spencer to attend David’s bachelor party.

At the gym

David releases his hold around Spencer’s throat. Spencer fills him in that Dorian had paid him a visit and had shown him the CD that she had swiped from his computer. He orders David to keep Dorian occupied. David wonders why Spencer is so interested in Kelly having this procedure and Kevin’s child.


Blair insists that no one is murdering anyone. Todd leaves them alone. Kelly comes to join them. Kelly defends Blair’s actions. Kelly informs them that she is there to meet Spencer to discuss the procedure. Dorian again voices her opinion, which is against Kelly having the procedure.

Viki and Todd discuss the secret that he is keeping from Blair about Margaret being pregnant with his child. Todd insists that they keep it quiet. Blair comes up and knows that they have a secret that they are keeping from her.

Llanview P.D.

Bo and John discuss the time span as related to how long Margaret had been dead. Rex enters without knocking, as usual, and tells Bo and John that that was about the time that Starr had seen Margaret.

Asa’s mansion

Kevin and Duke agree to go to the bachelor party, but Asa refuses. Asa admits that he has had Spencer investigated. They all agree that Spencer is an enemy to be reckoned with.

David demands to know the plan that Spencer has for the Buchanans. Spencer refuses to tell him. Spencer demands David’s help.

Napa Valley

The waitress denies knowing Jessica. Antonio gets a phone call from Layla, who wants to feed Jaime her lunch. Nash enters the bar.

Tess insists to the nurse that she cannot have this baby.

Llanview P.D.

Bo wants a sample of Margaret’s DNA. John wonders about the other victim. Rex wants to know what other victim. Bo tells him about the seven-month-old fetus. They all wonder if Margaret could have been pregnant. Rex wonders who would have done that to a pregnant woman.

Napa Valley

Nash has a meeting with a man about changing the name of Brennan Winery. He decides on Free Spirit Winery. The man leaves. Nash goes up to the bar and sees the poster of Jessica. He questions the waitress as to who had left it.

The nurse gives Tess a shot and then leaves the room. Tess has a conversation with Jessica. Tess insists that she is in charge. Tess lies on bed and gets a headache, and Jessica emerges. She yells for Antonio. She insists that Tess is not going to take her baby.

Todd gets a phone call from Bo, asking him to run an ad in The Sun to obtain information on who had killed a woman up at Llantano Lake.

Spencer threatens David to keep Dorian occupied so she will keep her nose out of Kelly’s business.

Rex shares his news with Bo that he has come into a lot of money, and he won’t be able to help him out anymore. He decides to take one more case to help Bo out.

Paige brings Bo his mail. He has an invitation to David’s bachelor party. Paige talks him into attending.

Kelly gets a call from Spencer, who tells her that he will have to postpone her procedure.

Antonio is on his way to Brennan Winery. He heads for the house, where Nash is.

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