OLTL Update Friday 10/7/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/7/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

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John and Natalie sit in a booth. They share some quality time together. He reaches over and kisses her. Then he tells her that everything is good now. Viki watches them.

Todd sits in a nearby booth. He gets a call on his cell phone telling him to empty his pockets of everything. Blair comes up behind him, hugs him, and asks him if he had done what she asked. She then tells him that it will be her way or the highway.

Statesville Prison

Vangie visits Cris in Statesville. She fills him in on how his case is going. He instucts her to call off the architect. She wonders why. He informs her that the man responsible for his brainwashing is here in Statesville. Vangie is surprised.


Antonio, Layla, and Jaime are on board a plane headed for wine country in Napa Valley, California. They inform Jaime that they are going to find Jessica and bring her home. Jaime doesn’t quite remember who Jessica is, but Layla fills her in on who Jessica is.

Napa Valley

Tess is in the family planning center’s waiting room. She has a dizziness attack. Nurse Rodriguez comes out and gives her a piece of peppermint candy for her sickness. She then ushers her into an exam room. The nurse tells her that she is indeed pregnant. She takes a cigarette out of her purse. Nurse Rodriguez wants to discuss with her her options about the pregnancy. Tess wants to hear about only one option.


Viki interrupts John and Natalie. Natalie asks her to join them. Viki informs her that she is there to meet Todd, but she guesses that she could join them for a few minutes. Viki asks Natalie to get her some sparkling water so that she can talk to John for a minute.

Statesville Prison

Vangie can’t believe that the man who had hypnotized Cris on the ship is here in Statesville Prison. Vangie, in view of this information, tells Cris to shut up.

Napa Valley

Nash is up on a ladder, working on the window. Bruce comes to visit him. Bruce pulls a piece of paper out of his briefcase and tells him that all he needs is payment.

Family Planning Center

Tess drops the cigarette. Tess demands to know how long has she been pregnant. The nurse informs her about eight weeks. Tess is unsure of whose baby this is, Nash’s or Antonio’s.


Blair continues to search Todd. He asks her what else she wants. Blair tells him that she wants him to trust her. She tells him that she knows he is hiding something from her, and she wants to know what it is.

Llantano Lake

A body is floating on the top of the lake.

Antonio, Layla, and Jaime are on their way to California. Jaime falls asleep. Layla tells him that she knows now why he wants to find Jessica. She offers her help. She wonders what is wrong with Jessica that would make her leave him like this, and why is he so worried about finding her.

Napa Valley

The nurse is confused that Tess doesn’t know who the father of this child is. She asks Tess if she has been assaulted. Tess denies it. Tess admits that she can’t take care of herself, much less a child. The nurse offers the center's services in helping her with the baby. The nurse mentions adoption. Tess insists that if she has a child then she will responsible for the life. She leaves the office.


Todd lies to Blair yet again and tells her that he isn’t hiding anything. He asks Blair if she is going to let Margaret ruin this day for them..

Viki apologizes to John for the remarks that she had said previously about not breaking Natalie’s heart. She only wants Natalie to be happy. She admits that if Natalie is going to move on, then she is glad that it is with John.

Statesville Prison

Cris admits to Vangie that Carlo knows who he is. Vangie knows how dangerous Carlo can be. Cris informs her that Carlo says things to him that he had heard on the ship. Vangie tries to get Cris to forget about going free. Cris demands that she keep his real identity a secret.

One of the guards meets with Carlo. He fills Carlo in that Cris is meeting with his lawyer. Carlo instructs the guard to bring Cristian to him.

Napa Valley

Bruce and Nash discuss Tess and her secret life. Bruce wonders if he is going to milk Jessica and her family the same way that he had milked the Westons. Bruce leaves just as Tess comes home. Tess lies to him as to where she had been all day, telling him that she had been at the supermarket. Nash didn’t think that she was much for grocery shopping. Nash goes outside. Tess calls the clinic and informs Mrs. Rodriguez that she has decided to terminate the pregnancy.

Statesville Prison

Cristian meets with Carlo Hesser. Cris pulls a sharp object on him and threatens to kill him. Carlo gets the upper hand and gets away. As a form of retaliation, Carlo grabs Cristian and pins him against the table.


John and Natalie start to leave. Natalie tells him to let her go to the powder room. While she is gone, Evangeline approaches John and enlists John’s help in saving Cristian’s life. Natalie comes back and hears them talking about Cristian. She wants to know what is going on.

Llantano Lake

A fisherman starts to leave, but he is taken aback when he sees a dead woman’s body in the lake.

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