OLTL Update Thursday 10/6/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/6/05


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Llanview Hospital

Spencer is in his office. Dorian shows him the CD that she had stolen from his computer. She also owns up that she had been the one who had stolen his key card. He assures her that she has made a big mistake.


David looks through a magazine about wild, exotic places where you can lose your tan. Paige comes in. She fills David in that Spencer is getting to be a major problem.

Llanview Police Department

Natalie has just come out of Bo’s office when John asks her where Bo is. John is upset that Gannon had made bail. R.J. comes up behind John and accuses him of making him lose custody of Jaime.

R.J.’s apartment building

Antonio and Layla have arrived to pick up Jaime and take her home with them. Antonio still can’t believe that he has gotten custody of Jaime from R.J. He thanks Layla for her help in all of this. Layla goes up and knocks on the door. When Lindsay opens the door, Antonio tells her that they are there to pick up Jaime. Lindsay refuses to let him take her.

Todd’s penthouse

Viki visits Todd at the penthouse. She immediately tells him that she knows about what had happened at St. Anne’s. She questions him about Jessica.

Napa Valley/Brennan Winery

Tess looks for Jessica in the mirror. When she doesn’t see Jessica, she is relieved. She vows that she will handle this pregnancy on her own, with the help of the family planning clinic. She is about to leave when Nash comes in with something behind his back. He informs her that he knows why she wouldn’t drink any wine, and that is because she is pregnant. Tess looks puzzled.

Llanview Police Department

R.J. denies doing anthing wrong and says that this is all a set-up between John, Antonio and Evangeline. He threatens to sue the whole police department for making him lose custody of his daughter. R.J. makes a crude remark about Cristian, and Natalie tells him to shut up. R.J. threatens John that no one comes between his family.

Lindsay still refuses to let Antonio take Jaime. They begin to argue, which Jaime hears. Jaime confronts them as to why they are arguing. Both Lindsay and Antonio assure her that things are fine. Antonio assures Jaime that he has come to take her home with him. Lindsay tries to get Jaime to say that she wants to stay there with her and R.J. Layla butts in and orders Lindsay to stay out of it.

Napa Valley/Brennan Winery

Tess wants to know where he had found the pregnancy test. Nash fills her in that he had found it in the garbage. This upsets Tess. He asks her again if she is pregnant. She lies and tells him no. He tries to persuade her to take another test, but she refuses.

Todd and Viki continue to discuss Jessica and this problem that she has. Viki fills him in that Antonio had gotten an e-mail from her. Viki then tells him that she had heard what Margaret had tried to do to Starr.

Llantano Lake

The screen shows Llantano Lake and its calm waters.


David and Paige discuss Spencer, and how he will never let either one of them forget what had happened years ago.

Dorian tries to persuade Spencer to cancel the procedure on Kelly. Dorian threatens to go to the Buchanans with the CD if Spencer doesn’t agree to her terms. Both Spencer and Dorian wonder why the other one hates the Buchanans so badly.

Todd fills Viki in on everything that had happened up to the cabin, and how Margaret had raped him in order to have his child. Viki is baffled. Todd tells her that he had done something to Margaret.

Llanview P. D.

John and Natalie discuss R.J. and whether he is a threat. Natalie wants them to have a normal life like normal people. They leave hand in hand. Natalie has no idea where John is taking her.

Napa Valley/Brennan Winery

Nash wants Tess and a family, but he wants to hear her say that she wants the same thing. Tess is scared at what Nash is wanting for their life..

Dorian wants to know why he has a vendetta against the Buchanans. Spencer refuses to tell her. Dorian once again blackmails him that unless he does as she asks, she will go to the Buchanans. Dorian leaves the office.

R.J. and Lindsay say a tearful good-bye to Jaime as Antonio takes her home to live with him. After they leave, Lindsay blames him for them losing custody of Jaime.

Todd fills Viki in on how he had attacked Margaret, and had almost strangled her. He also tells her that Margaret had stabbed him. Viki tries to assure him that he wouldn’t want the life of an innocent child on his hands. She also tells him that an innocent child should never suffer for what his parents did. Viki leaves. Todd makes a call and asks for help.

Dorian interrupts a very private moment between David and Paige at Capricorn. Dorian shows that she has a jealous side. Paige gets a phone call from Spencer, and she leaves.

Tess arrives at the family planning clinic and asks for help.

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