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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/5/05

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Buchanan Enterprises

Duke is in Kevin’s office. He thumbs through a file. Frustrated, he throws the file on the desk. Kevin comes in and asks if the monthly reports are that bad. Kevin has given Duke room to tell him what is bothering him, but Duke hasn’t told him. Duke finally blurts it out that he thinks that he has lost Adriana.

La Boulee

Dorian is in the kitchen. She fusses as she scrapes the burnt crust off of a loaf of banana bread. Adriana comes into the kitchen. Dorian mentions having breakfast with her. Adriana remarks that she has someplace to be. Dorian wonders which boyfriend she is going to see. Adriana leaves. Dorian dumps the bread onto a plate.

Llanview Hospital

Bo is anxiously awaiting word on Nora. Spencer comes out to join him. He tells Bo that they had gotten the bleeding stopped, but they won’t know how bad it is until she wakes up. Bo catches on to what he had said about "if" she wakes up. Spencer tells him that the question isn’t when she wakes up, but if she wakes up. Paige listens to their conversation.

Ginger goes into Spencer’s office. She sees the newspaper and magazine lying on the desk. She sees that both articles are about Blair.

Todd and Blair’s condo

Blair comes out the door of the condo to get the newspaper. She is upset when she sees that the article on the front page is about her and the shooting at St. Anne’s. Todd asks if they had found her.

Llantano Lake

The still waters of Llantano Lake are shown.

Buchanan Enterprises

Duke finally admits to Kevin that Adriana had called him by Rex’s name.

La Boulee

Kelly comes to visit Dorian. They immediately begin to argue about how Dorian dominates each and every one of their lives, including Blair, Kelly, and Adriana. Kelly lets it slip about the shooting at St. Anne’s, which involved Blair and Addie. Dorian is upset that no one had told her. Kelly shows her the newspaper.

Llanview Hospital

Spencer tells Bo that the next twenty-four hours will be crucial. Bo suggests letting him sit with Nora and talk to her, which might wake her up. Spencer doesn’t think that that will be such a good idea. Paige interrupts them and tells Bo he should do what he thinks is best. Spencer walks away.

Bo and Paige discuss Nora and bringing her back to them. Bo doesn’t know what he will tell Matthew if Nora dies. Paige tries to reassure him. Paige blurts out that she had known about the tests that Nora had had run, but Nora had asked her not to tell Bo. Bo is upset that Paige wouldn’t tell him.

Ginger looks at the newspaper articles on Blair and wonders what is going on between him and Blair. Spencer comes in and catches her. Ginger tries to pay him back the money that he had loaned her, but he refuses to take the money back. He wants something else from her. He tells her that she doesn’t’ know who she is messing with. She leaves.

Blair demands to know what Todd had meant when he asked whom they had found. Blair is frantic about the article being written about her when Bo had told them that it would be kept quiet. Blair is afraid that Margaret will see the article and come back. Todd tries to assure her that Margaret will never come back.

La Boulee

Dorian looks at the newspaper article and asks why she wasn’t told. They begin to argue once again. Kelly asks her why she was summoned. Dorian fills her in that Kevin had told her that Spencer was going to help her have a child. Dorian is upset over this news and wonders why Kelly would risk her life to give Kevin a child. Kelly comes back at her and asks if it was worth it when she had her children.

Kevin and Duke discuss Adriana being like Dorian. Duke admits that Adriana has changed. There is a knock on the door. It’s Adriana. Duke refuses to talk to her, and he leaves. She starts to go after him, but Kevin stops her. He tells Adriana to let Duke go for good.

Blair doesn’t believe Todd that Margaret will never bother them again. Blair demands that he get the bodyguards back, or she will. She wants to call David to see who was behind the article written in the newspaper. Todd goes upstairs to take a shower. Blair calls the operator and asks for the number of Margaret Cochran. Blair finds the number has been disconnected. Todd comes downstairs and sees the crumpled-up piece of paper that Blair has been trying to hide. She informs him that she had dialed Margaret’s number. She states matter-of-factly that she was going to tell Margaret that if she came near her children again she would kill her.

La Boulee

Kelly is upset when she thinks that Spencer is the one who had told her about the baby. Dorian tells her that it was Kevin who had told her. Dorian is relieved that Kevin doesn’t want Kelly to have a baby. Kelly insists that all she wants is to have a baby.

Llanview Hospital

Paige is confused as to how upset Bo is about her not telling him about Nora and the tests that she had had run. Paige insists that she is not going anywhere. Bo and Paige make up. Rachel comes out of Nora’s room and requests that Bo come in and sit with them for a little while. Spencer approaches her. She asks him if he had heard everything he wanted to hear. He tells her no.

Kevin and Adriana discuss Rex and the kiss. Adriana insists that it didn’t mean anything. Adriana lets it slip that Dorian knows something about the Buchanans. Kevin demands to know what it is. Adriana refuses to tell him.

Duke is at the school, shooting hoops. Ginger claps her hands for the shot that he had made. He informs her that he wants to be alone. She starts to leave, but he tells her to wait. She tells him about the man who had been hassling her, but she will not reveal a name. Duke gives her pointers on how to shoot a hoop. They kiss. Duke pulls away and leaves.

Spencer wants a thank-you from Paige for saving Nora’s life. Paige demands to know what he is going to get out of her being chief of staff. He looks past her into Nora’s room and sees Bo. Paige instantly makes the connection and wants to know what this has got to do with Bo.

Bo and Rachel try their best to talk to Nora and bring her back to them. Rachel leaves the room, crying. Bo wishes that Nora had told him that she was sick .

We once again see Llantano lake.

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