OLTL Update Tuesday 10/4/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/4/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Llanview Courthouse

Antonio first looks at the text message on his cell phone, and then he looks at the notes that he had made about R.J. and his business dealings.. The judge asks him if he has anything else to add to this custody hearing.. At first, he doesn’t say anything, but then he decides that he does have something to add.

Llanview Police Department

John comes out of his office and begins to question the two men who had been brought in concerning the shipment that had been brought in to the docks. John tries to persuade the men to tell him who had hired them. They refuse to talk without their lawyer present. Rex interferes, but John grabs him by the arm. He takes him to the side and tells him that if he wants to put R.J. away for this, then he is going to have to get out of his sight. Rex leaves. John asks the men again who had hired them.

Natalie looks at the picture of herself that Cris had drawn. Rex interrupts. They discuss Cris and the picture.

Statesville Prison

A guard brings Cris another book. Cris opens it up and finds a note which reads, “You will know what to do, when the time is right.”

Napa Valley, California; Brennan Winery

Tess reads the instructions on the pregnancy kit and sees that it is ninety-nine percent accurate. Nash comes home with a bottle of wine. He tells her that he wants to celebrate their anniversary.

Llanview Hospital

Bo is on the phone with Rachel, and he tells her that he will call her when he has any news. Marcie and Hugh arrive, and Bo fills them in on what has been happening. Bo wonders how they had found out about Nora. Marcie confesses that she had been with Hugh when they heard the news. Michael approaches them and fills Bo in that Nora has been prepped for surgery.

Rex and Natalie discuss their feelings for Jen and for Cristian. They feel that these feelings will be with them forever. Natalie reveals that she still has dreams, and Cristian will always be a part of her life.

Statesville Prison

Cris reads the note, and then he remembers the voice that he had heard while he was on board the ship.

Napa Valley/Brennan Winery

Nash remembers the day that he had met Tess, and the things that she had done to attract his attention. He offers her a glass of wine, but she refuses. Nash asks her why.

Llanview Police Department

John questions one of the men in his office and reminds him about his rap sheet. He goes out into the outer office and offers the man some coffee. The man refuses. John works a con by telling him that the man inside his office was blaming him for being the mastermind behind the whole deal. The man begins to talk and lets it out that R.J. was behind the whole deal. John orders a warrant for R.J.’s arrest.

Llanview Courthouse

Vangie advises Antonio to be careful in regards to what he is about to do. Antonio goes up and sits in the witness chair. He tells the court just how much he loves his daughter, and that one day he would like to give her a little brother or sister with the woman he loves. After R.J. has his say, the judge calls a recess while she renders her decision.

Napa Valley/Brennan Winery

Nash asks about Tess’s health. He then decides to have a barbeque. He picks up the grocery bag and goes outside to grill their supper. Tess leans up against the door frame and wonders why this is happening to her. Jessica appears and offers her her help. Tess orders her to back off. Jessica tries to convince her to let her out.

Llanview Hospital

Bo and Michael talk. Michael fills Bo in on the fact that Nora could lapse into a coma, but he assures him they are doing everything that they can do.

Brennan Winery

Jessica still struggles to get out, telling Tess that she will take care of them both. Tess still refuses to let her out. Nash comes to get Tess to watch the meteorite shower. They make wishes on the stars.

Statesville Prison

Cris reads another passage from the book. He finds something that might help his case. He yells for the guard to let him call his attorney. The guard refuses.

Llanview Courthouse

The judge is in the process of rendering her decision when John and some other officers barge in. John tells R.J. that he is under arrest. The judge gives Antonio full custody of his daughter. Antonio is relieved.

Michael comes out of the operating room and fills Bo in that Nora has developed a fever. They have to get the fever down before they can proceed with the operation.

Brennan Winery

Tess starts to tell Nash about the baby, but then refuses. Instead, she just tells him how much she loves him and that there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for him. Nash goes back into the house. Tess calls the operator to get the number of a family planning clinic.

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