OLTL Update Friday 9/30/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/30/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

The police bring Rex and Duke into the police station with much difficulty. Another brawl breaks out between them. John forces them both down into chairs. He tells them that he wants to know what had happened. Adriana steps forward and admits that it was her fault.

Natalie is in John’s office and looks at the picture of herself. She wonders when Cristian drew this picture.

Carlo is on his daily book run. He momentarily stops by Cristian’s cell to antagonize him some more.

Llanview Hospital

Bo still talks to Richard. Richard cannot seem to understand why the owner of the boats has changed his policy after all these years.

Todd keeps looking out the window at Richard. Blair walks up and wonders what is wrong with him. Todd remembers seeing Richard up at the docks on Llantano Lake.

Llantano Lake

The viewers see the abandoned boat.

Brennan Winery

Nash makes up the bed. He stoops and picks up one of Tess’s shoes. He throws it at the door. He sees Tess standing there. He remarks that he thought that he would never see her again. Tess admits that she is tired of running and hiding. They hug.

Llanview Hospital

Richard and Bo continue to look at Todd. Bo asks Richard if he knows Todd.

Addie knows that there is too much looking around going on. Blair wants to know what he keeps looking at. Todd lies to her and tells her that he used to have a shirt like the man has on. Michael comes in and tells them that he wants to keep Addie for a few days. He wants to run some tests on her, just to make sure.

Bo asks Richard again if he knows Todd. Richard tells him that he had seen Todd’s picture all over the newspapers the last couple of months. Paige comes up, and Bo puts his arm around her waist. They exchange some small talk about Matthew. Paige pulls Bo away for a moment. Paige begins to explain to him that she had followed Nora here. Before she can say something else, Nora interrupts.

After trying desperately to keep Rex and Duke apart, John turns the case over to Hugh. John and Vangie leave the squad room. An officer informs John that Natalie is in his office, and she looks upset. Vangie remembers the picture of Natalie. They hurry to his office. Natalie shows him the picture and asks him where had he gotten it.

Statesville Prison

Carlo continues to antagonize Cristian. He looks through the books on his cart for one on Italian dictatorship.

Brennan Winery

Nash and Tess continue to hug. Tess asks for Nash’s help to help her kill Jessica.

Natalie still questions John about the picture. John turns it over to Vangie.

Bo, Nora and Paige continue to argue in the hospital corridor. Nora accuses Paige of moving her life into Bo’s apartment. Richard leaves. Paige blurts out about her being sick. Nora threatens to get a restraining order to keep them away from her son.

Nash fills Tess in on the private investigator, and about Antonio. Nash wants to know how close she was to Antonio.

Llanview Police Department

Hugh releases Duke. Rex is upset that Duke, because he is a Buchanan, gets special treatment. Hugh wants to talk to Adriana. He makes Rex sit down.

Marcie approaches Rex and wants to know what is going on. Rex finally confides in her about the happenings of the night before, and how Adriana had called out his name. Marcie pushes him down into a chair .

Hugh questions Adriana about what had happened. She recounts to him the happenings of the night before.

Vangie confesses that she had brought the picture for John to see because Cristian had given it to her. Natalie is more than a little surprised.

Carlo speaks words to Cristian that were used when he was being brainwashed.

Paige and Michael take Addie to have some tests run.

Todd tries to assure Blair that Addie will be fine. She confronts him about how he was looking at the man.

Once again, we see Llantano Lake.

Natalie can’t believe that Cristian would give Vangie the picture, and that she would bring it to John. Natalie accuses her of trying to break them up. Natalie vows that no one is going to break up her and John.

Marcie questions Rex about his feelings for Adriana and if he is able to move on without Jen. Hugh comes out of his office and wants Marcie to wait for him in his office. Hugh releases Rex. Hugh leaves to join Marcie. Adriana approaches Rex. She orders him to stay away from her.

Nora, after arguing with Bo for a long period of time, goes into complete hysterics and passes out.

Nash promises to keep Antonio away from Tess. She once again has a headache and hears Jessica’s voice in her head. Nash suggests going to have a drink. Tess reveals how tired she is and asks if he will go and get the bottle himself. Once he is gone, Tess begins to talk to Jessica. Jessica reveals to her that she doesn't have the flu--they are pregnant.

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