OLTL Update Thursday 9/29/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/29/05


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Blair sits in a chair at the desk of the penthouse. She looks at a picture of herself, Todd, and Starr. She receives a phone call from Addie, who is frantic. Addie thinks that Margaret is at St. Anne’s and is trying to kill her. Blair tries her best to assure her that Margaret is not going to bother them again. She can’t seem to get Addie calm down..

Todd is on the phone, and he refuses to pick up the contract again. He insists that he doesn’t want any more bodyguards. Kelly comes up and wants to know why he is getting rid of the bodyguards.


Kevin and Duke sit at the bar. They discuss a $30,000 million business deal. Duke is so deep in thought that he isn’t listening. Kevin gets a call on his cell phone and leaves the table. Duke remembers Adriana calling him Rex during a very private moment. Natalie approaches and speaks to him. He asks her how she has been doing. Natalie then asks about Adriana.

Nora is on her way to Bo’s apartment to pick up Matthew when she has a dizzy spell.

Inside the apartment, Paige is on the phone with Bo. She threatens to finish building the tree house without him. She hears a knock on the door and hangs up. When Paige invites her in, she finds out that soccer has been canceled. She also finds out that Paige is moving in with Bo. Matthew comes running in and is glad to see her. Matthew blurts out that they are building a tree house and are going on a fishing trip that weekend. Paige, seeing Nora is upset, sends Matthew out of the room. The two women begin to argue. Nora demands that Paige give her back her son.

Llanview P.D.

Bo is in his office and is on the phone. He orders a hard hat for Paige with her name on it. Rex barges in. When Bo hangs up, he wants to know what he has got. Rex wants advice on women. Bo is puzzled.

Vangie looks at the picture of Natalie that Cristian had drawn and had given to her to give to Natalie. She is hesitant about putting it on Natalie’s desk. John comes up behind her and sees the picture. They go into his office to talk. John tells her that she doesn’t owe him any explanation. Vangie refuses to discuss this with him. He urges her to talk to him.

Bo and Rex discuss the idea of Paige, himself, and Matthew building a tree house. Rex admits that Paige is a classy lady. Rex tells Bo that he has a problem with women and telling them how he feels.

Kelly demands to know about Margaret and where she is. Kevin comes up beside Kelly and also wants to know where Margaret is. Todd lies and tells them that she had left town. They don’t seem to believe him.


Duke fills Natalie in that Adriana had called him another man’s name during a very private moment. Adriana comes in and sees them talking.

Todd continues to lie to Kevin and Kelly. He tells them that Margaret has left the country. They again do not believe him.

Todd’s penthouse

Blair continues to try to calm Addie down. Blair then hears a scream from her mother. Blair yells, “Mama!” She jumps up from the table. She instructs Ginger to call Todd and tell him what is happening. She takes a gun out of the wall safe and leaves.

Llanview P.D.

Rex admits to Bo that there is a particular girl, and he doesn’t want to lose her. Bo gives him advice to invite the girl out to dinner. Rex hugs him and leaves. Bo goes back to his desk and looks at the picture of him and Paige. He smiles.

Todd, Kevin, and Kelly are discussing Margaret when Todd gets a call from Ginger. Ginger fills him in on everything that has been happening. Todd leaves Kevin and Kelly.

Nora fills Paige in on the fact that she had been out of town giving a deposition so that they could nail Daniel once and for all. Nora has a headache. Paige tries to take her pulse, but Nora refuses. All Nora wants to do is take Matthew home. Paige refuses to let her.


Duke fills Natalie in on all that has been happening between him and Adriana. Adriana listens to their conversation. Natalie asks him what he wants to do. Duke admits that he wants to tell Adriana that he’s sorry. Natalie calls Adriana up. Natalie leaves to check on her order.

Duke and Adriana sit down at a nearby table. They attempt to reconcile. Duke forbids her to see Rex again. Adriana is furious.

Natalie picks up her order and starts to leave when she meets Rex. She grabs him by the arm and stops him from going in.

John and Vangie discuss the picture, and the fact that it is new. Vangie has doubts about what she is doing.

Blair rushes into Addie’s room and sees a nun hovering over Addie. Blair fires the gun, just as Todd enters the room.

Vangie hates that she has gotten involved in all of this, and she hates John for getting her involved. John blames Layla for trashing his apartment and gaining access to the information. John tells Evangeline that it is not easy keeping this from Natalie and respecting Cristian’s wishes.

Rex questions Natalie as to why she is trying to get rid of him, but then he sees Duke and Adriana together. Natalie leaves. Rex listens to Duke and Adriana argue over him. Rex goes over to offer his assistance, which leads to a fight. Police officers separate them and take them to jail.

Bo is in his office when he is told that shots were fired at St. Anne’s. Grabbing his coat, he rushes out of the office.

Todd takes the gun from Blair just as the police officers enter the room.. Addie rises up, but then she faints. The paramedics can not revive her. The police officers tell Blair that she is under arrest and begin to read her her rights. Bo finally gets there and is filled in on the details. He orders the other police officers to release Blair, saying he will take full responsibility. They transport Addie to the hospital. Bo tells Todd that he wants to have a word with him.

Vangie and John discuss that this was what was on his mind all those months before they broke up. Vangie lays the picture of Natalie down on the desk. She reaches out to John, but he pulls back.

Duke and Rex are brought into the police station. John and Vangie rush out, leaving the picture on the desk for Natalie to find.

Blair, Todd, Kevin, and Kelly go into Addie’s room to check on her. They find her alert, but she is still delirious about Margaret being at St. Anne’s. Addie knows that Todd will take care of everything and keep the babies safe .

Bo comes out into the hall and phones the police station. He notifies them that no charges will be pressed against Blair. He sees Richard and has a conversation with him about Matthew. He sees Todd through the door. Bo asks him if he knows that man.

Todd sees Richard and remembers him being at the lake and seeing the abandoned boat.

Natalie goes into John’s office and finds the picture of herself. She knows that only Cristian could have drawn that.

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