OLTL Update Wednesday 9/28/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/28/05


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Brennan Winery

Tess and Nash are asleep in bed. The phone rings and awakens Nash. He gets up and takes the call outside. It is his buddy, Bruce. Bruce informs him that the deal that they had been working on will be taken care of in a couple of weeks. Nash asks for Bruce’s help in finding out information on Jessica Buchanan. Tess wakes up and finds Nash gone. She gets up, and then she remembers about the private investigator. She vows to do something about it.

Angel Square Diner

Antonio gives Bo a telephone number and enlists his help in finding Jessica. Bo tells him that he can do little, since Jessica hasn’t broken any laws. Bo then suggests that he see what Rex Balsam can find out. Antonio tells him that he will be meeting with Rex in a while. Bo wishes him good luck in the custody hearing later that day.

Rex comes into the diner and notifies Antonio about the deal that R.J. has coming down at the docks.


John takes Natalie home. Natalie suggests that she should leave some clothes at his apartment. John makes a joke and tells her that he could use some color in his closet. They kiss, and he tells her that he will see her later at work. John leaves. Natalie goes inside the house and is surprised to find Viki home. Viki informs her that Clint had wanted her to take the company jet.

Statesville Prison

Vangie visits Cris at prison. She asks him if he is ready to start the appeal. He tells her that he is ready to be Cristian Vega again, and he wants to go home to Natalie.

Brennan Winery

Tess looks around for Nash. She suddenly has a pain in her side.

Bruce suggests that he wants money for the information that he finds on Jessica Buchanan. Tess comes outside, where Nash is on the phone. Nash hangs up abruptly. He asks how she is feeling. She tells him she's a little queasy. She suggests that they leave town. He is reluctant because it is time for the first harvest of grapes.

Lindsay’s art gallery

R.J. and Jaime come to visit Lindsay at her art gallery. Lindsay asks her if she wants to paint, and Jaime immediately goes to her easel. R.J. notices how comfortable Jaime is there, but she is comfortable with everyone. They discuss Layla Williamson and her involvement in all of this. Lindsay asks him if he is worried. R.J. informs her that it will all be over this afternoon.

Angel Square Diner

Rex informs Antonio about the deal that is coming off down at the docks. Whatever the deal is, it is coming in by ship. Rex leaves to find out more information. Antonio then checks his e-mails and finds one from Jessica. In the e-mail, Jessica is asking for his help in finding her. John comes into the diner. Antonio enlists his help in finding Jessica.


Viki tells Natalie all about the heart treatment and that she is feeling much better. Viki pours them both a glass of orange juice. They discuss Natalie being with John now, and how right it feels. Natalie wants Viki’s blessing in this relationship, but Viki is hesitant to give it. Natalie is puzzled.

Statesville Prison

Vangie and Cris discuss Natalie and the past, when they were together. Cris is furious that Natalie is now with John. Cris informs Vangie that he doesn’t want Natalie to know that he is alive until he can get out of there and go home to her.


Viki and Natalie discuss John and this relationship. Viki is hesitant to give her her blessing, after all Natalie has been through in the past. She is afraid that Natalie is on the rebound from Cris. Once Viki sees how determined Natalie is to make this work, and how happy she is, Viki gives her blessing. Natalie is thrilled as she hugs Viki. Viki then questions her about Jessica. Natalie informs her that no one has heard from her. Viki is now worried about Jessica even more, and feels she is in trouble.

Angel Square Diner

Antonio fills John in on the deal that is going down at the docks. Antonio can’t go after Jessica until he gets his daughter back from R.J. John wonders why he is with Layla if he is still going to go after Jessica.

Brennan Winery

Nash questions Tess as to why she wants to leave. She lies and tells him that she is just restless. He promises to take her away once they harvest the grapes. She tells him to shut up, and then they kiss. He tells her that he is going to take a shower. She remembers about Jessica’s e-mail and goes to check on it. She finds one from Antonio. She mumbles to herself that she has to get out of there. She starts to leave when Nash comes out of the shower. She asks him what he is looking at, and he tells her that he is looking at her. He asks who she is.

Llanview P.D.

Rex gives Bo a bill for a new wristwatch. Bo tears it up. They go into Bo’s office. They discuss an alternative. John comes in and tells Rex to wait for him in his office, but not to touch anything. John and Bo discuss a case that isn’t solved yet.

Lindsay and R.J. are discussing the stable life that they are going to give Jaime once they get full custody of her. Natalie interrupts them. Jaime is glad to see her and shows her her painting. R.J. and Jaime leave for pre-school. Lindsay gets the contracts for Natalie to sign. Natalie looks at one of the pictures and remembers when Cristian had painted it. Natalie goes through with signing the papers for the paintings to be sold.

John questions Antonio about the trouble that Jessica is in, but Antonio refuses to tell him anything. John agrees to help him down at the docks.

Cris vows to fight for Natalie. He gives Vangie a picture of Natalie to give to Natalie. Vangie wants to tell her the truth, but Cris refuses to let Natalie know yet.

Nash confronts Tess about her not being Tess at all, but Jessica Buchanan. Tess runs out.

Rex visits Lindsay at the studio and suggests that she shouldn’t go to the custody hearing.

Viki talks to John and asks him not to hurt Natalie again.

Viki finds out from Antonio that Jessica is in California.

R.J. and Jaime visit Antonio at the diner. Jaime is glad to see Antonio. R.J. gets a call about the shipment at the docks. R.J. hurriedly gets Jaime and leaves.

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