OLTL Update Tuesday 9/27/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/27/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

David and Dorian both sneak into Spencer’s office to try to find out what he is up to.

The Palace Hotel

Kelly comes into the Palace Hotel bar and requests information on the whereabouts of Adriana. Rex comes in and offers his assistance.

In a hotel room upstairs in the Palace Hotel, Adriana and Duke are kissing. He asks her if she is sure about this. They begin to kiss again as they lie back on the bed.

Angel Square Diner

Antonio is on the phone with the private investigator, and he tells him to let him know when he finds out anything at all. Layla sits down beside him. Antonio is afraid that every day that he is away from Jessica increases the chance that he will never see her again.

Brennan Winery

Nash asks Tess if she is feeling better. She tells him that she is, but she is feeling so tired. She apologizes for being such a drag lately. Nash leaves. He makes a phone call to ask the bartender if the man is still there. He tells the bartender to keep him there.

Llanview Hospital

David informs Dorian that he knew that she was there from the smell of her perfume. She accuses him of following her. David tries to convince her to let this go. She asks him how they can possibly get married without trust.. She starts playing up to him so that he will be honest with her. David brings up the name “Buchanan.” Kevin turns the light on and wants to know what this is about the Buchanans.

Palace Hotel bar

Kelly is annoyed that Rex was eavesdropping on her conversation. Kelly informs him that it is none of his business, as they both sit down at the bar. Kelly admits to him that Adriana had told her about the kiss. Rex is surprised. Kelly tells him that she is upstairs with the man of her dreams, and it isn’t him.

Palace Hotel room

Duke and Adriana are busy getting it on. She tells him to make love to her.

Angel Square Diner

To Antonio, Jaime is his first priority, but Jessica is also a priority. He angrily tells Layla that he will get his daughter back with or without her help. Carlotta, overhearing their conversation, tells him that Layla is his only hope to get Jaime back.

Brennan Winery

Tess tries to sleep, but Jessica still disturbs her. Tess orders her to go away and leave her alone.

Nash pays off the bartender to go outside and leave them alone. Nash questions the private investigator about who had sent him here, what he was looking for, and how much it would cost to get him to leave town. The private investigator and Nash argue. Nash grabs him by the arm and pins it behind him. They discuss Jessica being dead and Tess being alive. The man tells him that Jessica’s twin is named Natalie.

Carlotta tries to talk some sense into Antonio about this custody hearing and regaining custody of his daughter, but it only results in making him even more angry.

Jessica gets up and starts looking around the room. She checks the cell phone but finds it is dead. She then finds the laptop computer. She checks the e-mails and finds one from Antonio. She sends Antonio an e-mail to come and get her.

Kevin blurts out to Dorian and David that Spencer is going to help him and Kelly to have a child. Kevin points out to them that he had come there to talk Spencer out of doing the procedure.

Kelly demands to know from Rex if he has feelings for Adriana. Rex admits that when he looks at Adriana he sees the future.

Upstairs in bed, Adriana accidentally calls Duke, “Rex.” They argue over what she has just said. She tries to apologize and wants to go back to their lovemaking, but Duke refuses. He insults her and her family by saying that Asa was right about all the Cramer women. Adriana slaps him. He tells her that the next time she wants to be with a man she should make sure that he’s the one she wants to be with.

The private investigator fills Nash in on all the information about Tess/Jessica and who had hired him to find her. Nash leaves and goes home to Tess. Jessica hurriedly hides the laptop when she sees Nash coming home. When he comes in, he asks her how she is. She tells him that she is fine now that he is home.

David and Dorian finally set a wedding date for November first.

Kelly questions Rex as to what he wants from Adriana. Rex confides to her that when he looks at Adriana, he sees the future.

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