OLTL Update Monday 9/26/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/26/05


Written By Mary
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Starr asks Todd again if Margaret raped him. She tells him that Kevin had said that she had raped him. Todd insists that Kevin doesn’t know anything. Starr asks him again if Margaret had raped him. Todd admits that she had raped him. Starr remarks that she didn’t know that a woman could do that to a man.

Llanview Hospital

Kevin asks Kelly if the surgery would be harmful to her and if she could die. Kelly admits that there are dangers, but the advantages will outweigh the risks. Kevin tells her that he can live without another child, but he couldn’t live without her.


Antonio and Rex discuss Jessica and her whereabouts. Antonio assures him that there is a private investigator out looking for her. Rex tries to tell him that as pretty a girl as Jessica is, someone out there must have seen her.

Somewhere in California

Tess sits outside the bar, in the bushes. She still has a headache. She can’t believe that she had traveled all the way to California, and someone had still found her. She wonders if Nash will find out about her.

Nash is inside the bar, wondering where Tess has gone. He walks over to the bar. A bartender walks up. Nash sees the flyer on the bar and asks the bartender who the woman is in the picture.

Statesville Prison

Cris is in his cell, doing push-ups. Carlo approaches his cell with a cart full of books. Cris asks him what he wants.

John’s apartment

Natalie confronts John over what he is keeping from her. John tells Vangie that it is her call. All Vangie will tell her is that she has a right to know. Natalie tells them both that she doesn’t know what she walked in on, but she asks Vangie if she is pregnant. Vangie declares that John should be the one to tell her. John doesn’t have time to say anything before Roxie barges in and vows to give Natalie backup. Natalie tells them that she doesn’t want Vangie to come between them, so she leaves with Roxie.

Carlo brings Cris some books from the prison library. He wonders who had brainwashed Chris or whether was Cris going to brainwash someone else--maybe the prison guards.

Todd can’t believe that he is having this conversation with his daughter. Starr wants to know what will happen if Margaret shows up at the door with his baby. Todd tries to make her believe that Margaret was off her rocker. Starr picks up on the word, “was" and wonders what he had done to Margaret. Todd declares that Margaret will never bother them again. Starr is confused as to what he means. When the doorbell rings, Starr immediately thinks that it is Margaret. Todd answers the door, and it is Adriana. She wants to know if Ginger is there. She senses something is wrong.

Rex fills Antonio in on the fact that he had seen Jackie McNaughton at the gym, and he thinks that there is some action going on there. Antonio tells him to keep him posted. Antonio leaves. Duke comes up and pats Rex on the shoulder. When Rex turns around, Duke slugs him in the jaw. He tells Rex not to ever kiss Adriana again, or he won’t have any lips.

Roxie listens outside John’s door to see what John and Vangie are discussing. Natalie tries to persuade her not to listen .

John and Vangie discuss why neither one of them was able to tell Natalie about Cristian.

Todd assures Adriana that everything is fine. Starr then asks what is up with Ginger. Adriana questions Todd as to where Ginger is. Todd assures her that Ginger is his business. He wants her to spill the beans. The doorbell rings. It’s Kelly, and she wants to talk to him about Margaret. Todd just laughs as he answers his cell phone. After he hangs up, he tells Starr that he has to leave. Kelly yells after him as he leaves.

Starr asks Adriana if she is mad at Ginger and, if so, whether it has anything to do with Duke. Adriana wonders why she would ask something like that. Adriana spills the beans about her kissing Rex, and that Ginger had told Duke about it.

Duke and Rex go after each other again, and Kevin has to separate them. Kevin tells Duke not to listen to Rex because he is a loser anyway. Duke and Kevin walk away. Antonio sits down beside Rex at the bar. He orders Rex to stay away from Adriana. Rex vows that Adriana is not his type.

Tess sits in the bushes outside the bar. She has her hands over her ears.. She relives some moments when she was a child and had gone to a party with her father. She asks him to take her home.

Nash questions the bartender as to who had brought in the picture of Jessica. The bartender tells him that it was probably a private investigator. The bartender also tells him that the girl had asked him not to give out any information on her. Nash then asks where the girl went. The bartender tells him that she had looked upset, and she is out back. The bartender points out the private investigator at the other end of the bar. Nash picks up the flyer. He questions the private investigator about Jessica/Tess. The private investigator fills him in on everything that he knows about Jessica/Tess.

Vangie encourages John to tell Natalie the truth about Cristian, and to spare her more pain.

Kelly gives Adriana advice on how she can make it up to Duke for kissing Rex. Adriana knows exactly what to do.

John vows that he is going to live with his decision not to tell Natalie that Cristian is alive. Evangeline just looks at him and leaves the apartment.

Tess/Jessica remembers more about the man at the party. She is confused as to who the man is. Nash finds out that Tess is really Jessica Buchanan. He finds out that Tess is just an alias.

Natalie confronts John about what he and Evangeline were talking about, but then she changes her mind. John tells her that he wants to do right by her, and the best thing to do is to let her go. Natalie won’t agree to this. She begins to kiss him.

Adriana books a room at the Palace for herself and Duke. When he gets to the room, he wonders what this is all about. She wants to make it up to him for hurting him. They begin to kiss, and they lie back on the bed..

Tess lies to Nash about having a bad headache. He suggests that they get her to bed. She asks if they are all right, and he assures her that they are.

Kevin, with a flower bouquet in hand, comes to see Kelly at Todd’s penthouse. They both apologize to each other, and they kiss. She assures him that everything will be fine. He begs her not to go through with this.

Evangeline tells Todd about a big case that has come her way, but she will not give him any details.

Cris finds some information in one of the textbooks that will help his case. He yells for a phone.

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