OLTL Update Friday 9/23/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/23/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

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Brennan Winery

Tess and Nash are at a party at a local bar. Tess and Nash dance a slow dance. She thanks him for not pressuring her into talking about Jessica. Nash tells her that she can tell him about it when she gets ready.

Todd’s condo

Todd looks at the pictures of Jessica. Blair comes in and wants to know if he has heard anything about Jessica. Todd informs her that he hasn’t had time. Todd asks about the play date. Blair tells him that it is hard to have a play date with bodyguards standing around. Starr comes downstairs and wants to know if they can get rid of the bodyguards now. Blair goes ballistic and tells them that they need to keep their guard up. The doorbell rings, as does the telephone. Starr goes to open the door and finds that it is Kevin. He wants to talk to Todd.

La Boulee

David is on the computer, looking at the file on Buchanan Enterprises. He hears Dorian, who comes into the kitchen. He hurriedly shuts the lid on the computer. She wants to see what he is doing, but he refuses to let her. She wants to know what is wrong with him.

Llanview Hospital

Spencer ushers Kelly into his office. She wonders what is keeping Kevin. Spencer tells her that he has a lot of tests to run before he can determine if she is able to have children or not.

Bo and Natalie visit. Paige gets home. She asks Bo if he had asked Natalie if she wanted some water. She tells Natalie to keep Bo distracted while she makes some more closet space. Bo and Natalie discuss Cristian and Spencer, and how they will always be a part of their lives. Paige listens. Bo and Natalie hug. Natalie leaves.

Natalie calls John and leaves him a message. She asks him about dinner.

John wants to know why Layla had trashed his apartment.

La Boulee

David lies to Dorian and tells her that he was planning their honeymoon. Dorian doesn’t think that it matters where they go as long as they are together. She insists that they should get going, as they are taking Addie out to eat. David decides that he needs to change his clothes. He goes upstairs. While he is gone, Dorian finds out that he had been lying to her.

Todd’s apartment

Todd sends Starr downstairs to check the mail while he talks to Kevin. Blair comes downstairs and questions Todd as to where Starr is. Blair goes downstairs to find her. After she leaves, Todd asks Kevin what he wants. Kevin tells him that he wants to talk strategy, since Kelly knows about Margaret and the baby. Todd assures him that he has everything under control. Kevin still thinks that Margaret could strike at any moment. Todd assures him again that she can’t bother them again.


Michael is eating lunch at the bar when Natalie comes in and joins him. She notices something is wrong and questions him about it.

John’s apartment

John tells Vangie that she could be arrested for stealing a police report. Vangie lets him know that she knows everything about Cristian Vega. Vangie accuses him of using her to get Cris put in jail so he could get Natalie.. Vangie reveals that she is going to work to get Cris out of jail. She is angry that John hadn’t told anyone about Cris. John tells her that it was Cris’s call and not his. Vangie is upset because she was the one who had helped him get the DNA sample. Vangie accuses him of playing her for a fool. Vangie tells him that there will be no more lies.

La Boulee

David comes back downstairs and asks if Dorian had looked at the computer. They leave the house to go pick up Blair.

Brennan Winery

Nash gets a call and goes to answer it. Tess walks over to the bar. The bartender calls her Jessica. Tess is surprised. The bartender shows her the flyer with her picture. Tess bribes him to keep the picture and her being there a secret.

Kevin knows that Todd is lying about Margaret. Kevin demands to know what Todd did to Margaret. Kevin notices that Todd is no longer worried or angry.

Bo suggests eating out. Paige comes into the living room. Bo notices that something is wrong. He questions her about it. She feels guilty that Spencer is now part of their lives. They kiss.

Natalie and Michael discuss Hugh and his involvement in Marcie’s life. Michael points out that he wants to be the one Marcie turns to. They discuss John, and how he would keep secrets from her in order to keep her safe. Natalie is confused that Michael thinks that John is keeping something from her.

Starr overhears Kevin and Todd’s conversation. Blair comes in and reprimands her for being in the lobby by herself. Dorian and David arrive to pick up Blair to take her with them. Starr goes upstairs. Kevin leaves. David is suspicious so he goes to see what is wrong. David catches Kevin at the elevator. Kevin confronts David about Spencer coming to Asa’s mansion to congratulate them on the Cano merger. Kevin leaves. Dorian comes out and questions David as to what is going on. David lies and tells her that there is an emergency at Craze. He promises to see her later.

Llanview Hospital

A nurse brings Kelly into Spencer’s office. They discuss the muscle relaxer that she was given. He tells her that there will be more tests to determine if she can carry a baby to full term.

Vangie vows to tell Natalie everything that John has been keeping from her. John tries to convince her to leave things alone and not blow half a dozen lives out of the water. Vangie tells him to watch her. John tries to convince her not to tell Natalie, because Cristian doesn’t want her to know.

Dorian and Blair leave to go have dinner with Addie. Dorian is puzzled as to where David had gone. Blair wonders if there was a problem at Craze, and, if so, why she wasn't notified.

John tells Vangie to just go ahead and tell Natalie everything. Natalie walks in and asks John what he is keeping from her.

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