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One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/22/05


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Todd relives the last moments of his time with Margaret when he took her for a boat ride on the lake. Starr comes downstairs and jars his mind back to reality. Starr wants to know what is wrong with him, because he was just staring out into space.


Natalie sits at the bar. Rex comes up to join her. He wants to know if she is still angry at him. She tells him no. He asks her if she has John McBain on the brain. She tells him to just go away and leave her alone. She tells him that she is happy with John, and she doesn’t care what anyone else says. Bo comes in and joins them at the bar. Rex hugs him and asks him if he thinks that Natalie being with John spells doom.

John’s apartment

John sets the box down on the coffee table and frantically searches through it to find the DNA test results. He is unable to find them. He gets angry and throws the papers against the door.

Statesville Prison

Vangie wants to help Cristian get out of prison. She wants to get started on his case as soon as she gets back to the office. Cris is deep in thought. He tells her that he can’t do this. He wants her to walk right out of there and forget that she even knows him. She informs him that she can’t do that. 



Marcie sits at a table with her laptop in front of her. Hugh walks in and sits down with her. She checks her e-mails and finds five hundred and twenty-five e-mails. To her surprise, most of the e-mails are from people she doesn’t know. Marcie begins to read the e-mails and realizes that they are about things that she had written about in her journal. Marcie questions Hugh as to what he had done. She tells him that she and he had been the only ones who had known what she had written in her journal.

John’s apartment

John quickly picks up all the files off the floor and puts them back in the box. He sees the doorknob turning. He opens the door and grabs Roxie by the arm. He demands to know why she is breaking into his room. She tells him that she wasn’t breaking into his room, she had heard a sound. She thought someone might be ransacking the place. She then tells him that from now on when he has any visitors, they will have to sign in downstairs. John wants to know what visitors she's talking about. She then tells him about a girl who was lurking outside. John wants to know about the woman.

Statesville Prison

Vangie assures Cris that if he ever wants to get out of here his case will have to be appealed. He reminds her that he had taken a man’s life. She tells him that he was only a puppet. She also reminds him of all the hearts that he had broken back in Llanview. Cris informs her that it is too late for that. Vangie reminds him of the men who had used him as a puppet; what if they came back after Natalie and the rest of his family? She asks him if John would be able to protect Natalie from them.


Rex is still stirring up trouble and wants Bo’s opinion about John and Natalie. Bo tells him that Natalie is plenty old enough to make up her own mind about whom she wants. Natalie is glad for Bo’s support. Bo gets his take-out and starts to leave. Rex asks him about the case. Bo tells him that he is going to spend the day with Matthew. Bo asks Natalie if she shouldn’t be working. Natalie informs him that she was taking an early lunch. Bo tells her that he will walk her out. They leave. The bartender serves up Rex’s lunch. He yells at Natalie, but she is already gone..


Marcie wonders why all those strange people are e-mailing her about what she had written in her journal. Hugh confesses that he had created a blog out of her journal. Marcie is surprised. She goes ballistic on him. She wants to know how he could do this. He defends his side of the story.

Todd’s apartment

Starr wants to know why Todd is freaked out. They argue over Margaret once again. He tries to assure her that they are safe. He asks her to trust him. She wants to know how he knows that Margaret will never bother them again.

John’s apartment

Roxie describes to John what the woman looked like who was outside his apartment. He thanks her. There is a knock on the door. John orders Roxie to leave. Michael comes in and wants to know what had happened there. John tells him that he was looking for a file.

Statesville Prison

Vangie reminds Cris that there are men out there looking for him. Vangie assures him that those people need to be found before it is too late. She tells him that he needs to protect the people he loves. Cris finally sees through her plan and wants to know why she is doing this. He thinks that she will get him out of here so it will give her a clean shot at John. Vangie is stunned.

Bo’s house

Matthew and Bo go out on the terrace to enjoy their hamburgers and fries.. Matthew tells him not to forget the mustard. Bo wants to know when he started eating mustard. Matthew tells him he picked it up from Natalie. Matthew mentions that he wants a baby brother or sister. Bo chokes at his comment..


Hugh has Marcie’s laptop. He tells her that she needs an outlet. Rex listens to them argue about her becoming an advice columnist. Hugh pulls off his coat.

John’s apartment

Michael fills John in that he had run into Vangie, and she was inquiring about a DNA test. John is surprised. John questions him as to what Vangie wanted to know about the DNA test.

Statesville Prison

Vangie tries her best to assure Cris that she and John are moving on. Vangie points out that Antonio needs his help in gaining custody of his daughter. Vangie tells him how withdrawn Carlotta has become since he has been gone. Cris tells Vangie that Natalie deserves better than him. Vangie asks him if he can live with that. She starts to get up and leave, but Cris stops her. He tells her that he wants to get out.

Matthew wants a little brother or sister. This takes Bo by surprise. Matthew points out that Paige would be a good mother. Bo agrees.

Hugh argues the good points in Marcie being an advice columnist. Rex interrupts. Rex and Hugh together talk Marcie into being an advice columnist.

Statesville Prison

Vangie tells Cris that she will get right to work on his case. Cris implores her not to tell Natalie. Vangie knows that Natalie will suspect something. Cris tells Vangie to give Natalie a message: he loves her.

Natalie looks at the picture of her and Cris. She tells him that she will always love him. She replaces his picture with John’s.

John and Michael discuss the lab report. Michael tells him the good news about him performing an operation with Spencer assisting. John asks him if he has told Marcie. Michael tells him that Marcie had been spending time with Hugh. John points out that Marcie would like to know.

Todd lies to Starr and tells her that a female P.I. had talked to Margaret. Margaret had finally left their lives for good. Todd asks Starr not to tell Blair that Margaret was pregnant. Starr is relieved that Margaret is out of their lives.

Matthew and Bo look at the old oak tree. They decide to make a tree house out of it.

Marcie agrees to give being an advice columnist a try. Hugh wants to celebrate.

Natalie is at her desk at the police station when Roxie comes in. She tells Natalie that John is really upset. Vangie comes in and wants to know where John is. Roxie informs her that John is home. Vangie leaves.

John calls Warden Stephens and asks if John Doe had had any visitors. He finds out that Evangeline had been to visit him.

Cris talks to a guard. The guard makes light of him getting out of there.. Cris insists that he is going to get out of there.

Michael comes into Rodi’s. He talks to Marcie and Hugh. They fill him in on the good news. Michael never gets a chance to tell her his good news. He tells them to enjoy their ice cream. He leaves.

Todd is on the phone and relives the last moments with Margaret. He tells the person on the phone that he doesn’t need to renew the contract.

Bo looks at a picture of Drew. Matthew brings him some plans for the tree-house. They hug. There is a knock on the door. Natalie wants to know if she and John are a mistake. Bo tells her to follow her heart. Natalie is happy.

Cris looks at the picture of Natalie in her wedding gown. 

John hears a knock on the door. When he opens it, he sees it is Vangie. He asks her if she knows.

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