OLTL Update Wednesday 9/21/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/21/05


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Asa’s mansion

Kelly is asleep in bed. Kevin awakens her with a kiss. He tells her that he has a surprise. He serves her breakfast in bed.

La Boulee

Adriana has just come downstairs for breakfast. She pours cereal in a bowl. There is a knock on the door, and it is Duke. He confronts her about her kissing Rex.


Rex is at the bar. Layla comes in and approaches him. They share some small talk.

John’s apartment

Natalie awakens in John’s bed. She sees John, who sits in a chair away from the bed. She wonders what he is doing all the way over there. He tells her that this is not going to work. She is surprised.

Statesville Prison

The guard notifies Cris that he has a visitor. The guard doesn’t know how he can have such a beautiful visitor. Cris automatically thinks that it is Natalie. He sits down in the chair. He is surprised to see that it is Evangeline.

La Boulee

Adriana and Duke argue over the kiss. He tries to get her to explain why she had kissed Rex.


Layla and Rex click cups. He notices that she is in a strange mood. He wants her to explain what is wrong, but she is reluctant to tell him. She tells him that she just wants company. She then asks Rex how well he knows John McBain. Rex calls John “trouble.”

John’s apartment

John tells Natalie that he doesn’t want to end it with her. Natalie is relieved. John tells her how he had felt when she was missing and he had thought he would never see her again. Natalie assures him that she doesn’t have to know his feelings twenty-four hours a day. She knows his feelings by the way he touches her and the way he looks at her.

Statesville Prison

Vangie tells Cris to cut the act and tell her what his name really is. Cris just looks at her.

Asa’s mansion

Kevin asks Kelly how she had slept after the nightmare. Kelly tells him about another dream that she had had about Asa barging into their room. Kevin informs her that he had told Asa not to ever enter their bedroom without knocking.

La Boulee

Duke and Adriana continue to argue over the kiss with Rex. He tells her that she had changed since she had moved in with Dorian. Adriana is furious with him for his remark. Duke also makes the assumption that she is not like the person she was when they first met. She walks out on him.

John asks Natalie not to cut him any slack. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to get hurt. He confides to her that as each day passes his feelings get stronger. Natalie asks him if he wants to be with her right now. He agrees that he does. They kiss. She tells him that she is going to take a shower.

Statesville Prison

Vangie tells Cris that she has evidence that he is Cristian Vega. She holds the DNA paper against the screen. She tells him that they are a perfect match. Vangie asks him if John knows the truth. Cris tells her that he hadn’t at first, until the DNA test had come back. Vangie urges him to come clean. Vangie asks him his name. He tells her that it is Cristian Vega.

Asa’s mansion

Kelly and Kevin sit up in bed and eat strawberries. She tells him that she wants to explain. She says that it isn’t that she doesn’t want to get married, it’s just that everything is perfect the way it is. She confides to him that she just wants to be careful. Kelly tells him that a year ago if anyone had told her that she would be with Kevin and they would be planning a family, she would not have believed it. They discuss the hurt that they had felt when they had lost little Ace. Kelly assures him that another baby would never replace little Ace.


Layla and Rex discuss John, and they haven’t a good word to say about him. They both admit that John has a problem. Layla wonders if John still has a thing for Vangie. They hush their talking when they see John and Natalie walk in.

Statesville Prison

Cris asks Vangie if John knows that she has the report. Vangie asks if John knew all along about him. Cris begins to explain about his amnesia and how his memory had begun coming back in bits and pieces. Cris tells Vangie that he had asked John to keep quiet about who he was, and to keep Natalie safe. Vangie assures him that Natalie is safe. Cris admits to her that John had visited him. Cris is sarcastic when he tells Vangie that John had wanted his permission to sleep with his wife.

Adriana and Duke continue to argue about the kiss. Adriana finally admits that she had kissed Rex. She is sarcastic when she tells him that the Buchanan men think that women are their possessions. He grabs her and kisses her.


Natalie can’t understand why Rex talks to Layla. She tells John that she needs to talk to Rex. John goes to talk to Layla.

Layla resents Natalie being with John when Vangie is who knows where.

Natalie comes over and pulls Rex away from Layla.

John and Layla discuss Vangie and where she is. Layla won’t divulge any information on the whereabouts of Vangie.

Statesville Prison

Vangie encourages Cris to do something about John being with Natalie. Cris questions her as to why she had come there. Vangie wonders whether, if Cris could get out of there, he would tell Natalie who he is. Cris says he would, in a heartbeat.

Kelly divulges some information about something that had happened to her earlier on in her life when she had visited a carnival. She reveals what a fortune teller had told her about how she would have good times and bad. She also would have pockets when she would feel more love than she could handle. Kevin promises to keep those pockets full. They kiss.

Adriana resents Duke kissing her. Duke asks her if she had liked the kiss with Rex. Adriana admits that she did. Duke resents this remark, thinking she means that he is a bad kisser. Duke wonders why Adriana hadn’t told him about the kiss. Duke also admits that it was Ginger who had told him about the kiss. Adriana is upset because she knows that Ginger has been after Duke since day one.

Natalie wants to know why Rex talks to Layla. Rex tells her to drop John before she gets hurt.

Layla and John discuss Vangie and where she is. She blurts out something about Natalie’s ex-husband being presumed dead. John questions her about Cristian Vega. She mentions the file that he has on Cristian Vega.

John comes up to Natalie and tells her that he has to check something out and that he will see her at the office later. He leaves. Natalie tells Rex not to say a word.

Statesville Prison

Cris admits to killing a man. Vangie tries to assure him that she can re-open the case, and possibly get him a new trial. Vangie encourages him to work with her.

John goes home to his apartment. He searches the box with the files and finds the DNA test gone.

Natalie assures Rex that she loves John and nothing is going to break them apart.

Duke and Adriana continue to argue. Adriana has only good things to say about Rex. Duke confronts her, asking if she is in love with Rex. Duke tells her something that Asa had said. Adriana runs out on him.

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