OLTL Update Tuesday 9/20/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/20/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

La Boulee

David looks at the key card and wonders if Dorian had been the one who stole it. Dorian comes into the kitchen and puts her arms around David. She tells him that the bubble bath is ready. He shows her the key card and tells her that he can’t remember the last time they were at the Palace. Dorian demands to know what he was doing in her purse.


Ginger is in Blair’s office and talks to Blair on the phone. She has found Starr’s iPod, which will make Starr happy. Ginger promises to bring it tomorrow when she moves in. Blair and the children, as well as Ginger, are happy that she is moving in with them. They hang up. Ginger goes over to the shelf behind the desk. She looks down and sees the money box. She wonders how much cash is in it. She opens the lid and sees that, indeed, there is cash in it.

Todd penthouse

Blair gets a visit from Bo. Bo asks her about Todd and if he is there. Blair tells him no, he isn’t there. She also tells him that she doesn’t know where he is.


Todd manages to swim to the dock and pulls himself up. He lays down on the dock. He looks back at the abandoned boat. He gets up and walks up the dock.

A man without a head enters Kelly and Kevin’s bedroom. He walks across the floor and stands right over Kelly. She opens her eyes and sees him. She screams. The scream wakes her up completely, as it does Kevin. Kevin tells her that she is having a bad dream. He wants to know what the dream was about. She explains to him that someone is going to try to break them apart. Then she realizes who the person was in her dream.

Spencer walks up to Blair’s door at Craze. He sees Ginger take some money out of the money box. Turning around, she sees Spencer standing there. She wants to know what he is doing there. He tells her that his brother works there. He confronts her about stealing the money from the petty cash box. She starts pleading with him not to tell Blair and Todd about the money. She asks him what he is going to do. Spencer is undecided.

La Boulee

Dorian wants to know what David was doing going through her purse. He orders her to answer him about where the key card had come from. He wonders who at the Palace is missing their key card besides Spencer. Dorian asks him if he is accusing her of stealing the key card from Spencer so that she could go through his hotel room. He asks her if she had found what she was looking for. Dorian looks past him to the laptop and tells him yes, she had.

Todd’s penthouse

Blair wants to know what Bo wants to talk to Todd about. Bo thinks that Margaret might have said something to Todd about where she was going. Blair states matter-of-factly that Todd is not the criminal here.

Two men sit on the dock and talk. Todd watches them carefully. He walks up behind them and then quickly hides behind a boat.


Adriana tells Rex that she never wants to see him again. Duke walks up and wants to know what is going on. Rex opens his mouth to say something, but Adriana tells him to shut up. Rex tells him that he had been talking about how Duke had been ditching Adriana for business meetings. Rex tells him that Adriana had said that it was none of his business. Duke tells him to leave. Rex goes over to the bar while Adriana joins Duke at the jukebox. They kiss.


Ginger begs Spencer not to tell Blair and Todd about her taking the money. Ginger tells him that she loves her job and she loves the Manning children. She also admits to him that there is a particular guy whom she is interested in. It gets Spencer’s attention when she tells him that the guy’s name is Duke Buchanan. Spencer then tells her that he knows how to handle the situation.

Todd’s penthouse

Blair points out that this ordeal with Margaret had changed Todd, and he knew what was more important. Bo reminds her of all the lies that Todd had told the police, as well as her. Blair tells him that Todd had made a promise to her, and he knows that if he ever broke his promise to her then he would lose her and the children forever.


The two men point out the different stars as Todd listens to them from his hiding place. They walk over to the edge of the dock and see the abandoned boat. They come to the assumption that it had come loose and floated out on the water.

Kelly thinks that the person in the dream is her, and she is going to mess things up between them. Kevin, on the other hand, thinks that it is he who is going to mess things up. Kelly changes the subject and asks him if he had received the proposal that she had drawn up for the Cano deal. Kevin tells her that he had, and he had already approved the budget. Kelly wonders who had interfered with the plans before.

La Boulee

David wonders what she had found in Spencer’s room. She refuses to tell him and changes the subject to their honeymoon. She gets strawberries and Redi-Whip out of the fridge and brings them over to the counter. She shakes up the Redi-Whip. She tells him to try the key card in Spencer’s door if he doesn’t believe her. They vow to begin to trust each other and to believe each other.


Spencer decides to not tell Blair and Todd about the money. He tells Ginger to put the money back. Ginger thanks him for not telling Todd and Blair.. Ginger puts the money back in the box. Spencer gives her money. Ginger is surprised that he would give her money after seeing her steal the money. Spencer has an ulterior motive in mind for giving her the money.

Bo decides to leave, but he tells Blair that he wants to talk to Todd when he comes in. Todd sneaks up the staircase and is about to go in the door when he hears Bo talking to Blair. He hides in the staircase. Bo leaves.

David apologizes to Dorian for not believing her. They propose a toast to trust. They start to go upstairs when the disc drops out of her jacket.

Rex watches Duke and Adriana. Duke and Adriana discuss Rex and how much trouble he is. Duke suggests that she not spend as much time with him anymore.

Paige sits at a nearby table. Bo comes in to join her. They discuss the Margaret Cochran case and how Bo isn’t able to tell her anything about it. They discuss how thrilled Matthew is that she is going to be moving in..

Todd sneaks into the penthouse without Blair knowing. He gets some clean clothes fresh from the dry cleaners. Going out the door, he sees a neighbor. They discuss Ginger and how dependable she is. Todd fills her in about how Ginger is going to be moving in with them as their nanny. The neighbor wonders how he had gotten his clothes so muddy. Todd tells her that he had better go and change. Todd goes to change his clothes. Once he has changed his clothes, he puts the dirty clothes down the dirty clothes chute.

David wants to listen to the CD, but Dorian makes up a lie to keep him from listening to it. David wonders if it is something that she had stolen from Spencer. Dorian reminds him that the bath waits. The phone rings, and it is Spencer. He suggests a cooking class for the next day. She leaves the room to talk to him. David gets on the compuer and sees the file on Buchanan Enterprises. He wonders what Spencer is up to.

Kevin and Kelly discuss how things are getting better between them. Kelly starts to leave, but he persuades her to stay all night. They snuggle together.

Rex fills Bo in that Todd had been talking to Jackie about getting rid of Margaret. Bo tells him to keep him posted.

Ginger enters Rodi’s and goes over to the bar, where Rex is carefully watching Duke and Adriana. Ginger notices how obvious things are between Rex and Adriana. Rex leaves.

Adriana tells Duke that she is going home, and she will take a cab. Duke tries to drive her home, but she refuses. They kiss good-night.

Ginger goes over to Duke’s table and makes the assumption that he and Adriana had broken up. Duke wonders what she is talking about. Ginger tells him about the kiss between Adriana and Rex.

Todd goes into the condo. Blair comes downstairs. She accuses him of lying to her yet again. He lies to her and tells her that he was with an off-duty police officer. They argue over Margaret and what she will try next. Todd tries to assure her that Margaret has played her last card. Blair goes ballistic over how he knows about Margaret and what she will do next. Todd wants to concentrate on her and his family. They kiss.

The audience sees the abandoned boat again.

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