OLTL Update Monday 9/19/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/19/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Angie

La Boulee

Dorian shuts the laptop as Duke inquires after what is going on. Dorian lies to him and tells him that she was planning her wedding. Adriana accuses her of lying right in front of Duke. Duke’s cell phone rings, and Dorian suggests that he take it outside. Once he is safely outside, Dorian reprimands her for accusing her of lying right in front of Duke. Adriana feels that Duke should know about the file, since it directly affects his family. Dorian doesn’t at all agree and reminds her of how Duke would feel if he knew that she had kissed Rex. Adriana is surprised that Dorian would even throw this up to her. Dorian reminds her that her loyalty should lie with her family instead of with Duke Buchanan. Adriana is confused.

At the gym

Rex enters the gym. He asks one of the boxers if he had seen Margaret Cochran. He even shows the boxer Margaret’s picture. Jackie comes in and interrupts them. Jackie threatens Rex against asking questions about Margaret.


David is in his office, busy going over an article about Chinese culture. He tries to correct a misspelled word in the article. He wonders how to spell the word. Spencer comes up behind him and tells him how to spell the word. David is upset to see him there.

Todd’s condo

Blair is eagerly awaiting a phone call from Todd. Jack comes downstairs and tells her that he can’t sleep because there is something under his bed. Blair jokes with him that it is dust bunnies, who are coming after him. She begins to tickle him, and he starts to laugh. Starr comes downstairs. Blair wonders if she and Jack had awoken her. Starr tells her that she just can’t live like this anymore. Blair is confused about what she means.

In the woods outside of Llanview

Todd and Margaret continue to walk to the marina. Margaret admits that she is scared. Todd reaches out his hand for her to get in the boat with him.

Kelly and Kevin are in bed together after their lovemaking. Kevin is happy that they are back together. Kevin promises her that he will try his best not to mess things up between them again. Kelly tells him that she loves him and she wants to have his baby. Kevin is apprehensive and doesn’t like Spencer doing this medical procedure.


David accuses Spencer of being a con. David wonders why Spencer is after Blair and what he wants from her. David demands to know what his plan is.

Blair tries to reassure her children that she is the luckiest mom in the world. She also tells them that Kelly would change places with her in the blink of an eye. Starr brings up the subject of Margaret and asks what would happen if she were having Todd’s baby.

Todd tries to make Margaret believe that he cares somewhat about her. She tells him that she can’t swim. He tries to convince her to throw away the gun. He assures her that without trust they don’t have anything. Margaret agrees and drops the gun into the water. Margaret tells him that she needs him to say that he loves her. Todd assures her that he won’t let anything happen to her or the baby. He holds out his hand to her and helps her into the boat. As she sits down in the boat, she feels the baby kick. She wants him to feel it kick. He pulls his hand away as he unties the boat. He begins to row out onto the lake. She begins to sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

Kevin has gone to the kitchen and brought back ice ceam and two spoons. Kevin tells Kelly that he had been thinking about what name the baby would have when it was born. Kelly is confused. Kevin asks her to marry him.

David and Spencer continue to argue about everything. Spencer lies and tells David that he just considers Blair a friend. David points out that Todd loves Blair and asks what Spencer expects to get out of all this.

Margaret points out that Todd cares about this baby. Todd is disgusted that he is part of her. Todd tells her that he doesn’t know if it is really his. Margaret assures him that he will fall in love with the baby once he sees it. Todd tells her that that is the reason why he will never be able to see the baby.

Rex and Jackie continue to argue over Margaret and who has killed her. Jackie orders him out. Rex refuses to leave. Jackie leaves. The manager of the gym gets Rex a pair of boxing gloves, and Rex begins to hit the bag really hard.

La Boulee

Adriana and Dorian discuss her kissing Rex, and why Dorian would keep bringing this up. Duke comes in and asks her if she is ready to go. Adriana confesses to him that Dorian had been on the computer checking the gift registry to try to find out what everyone had been getting her. Dorian also wanted to know how much things had cost. Duke tells her that he had gotten her a toaster, and it had cost seventy-five dollars. Adriana tells him to wait in the car, and she will get her purse. Once he leaves, Adriana tells Dorian that she hates her for making her do this. Dorian doesn’t think that she means it.

Blair insists that there is no baby, and the idea of a baby disgusts her. Jack wants his cocoa. Blair takes him to the kitchen.

Todd frightens Margaret with the way he is talking. Margaret insists that he can’t kill her or he will be harming the baby. Todd tells her that that is the whole idea.

Kelly has doubts about marrying Kevin, but she admits that she does love him. She also wants to have his baby. Kevin suggests that they practice.

Spencer questions David about him having the key card to his hotel room. David denies having it. Spencer threatens him if he does have it. Spencer leaves.

Jack wants to know about when he was born. Blair feels a group hug coming on. They all hug and laugh. Blair assures them that they are a family, and families take care of each other.

Todd throws the anchor overboard. Margaret wonders what he is doing. He starts rocking the boat, which frightens Margaret even more. She starts to yell for help. He assures her that it is payback time for her going after his family.

Adriana and Duke discuss something having happened between her and her mother. He suggests a chili bun or ice cream, but she refuses. He then suggests some music. He goes to get some quarters. Rex comes up to join Adriana. She tells him to leave her alone and that she never wants to see him again.

Dorian fingers the CD. When she hears David at the door, she quickly hides the disc in her coat. She is upset over her argument with Adriana. He suggests that she take a hot bath, and he will be up to wash her back. Dorian goes upstairs. David remembers his conversation with Dorian about the CD. He opens up the disc compartment and finds no CD. He searches her purse and finds Spencer’s key card.

Blair covers Starr and assures her that Daddy will take care of them.

Todd swims to the dock. He hoists himself up onto the dock. He looks back at the boat.

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