OLTL Update Friday 9/16/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/16/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Woods outside of Llanview

Two men walk in the woods and talk. Todd walks in the woods, looking for Margaret. He stoops down and takes the gun out of his sock. He mutters to himself that he is ready for her this time.

Statesville Prison

Cris is in his cell, deep in thought. A priest approaches his cell. Cris tells him that he wants him to hear his confession. The priest is surprised, since Cris hasn’t wanted to talk to him before.

Llanview Police Department

John and Natalie arrive at work. She thanks him for booking Rodi’s for a while so that they could be alone. She starts to kiss him, but he pushes her off. She understands that he wants to keep it out of the office, and she leaves. John goes into Bo’s office.

Bo’s office

Bo mentions to John that the Killing Club murder case isn’t even cold yet, and they already have two other cases. One is Margaret Cochoran, and the other is a smuggling case. John has a file in his hand. He looks out of the window and sees Natalie in the outer office.

Rex approaches Natalie’s desk. He asks if she and John are still at it. Natalie just looks at him. Rex wants to know if John is ashamed of her..

Todd’s condo

Blair is busy pacing the floor. She hears a knock on the door, and she thinks that it is Todd. When she opens the door, she finds it is Dorian. Dorian tells her that she is her family, and she needs to be there.. She immediately begins to question Blair about whether that was Margaret on the phone. Dorian demands to know where Todd is. Blair tells her that it was the police on the phone. Dorian doesn’t believe it at all and wants to know if she verified it. Blair is upset by her accusations. Dorian reminds her that Starr had wanted to tell them about something that Todd was keeping from them. Dorian accuses Todd of lying to Blair again.

In the woods

Todd walks through the woods. He looks for Margaret and wonders where she is. Margaret tells him that she is right here, as she holds a gun on him.

La Boulee

Adriana is busy at the computer, trying to decipher the code. She wonders who could be after Buchanan Enterprises.

Asa’s mansion

Asa is in the living room, sitting at the desk. Duke enters. Asa tells him that he is proud of him and the way he saved B.E. Asa fills him in that he has big plans for the family.

Kelly and Kevin walk up to the door. They are disappointed that the house that they looked at has already been sold. He hugs her. He also tells her that he loves her and wants to be with her whether there is a baby or not. They kiss. She tells him that this feels so right for them right now. She brings up the subject of the baby that Margaret is carrying and says that Blair needs to know. She assures him that if Todd hasn’t told her about the baby, then she is going to.

Todd’s condo

Blair and Dorian argue as usual over Todd and what he is keeping from Blair. She orders Dorian to leave, but Dorian refuses. Blair opens the door and sees Spencer. She invites him in. Spencer is there to check on Starr.. They both assure Blair that she should have gone to the police. Spencer holds Blair’s hand and her arm. Dorian asks Blair why she won't ask Todd what he knows. She makes the assumption that Todd knew that Margaret was in town. Blair insists that if Todd knew that Margaret was in town and didn’t tell her, then she would never forgive him for putting their children’s lives in danger. Dorian remembers Spencer saying that he would finish his business in town, and he would get Blair.

In the woods

Margaret searches Todd for a gun. Todd asks her to lose her gun. Todd makes her promise that she will never go near his children again or he will kill her. She aims the gun at him and tells him to say good-bye.

Dorian and Spencer discuss Todd’s stab wounds. Dorian insists that Spencer knows how it happened. Spencer gives her the run-around and won’t really give her any information that she can use against Todd. All Spencer will say is that Todd loves his family, and there is nothing he wouldn’t do to protect them. Blair goes to check on the children. When she goes upstairs, Dorian hits Spencer on the arm. She wants to know what he is up to.

Todd tells Margaret to just go ahead and shoot him. He kneels down on the ground. He assures her that they will hear the gunshot across the lake. Margaret laughs and tells him that she didn’t mean say good-bye to the world; what she meant was to say good-bye to Llanview. He is relieved that she is not going to shoot him. He pulls the gun out of his sock and tells her to lose her gun. Some hikers walk up and want to know if he has any matches. Todd tells them no, but they could check at the marina. Margaret has spied a piece of wood on the ground and hits Todd with it. He falls part-way to the ground. She rushes up and takes his gun.

Natalie informs Rex that John wants to keep their relationship out of the office. Rex reminds her that he didn’t do that with Evangeline. This makes Natalie think.

John and Bo discuss the stake-out and whether it had yielded any results.. Rex interrupts them, as usual. Bo reprimands him for entering his office without knocking. Bo orders him out. Rex leaves.

Bo and John discuss Rex and what he thinks about him helping them. They decide to think about it.

Natalie is busy filing when some other police officers confront her about her and John. John comes out of Bo’s office. The officers ask him what is going on between him and Natalie. John denies that anything is going on--end of discussion. Natalie has mixed feelings about why John is acting this way.

Statesville Prison

Cristian admits to the priest that he is Cristian Vega. The priest doesn’t understand why he hasn’t told anyone else who he is. Cristian tells him that the only other person who knows his identity is involved with Natalie.

Cris and the priest argue over Natalie and whether she should know. The priest points out that if she marries this other person she will be committing adultery, since Cristian is still alive.

Llanview Police Department

John asks Natalie for a file and notices that something is wrong. He questions her about it. She asks him about what he had said to the other police officers about how nothing was going on between them. He is confused by her attitude. Natalie reminds him that he wasn’t ashamed to be seen with Evangeline. She asks him if he is ashamed of her.

Asa and Duke talk. Kevin arrives and wants to know what is going on. Asa fills him in as to what he is planning. Asa also shows him the plans that he has had drawn up. Bo arrives and questions him about Margaret.

La Boulee

Adriana still tries to decipher the code. Rex arrives to bring her the iPod that she had left in her car. He asks her what she is working on. She asks for his help in deciphering the code. He agrees.

Spencer wants to know if Dorian suspects him. She accuses him of supporting Todd. Blair rejoins them. Spencer points out to Dorian that she should be the public face of Llanview Hospital. Dorian decides to leave. As she leaves, she meets up with kelly. They say hello and good-bye at the same time.

Kelly ask Blair where Todd is and whether she had heard from him. Kelly blurts out that there is going to be a baby. Blair is surprised.

Spencer interrupts and tells Blair about the medical procedure that would enable Kelly to have children. Blair is ecstatic with joy that Kelly could possibly have a child.

Margaret forces Todd up off the ground and holds the gun on him as they continue on their way through the woods. Todd tries to talk to her and seems to be making headway. He suggests that they talk about what they are going to do about the baby. She insists that they find a quiet place to talk where she can have him to herself. She spots an island that could be their own little private island. She admits to him that she can’t swim. He suggests to her that they go to the marina and get a boat. Margaret agrees.

Kelly leaves Blair and Spencer. Blair thanks him for all of his help.

Rex manages to decipher the code on the computer. Adriana is relieved. Dorian walks in and catches them. She orders Rex out. Dorian then looks at the file and wonders why anyone would be keeping such a close eye on Buchanan Enterprises.

Cristian comes to the realization that he can no longer keep quiet about being alive, but he doesn’t know quite what to do about it.

Margaret and Todd head for the marina. She starts to sing a little song, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." She forces Todd to sing with her as they head for the marina.

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