OLTL Update Thursday 9/15/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/15/05


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Angel Square Diner

Hugh and Marcie share lunch. She tells him about the article that she has written. He pressures her to let him read it, but she refuses. After much insistence, Marcie turns around the laptop. She tells him to read it and weep.

Llanview Hospital

Michael comes out of an exam room. He sees Spencer talking to two police officers. A nurse comes up and asks him about the patient. Spencer tells him to tag along with him, and he will let him know how to get on her good side.

Todd’s condo

Todd tells the person that they are not in need of a mortgage. Todd hangs up on Margaret.

Somewhere in Llanview

Margaret says no, no, no. She calls Todd a very bad boy.

Todd’s condo

Todd acts like it is a telemarketer that he has been talking to. Blair is busy picking up some flowers that she had dropped on the floor. She tells Starr that they were part of her "welcome home" bouquet, and Jack had helped her pick them out. Jack asks to be excused. Blair pats him on the back and tells him to go on as he runs upstairs. David asks Starr what made her think that that was Margaret on the phone. The phone rings again. Starr tries to answer it, but Todd motions to her to let him handle it.

Margaret tells him that if he hangs up on them again, then they will come and get him.

Angel Square Diner

Hugh reads some of Marcie’s article. He is surprised when he finds out that the article is about him.

Antonio’s apartment

Lindsay and R.J. bring Jaime to Antonio’s for her weekly visit. They are surprised to see Antonio living with Layla, Evangeline’s sister. They think that this is Evangeline’s latest strategy to win custody of Jaime. Layla takes Jaime into her bedroom to see all the new toys. Antonio orders them out. Lindsay thinks that this is nothing but a scam and wonders if Antonio thinks that he can pull this off. Lindsay tells him that she is not going to let him take her daughter. Antonio asks her, "Your what?"

Todd’s condo

Todd continues to talk to Margaret on the phone. He lies to Blair and tells her that it is Harry, and he needs some information about an access code. Todd tells her that he will be right back. Todd takes the phone and goes outside. Starr informs Blair that she doesn’t believe that that is Harry on the phone.

Todd and Margaret discuss the ad in the newspaper. Todd tells her that he needs to see her. Margaret says that she needs to see him too. She asks him to bring Jack.

Angel Square Diner

Hugh continues to read the article. He wonders if she sees him as being that shallow. She compares him to a housewife who sits in front of the television all day, sipping martinis. Hugh calls her great and then kisses her on the cheek. Michael and Spencer walk into the diner. Michael sees the kiss.

Antonio points out to Lindsay that she is not Jaime’s mother. He also points out that the court will give Jaime back to him. Layla comes back into the room and listens to their conversation. Lindsay reprimands Layla for leaving Jaime in a strange room by herself. Layla tells her that Jaime is having a formal tea party with her dolls in the doll house that Antonio had just bought her. Lindsay goes into the room to get Jaime. Antonio heads for the door when there is a knock on the door. It is the social worker. When she comes into the room, she immediately wants to know where Jaime is. Lindsay comes out with Jaime in her arms.

Todd’s condo

Dorian tries to talk Blair into letting Starr and Jack come to live with her at La Boulee. Blair refuses to let Starr and Jack go. Dorian points out that Starr is still in a fragile state. Blair apologizes for everything that is going on. Starr blames herself for all of this. Blair hugs her and tells her it is not her fault. Dorian pressures her again about whether there is anything that she is not telling them about Todd. Starr is upset and tells them that Margaret is making them do things that they really shouldn’t be doing. Starr also tells them that Todd is not telling them everything.

Todd tells Margaret that he will come to her, but not with Jack. At first, Margaret will not accept this. She wants them to be a happy little family--Margaret, Todd, T.J. and Jack. Margaret threatens to kill Blair and Starr if Todd doesn’t agree to bring Jack. Todd tells her that he will come to her, but she has to leave Jack out of it. He swears on the lives of his children that he will leave Blair and his family for good.

Antonio makes the necessary introductions of Lindsay and Layla to Mrs. Taylor. She instructs Layla to call her Nancy. Nancy is surprised to see R.J.. there. She assures him that she is there to observe Antonio, Layla, and Jaime in their home environment. R.J. and Lindsay leave. Lindsay wants to know what they are going to do. R.J. tells her that they will go someplace where they can talk.

Starr tells Blair, Dorian, and David that Todd is taking too big of a chance, and that he is keeping things from them.

Nancy talks to Jaime and asks her to let her see her bedroom. They leave the room. Antonio and Layla just look at each other.

Hugh asks Marcie how she feels after seeing Michael. Marcie replies that it will happen from time to time. Hugh suggests that she send this article to some newspapers, and maybe she would get a syndicated column. Marcie tells him that she never wants to get published again.

Lindsay is upset at what Antonio and Layla are trying to pull. She doesn’t buy any of this about Layla being Antonio’s girlfriend. She wants to fight for custody of Jaime. She questions him as to how dirty he wants to play this. R.J. realizes that Lindsay is getting too close to the situation, and it may not be in Jaime’s best interest. Lindsay is upset that he feels this way. She apologizes and tells him that she will never fall to pieces again.

Blair tries to comfort Starr and tells her that sometimes grown-ups do things that children don’t understand. Starr again tries to tell them that Todd is keeping secrets from them.

Margaret accepts Todd’s deal. He thanks her. She wants to cut out the stress. Todd agrees.

Nancy has a talk with Antonio and Layla about who would be caring for Jaime at what times. Layla tells her that Antonio cares about Jaime above anything else. She also tells her that there wouldn’t be an "Antonio and Layla" if it weren’t for Jaime.

Marcie threatens to delete the file when she comes back from the bathroom. While she is gone, Hugh copies the file.

Margaret orders Todd not to bring his friends, and to come unarmed. Todd tells her to come unarmed, too.

Michael is flattered that Spencer has recommended him for a surgery. He thanks Spencer for his belief in him. They leave the diner.

Starr is about to tell Blair about the baby when Todd comes in. He tells Dorian and David that he needs to talk to his family. Dorian offers up some resistance, but they finally leave Todd and his family alone. Todd tells them that he is going out. He assures them of his love for them. Starr tells him that they will be just fine. Starr and Blair go upstairs. Todd leaves the condo. Once outside, he gets the gun out of his sock. Margaret has a gun in her purse, just in case she needs it .

When Marcie comes back from the bathroom, Hugh tells her that the article isn’t that good, and then he leaves.

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