OLTL Update Wednesday 9/14/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/14/05


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Statesville Prison

Cris is in his cell when Carlo yells at him, "Rise and shine!" Chris orders him to shut up. Carlo bullies him about his dreams about Natalie.

Angel Square Restaurant

John is sitting in a booth when Natalie comes in. She lays her hands on his shoulders and asks him if he had gotten much sleep. She suggests that they might get a nap later in the day, before he goes to work. John assures her that he wouldn’t get much sleep any place where she is. Natalie sits down opposite him. Carlotta listens to their conversation, but then she apologizes. Natalie tells John that she needs to talk to her.

Natalie gets up and goes over to talk to Carlotta. Carlotta accuses her of not respecting Cristian’s memory.

Brennan Winery

Nash comes home from the supermarket. He stops to pick a bunch of grapes, which he puts into the bag.

Tess is inside the house, putting on her make-up. She begins to talk to Jessica, telling her that she knows that she wants to come out to play, but Tess refuses to let Jessica emerge. Nash comes in and overhears her conversation.

Llanview Hospital

Todd watches Starr through the window in her door. He enters her room. Starr immediately wants to know where her mom is. Todd informs her that she is with Jack. Starr tells him that she wants to talk to him about Margaret. She can sense that something is wrong, and she asks Todd if there is something that he is not telling her.

Dorian and David get off the elevator. She is appalled that Paige has been named Chief of Staff. She blames Rex for her losing her job as Chief of Staff.

Starr promises Todd that she won’t tell Blair that Margaret is pregnant. Dorian overhears their conversation and wants to know what he is making Starr keep secret from Blair. Dorian reminds him that Starr was almost killed.

Statesville Prison

Carlo ridicules Cris. He reminds Cris that he has been talking in his sleep and calling out Natalie’s name. Carlo brings up Renee, and how she liked older men. Carlo laughs and tells Cris that he had enjoyed Renee’s amicable advances. Cris orders him to shut up about Renee.

Angel Square Diner

Carlotta apologizes to Natalie for her remark. Carlotta has always thought of Natalie as part of her family. They hug. Antonio and Layla come in. Antonio approaches Natalie and Carlotta. He kisses Natalie on the cheek. He asks Natalie if he could speak to his mother for a minute. Natalie goes back to join John.

Layla approaches John and Natalie and remarks on how cozy they look, when Evangeline is by herself. John gets up from the table and tells her that he is in no mood for this right now. He leaves Natalie and Layla alone.

Layla and Natalie argue again over the fact that Layla is going after Jessica’s future husband. Layla accuses Natalie of wrapping herself around John. Natalie calls her trash for using Jaime to get to Antonio.


Kevin and Kelly arrive to pick up some pizzas at Rodi’s for Starr’s coming-home party. The man behind the bar tells him that it will be a few minutes. Kelly is upset and wants to know what would have happened if they had known that Margaret was in town. Kevin remembers his conversation with Todd. Kevin asks her if she remembers what they were doing this time last year. Kelly then fills him in that she might have found a way for them to have a baby. Kevin looks puzzled.

Llanview Hospital

Dorian demands to know what Todd is forcing Starr to keep from her mother. Dorian tries to get her to come home with her and David. Starr refuses. Dorian asks if she can talk to Starr alone for a minute. David and Todd leave. Dorian again confronts her about what secret she is keeping from her mother. Starr blames Dorian for all the trouble that her family has been having.

Todd and David have a chat about how much Todd loves his family, and what he won’t do to protect them. David offers his help in dealing with Margaret. Jackie appears from around the corner. Todd goes to talk to him.

Jackie grabs him by the throat and pushes him against the wall. He orders Todd to keep his mouth shut about Margaret.

Kevin and Kelly discuss the medical procedure that Spencer can possibly perform on her that will enable her to have children. Kevin is upset that Spencer will be the one who will be doing the procedure. Kevin asks Kelly why she hadn’t told him about this before. Kelly informs him that she wanted to be sure that it would work before she told him. She asks him if he is mad that she hadn’t told him, but he assures her that he isn’t.

David offers Todd his help again concerning the Margaret situation, but Todd refuses.

Dorian doesn't have a good word to say about Todd. Starr reminds her of her forging Viki’s name on checks so that she would lose her job at the university. Dorian doesn’t know what to say. Todd comes in and orders Dorian out. Dorian leaves.

Dorian demands to know from David what he and Todd were talking about. Dorian reminds him that he is supposed to be on her side. Dorian can’t stand the idea that he and others are keeping secrets from her.

Layla continues to make sarcastic remarks to Natalie about her involvement with John. Layla tells her that one day John will wake up and leave her lying face-down in the gutter. John overhears their conversation.

Statesville Prison

Cris denies being Cristian Vega. He admits to Carlo that he had killed a man, and he would be in prison for the rest of his life. Carlo wonders why he keeps talking about Natalie in his sleep if, in fact, he is not Cristian Vega. Cristian tries to make him believe that he only feels sorry for her.

John breaks up the argument between Natalie and Layla. Each woman goes to her neutral corner. Natalie asks him about what Layla had said, about him leaving her one day. John tells her that he could ask her the same question. Natalie informs him that there is nothing that he could tell her that would make her leave him. John excuses himself to make a phone call. Natalie watches him. John tells his listener that he needs to meet with him about Natalie Vega.

Todd’s condo

Kevin and Kelly come into Todd’s condo. The alarm system goes off, which scares Kevin, thus resulting in him dropping the pizzas on the floor. Kevin and Kelly share a laugh about the mashed-up pizza. They kiss.. They discuss Todd and his involvement with Margaret. They kiss again. Kevin pulls away from her. Kelly wonders what is up with him. Kevin admits that he knew that Margaret was in town.

Llanview Hospital

David tells Dorian that she is wrong, which doesn’t sit too well with her. He also tells her that he is on her side. David informs her that, instead of arguing, the main focus should be on the children. He admits that he cares about Blair and the children, and he will do anything to keep them safe. Dorian is impressed with this take-charge attitude.

Todd asks Starr if she is ready to go home. She assures him that she is. They discuss her refusal to tell Dorian anything about Margaret. She tells him that she just wants to get out of there.

Somewhere in Llanview

Margaret reads the newspaper. She turns to the back page and sees the ad that Todd had put in there instructing her to contact him. She is happy and says that it is about time.

Angel Square Diner

John comes back to the table and tells Natalie that he is going to have to leave. Natalie is disappointed that they can’t eat lunch together, but he promises her that they will meet at Rodi’s later. He kisses her bye.

Antonio has filled Carlotta in on his and Layla’s plan to act like a couple for the sake of getting Jaime back. Antonio introduces Layla to his mother. Carlotta hugs her and welcomes her to the family. Carlotta stresses the point of how important family is.

Brennan Winery

Tess admits that she loves this place. Nash brings up the subject of Jessica again, which unnerves Tess. Tess angrily tells him that Jessica is not coming back. Nash is confused by her attitude.

Todd’s condo

Kevin fills Kelly in on everything that has been happening, including Margaret being pregnant with Todd’s baby. Kelly is totally baffled. Dorian, David, Todd and Starr come into the condo. Dorian overhears their conversation and demands to know what they are talking about. There are glances all around the room, but no one knows what to say.

Kelly tells them that she needs some air. She leaves, as does Kevin. Todd follows them. Out in the hall, Kelly wonders how she is going to keep this from Blair. Todd tells them that they are not to say a word to anyone about what they know.

Nash still questions Tess about Jessica, but Tess will not tell him anything.


Mack sits at the bar. Natalie comes in and wants to know where everyone is. Mack informs her that it was booked for a private party. Natalie is surprised when she looks around and sees John. She realizes that John is the one who had planned this party. When she approaches him, he hands her a pool stick. He challenges her to a game of pool.

Antonio’s apartment

Antonio and Layla arrive home. Layla suggests that they clean up the place to make a good impression on the social worker. Layla brings up Evangeline and Cristian, which surprises Antonio.

Statesville Prison

Cris does push-ups in his cell. All the while, he is having visions of Natalie and John making love. This makes him angry. He turns the bed upside down. He puts his hands to his head as he gets another pounding headache. Carlo tells him that he needs something for those headaches.

Brennan Winery

Nash walks outside to where Tess is. He places his hands around her waist. They make up with a kiss.

Dorian questions Todd as to what is going on.

Kelly and Kevin decide to go home.

Dorian and Todd continue to argue. The phone rings. Todd answers it. It is Margaret. Todd doesn’t let on to Starr and the others who it is. Starr asks him who it is on the phone.

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