OLTL Update Tuesday 9/13/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/13/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

The Palace Hotel

Rex inquires of the bartender as to whether he has seen a woman named Margaret Cochoran, and then he shows him the picture of Margaret. The bartender tells him that he has not seen her. Marcie overhears their conversation. She tells him that you don’t normally see convicted felons in a bar.

Brennan Winery

Tess and Nash arrive home from the bar. She has had a little too much to drink. Once inside the house, she picks up a picture off the floor of a wine vat, and she mistakes it for a woman. Tess leans her head on Nash’s chest and wants him to love her as much as Antonio loves Jessica.

Antonio’s apartment

Antonio is on the phone, and he is frustrated that the detective had followed Jessica all the way to California and then had lost trace of her. Antonio tells him to keep him posted. Layla arrives with her belongings. She tells him that a truck will be arriving later. Antonio asks her what is in this for her and says that it is not going to work.

La Boulee

Dorian is on the computer, trying to gain access to the file that she had copied from Spencer’s computer. She wonders why Spencer had this file on Buchanan Enterprises. She considers herself the worst voyeur.

Llanview Hospital

Bo questions Blair about Margaret and the happenings of the night before.. Bo assures her that he has had an APB put out on Margaret, and the police are searching for her. Bo warns her that unless Blair keeps a short leash on Todd, he could kill Margaret; then he will have to arrest him for murder.

Starr demands to know from Todd if Margaret was telling her the truth, and he is the father of her unborn child. Todd is reluctant to tell her.

Palace Hotel

Marcie questions Rex as to why he is interested in Margaret Cochoran. All Rex will tell her is that it is official police business. Marcie laughs. Marcie sees a drawing on a piece of paper, and the initials "A.C." She immediately figures out that it is Adriana Cramer. Rex bangs his fists against the table and wonders how many margaritas it would take for her to forget that she had seen the picture.

La Boulee

Adriana comes into the kitchen and sees Dorian on her computer. She questions her as to what she is doing. Dorian lies to her and tells her that the wedding planner had given her this CD of wedding music. Adriana hopes it isn’t harps. Adriana fills her in on the happenings of the night before, and how Duke had ruined their evening by leaving her to handle some family business. Adriana also tells her about the kiss. Dorian goes ballistic on her for having kissed Rex Balsam. Dorian wants her to help her decipher the file, but Adriana refuses. After much discussion, Adriana agrees to help her. Upon opening the lid on the computer, she sees the file on Buchanan Enterprises. Adriana immediately wants to know where she had gotten this .

Llanview Hospital (Paige’s office)

Spencer visits Paige in her office. Spencer smiles at the thought that Paige is now Chief of Staff. He sits down in a chair opposite Paige and props his feet up on her desk. She informs him that she is not going to fall for his manipulative ways, as she pushes his feet off her desk. Paige fills him in that Bo has asked her to move in with him.

Bo questions Blair about Todd’s stab wound and whether he could have lied to her about how it had happened. Blair, steadfastly, believes in Todd, and swears that he wouldn’t lie to her. Blair is frantic that Margaret had just about killed Starr. Michael comes up and tells Blair that he had gotten back Starr’s blood work, if she wanted to take a look at it. They step away to take a look at the blood work results.

Todd tries to make Starr believe that he wants to protect them from Margaret. Starr is frantic and wants to know why Margaret is doing this to them.. Todd tries to get her to forget about Margaret.

Antonio and Layla discuss the possibility of him losing custody of Jaime to R.J. They bring up Evangeline, and how she gets everything she wants.

Brennan Winery

Nash tells Tess that he loves her. They also discuss the love that Antonio had for Jessica. Nash promises to always protect her and love her. They kiss.

Bo asks Michael to let him talk to Starr. Michael refuses, saying that Starr needs to talk to her parents. Bo asks if Starr would have any idea where Margaret might be.

Todd and Starr discuss Margaret. Starr can’t seem to understand who would want to have a baby with Margaret. Todd makes her promise that she will not tell Blair anything about the baby.

Antonio and Layla discuss the ramifications of raising a child, and the effect that it will have on her social life. Layla declares that she has no social life. Antonio agrees to her plan.

Tess and Nash have just finished making love. Tess tells him that she is hungry. As she gets up to get something to eat, there is a knock on the door.

Adriana and Dorian discuss the CD. Dorian wants to know if she is accusing her of stealing it. Dorian vows to get someone else to help her decipher the code. Adriana finally gives in and agrees to decipher the code.

Paige and Spencer discuss her moving in with Bo and Matthew. Paige also tells him that she loves Bo and Matthew. Bo interrupts them. Paige tells him that she has reached a decision.

Todd and Starr discuss why he doesn’t want Blair to know. Todd doesn’t want anyone, especially Blair, to feel sorry for Margaret. Blair comes in to visit. Blair wants Starr to tell them exactly what had happened the night before at Craze.

Paige accepts Bo's invitation to move in with him. Bo is thrilled. Spencer congratulates him, for the second time that day. Bo leaves. Spencer wishes Paige good luck. Paige assures him that she doesn’t need luck; she has everything. He leaves. Outside the door, he whispers to himself that she is so predictable.

Adriana and Dorian are still trying to decipher the code. The phone rings. Dorian finds out about Starr being brought in to the emergency room. She wants to know about her vitals. She says that she will be right there. When she hangs up, she fills in Adriana on the news, and then she leaves.

Marcie points out to Rex that Adriana is Duke’s girlfriend. They discuss Jen, and how much he misses her. Marcie tells him that Jen would want him to move on with someone else.

Michael looks through the window of Starr’s room as Starr fills Blair and Todd in on the events of the previous evening. Michael comes in and tells them that he needs to check her. Blair wants to stay, but Starr tells her to go.

Bo and Paige kiss. She tells him that she will see him at home later. After she leaves, Bo questions Todd about Margaret’s whereabouts.

Marcie takes Rex’s cell phone and makes him pretend that he is talking to Jen. He finds this ridiculous, hangs up, and leaves. Marcie looks at the book that she is reading. She writes down a sentence on paper.

Rex asks a maitre’d if he has seen Margaret. The maitre’d tells him that he had overheard someone talking about her, and he describes the man whom he had overheard.

Todd declares that he wants Margaret dead. Michael comes out of Starr’s room and tells them that Starr is just falling asleep, if they want to see her before she goes to sleep. Blair goes in to sit with her. Bo questions Todd about Margaret. Bo gets a call from Rex about Todd and Jackie McNaughton being heard talking about Margaret. Bo tells him to keep on it. Bo questions Todd about his conversation with Jackie McNaughton. Todd is evasive and tells him that he is going in to visit his daughter.

Antonio instructs Layla as to where to put her things. He looks at a picture of him, Jessica, and Jaime. Layla tells him that he had better find a place for that.

Nash tells Tess to give them a moment. They discuss Fred, and his part in this winery deal. Bruce wants to be paid. Tess is furious that Bruce is there. Nash gives Bruce his money, and Bruce leaves.

Dorian reprimands Bo for letting this happen to Starr. She wants Margaret found. Dorian walks over to Starr’s room and sees Spencer visiting her.

Spencer vows that he will finish what he came to town for. He also vows that he will get Blair.

Todd is on the phone with someone at the newspaper. Spencer overhears him on the phone. Todd places an ad telling Margaret to contact him, or T.J. is dead.

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