OLTL Update Monday 9/12/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/12/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Angie

Somewhere outside of Llanfair

John is on a stakeout. He calls Bo to give him the latest update. They hang up. John picks up the binoculars.


Natalie is in bed, reading a book. The phone rings. It is John. He wants to know what she is reading. Natalie is confused as to how he knows that she is reading. John informs her that he is on a stakeout about a mile from Llanfair. He also tells her that he is looking right straight into her window. She gets up and goes over to the window. She tells him that if he is looking into her bedroom window, then tell her what she is wearing. John first jokes with her and tells her she is only wearing a smile. Then he tells her that she is wearing a green pair of pajamas with little kittens. She realizes that he is looking into her bedroom window.

Statesville Prison

Cris has memories of when he and Natalie would make love. He gets up off the bunk and yells for the guard. When the guard comes, Cris asks him for a piece of paper and a pencil. The guard first denies him the items because this is solitary, but Cris says please.


Evangeline sits in a booth. In front of her is a file on Cristian Vega. She picks up her cell phone and makes a call. She calls Jerry and tells him that he owes her a favor. She states that she is calling in the favor. She asks Jerry to get her in to see John Doe. Jerry informs her that he is no longer being allowed any visitors. She asks if anyone else has been in to see John Doe lately, namely John McBain. She finds out that he has. Evangeline is surprised.

The Palace Hotel

Todd is worried because he can’t get through to Starr. He wonders if anything is wrong with Blair and Starr. Dorian wonders why a little while ago Todd thought that they were safe, when now he is extremely worried..


Blair comes into the building and finds that the lights are off. She then wonders what has happened. She finds Billy unconscious. She starts banging on her office door and yelling for Starr. Margaret hears her and remarks that Mommy is here. She draws the piece of glass up to kill Starr, vowing that she must make this quick.

Asa’s mansion

Asa proposes a toast to the Buchanans. Kevin and Bo raise their glasses to the toast. Spencer interrupts and joins in the toast. Asa wants to know who he is. Kevin introduces him as Spencer Truman. Kevin asks what he is doing there. Spencer offers his congratulations on the Cano merger. Asa confronts him as to what Buchanan business has got to do with him.


Duke comes in and looks around for Adriana. When he doesn’t see her, he approaches Evangeline. He asks her if she has seen his girlfriend, Adriana. Evangeline tells him that when she was arriving, she had seen Adriana leaving with Rex Balsam, and that he had probably taken her home.

La Boulee

Rex brings Adriana home and escorts her to the door. Rex tells her that he was just showing her a courtesy, since Duke had deserted her. Adriana points out that Duke has responsibilities, and his family depends on him. Rex points out to her how long Duke had been gone. Adriana tells him to butt out of her business. Adriana thanks him again for the ride and tells him good night. Rex just keeps standing there. Adriana wonders what he is waiting on. Rex asks her if she isn’t going to give him a good-night kiss.

The Palace Hotel

Todd is still worried about Blair and Starr’s safety. He leaves David and Dorian. Dorian is frustrated that Todd is showing a fake concern for his family. She points out that Blair needs a real hero to protect her.


Blair bangs on the door and yells for Starr.

Margaret tells Starr that she will make this fast, and then it will be her mother’s turn. Starr comes to and catches hold of Margaret’s hand. They struggle over the piece of glass. Starr manages to get up off the floor, with Margaret right after her. Margaret yells at Blair through the door. Starr demands that she let her in. Margaret continues to chase after Starr. Blair frantically tries to wake Billy up, but with no luck. Margaret backs Starr into a chair. Starr tells her that she will not get away with this. Margaret informs her that she already has. Starr yells at Blair that Margaret is going to kill her.

Natalie’s bedroom

John and Natalie discuss the book that she was reading. Natalie can’t get over the fact that they are talking like a normal couple. It surprises Natalie when John calls her his girlfriend. He assures her that he is trying to get better at expressing his feelings. Natalie asks him if he still thinks about Evangeline. She admits that she still thinks about Cristian at times.


Vangie looks at the file on Cristian Vega. Phil comes up to her table. She asks him to join her. She states that she wants to talk to him confidentially. She goes on to ask him if he remembers a man who came to town last year named Cristian Vega.

Statesville Prison

Cris begins writing a letter to Natalie telling her that Cristian Vega is not dead, he is very much alive.


Blair gets an axe, but by the time she gets halfway back to her office door Starr comes running into her arms. An alarm is going off. Blair pushes Starr aside and heads toward the door. She holds the axe up in her hands.

La Boulee

Adriana and Rex discuss the idea of her kissing him again, and she refuses. She tells him flatly that she is in love with Duke. She orders him out. Adriana tells him that the kiss didn’t mean anything. Duke walks in and wants to know what kiss.

The Palace Hotel

Dorian looks at the CD and wonders what password Spencer used to gain entrance to his files. David walks up and sees her searching through her purse. He tells her that she looks like a squirrel hunting for food. She lies and tells him that the wedding planner wanted a list of names for the name cards. David gives her their middle name of Bradley. Dorian then inquires about their mother. David, after much insistence on Dorian’s part, tells her that his mother’s name was Emma Bradley. Dorian writes that down on her notepad.

Asa’s mansion

Spencer tells Asa that he has been doing business with the Buchanans. Kevin points out that he has also been dating Kelly. Bo tells Asa that he is also Paige’s ex-husband. Bo gets a call that is police business, and he leaves.


Blair insists on going into her office to confront Margaret and get her out of their lives. Blair wants to know what she is doing there. Starr explains that she had gotten a text message from Ginger, but it wasn’t really Ginger. Margaret had lured her there to kill her and Blair so that she could have Todd, Jack and the baby. Blair looks surprised. Todd walks in.


Vangie and Phil discuss the DNA test results and why John had kept them hidden in his closet. Vangie wonders about the what-ifs between Natalie and Cristian, and John and her.

Statesville Prison

Cris continues to write the letter to Natalie.

Natalie and John discuss why it hadn’t worked out between him and Evangeline. John continues to look at her through the binoculars. Natalie assures him that the show is over and gets up from the window.


Starr runs into Todd’s arms, telling him that Margaret had tried to kill her. Blair starts to leave to check on Jack, but Todd catches her by the arm and assures her that he is fine. Bo arrives, and they fill him in as to what has been going on. Bo instructs the other police officers to secure the building and find Margaret before Todd does. They decide to take Starr to the hospital to have her checked out. They leave Craze.

La Boulee

Duke informs Adriana that they had closed the Cano deal, and that Asa had wanted to celebrate. Rex starts to leave, but Duke questions him about the kiss. Rex lies and tells him that a girl had kissed him at work. Rex leaves. Duke tries to salvage the rest of the evening, but Adriana tells him that it is late. He kisses her and leaves.

Dorian still inquires about David's childhood.

Asa and Spencer discuss the Cano deal. Asa wants to know more about Spencer.

Todd hurries into Llanview Hospital with Starr and Blair in tow. They hurry Starr into a room. Todd assures Blair that Margaret will pay for trying to kill Starr.

David and Dorian arrive home. She lies and tells him that she wants some sorbet before she goes to bed. After he goes upstairs, she gets on the computer. She gains entrance to Spencer’s secret files with the password, “Emma.” The file clicks on Buchanan Enterprises. Dorian is puzzled.

Spencer once again congratulates Asa for closing the Cano deal. He leaves. Asa vows to keep an eye on him. Kevin admits that he doesn’t like Spencer or trust him.

Natalie has changed into a sexy negligee for John’s viewing pleasure. She brings her opera glasses to try to see him, but with no luck.

Cris finishes the letter. He remembers the last words that Natalie had said to him--that she wished he was dead. He tears up the letter.

Vangie decides to have the DNA test analyzed.

Starr checks out physically, but not emotionally. Todd comes into her room and asks how she is. Starr confronts him about the baby and asks if it is his.

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