OLTL Update Friday 9/9/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/9/05


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Statesville Prison

Carlo Hesser tries to talk to John Doe (a.k.a. Christian Vega). Carlo wants to know why he had taken up for Natalie and defended her honor against Hayes Barber. Chris begins to yell for the guard. Carlo confronts him again as to why he had defended Natalie if he wasn’t Christian Vega..


Michael and Natalie discuss her and John's developing relationship. Natalie insists that she wants to know his feelings about them. Natalie reminds him about his feelings for her.


Antonio and Layla fill Evangeline in about how she is moving in with him.. Evangeline thinks that this is a little strange, since they hadn’t even been out on a date. Layla puts her arms around Antonio’s neck and kisses him.

The Palace

Dorian is upset and not at all reassured that Blair and the children are going to be safe from Margaret. She reminds Todd of all the things that Blair had been through. Todd listens while playing with his glass of beer. She reminds him of Starr being freaked out because she thought that she had seen Margaret in his office. Dorian accuses him of not caring about his family’s well-being.

The Palace

David is on the phone with the operations manager about the lights being off at Craze.


The lights are out at Craze, which is freaking Starr out. She yells for Billy. We see that Margaret has knocked Billy unconscious. Starr tries to remain calm, but a strange noise scares her.


Margaret steps on the glass of a broken picture. She holds a piece of the broken glass in her hand. She rubs her stomach and tells T.J. that he is soon going to meet his stepsister. Margaret vows to show Starr exactly what she and T.J. think of Todd’s other family.

Brennan Winery

Nash returns home with a bag of groceries. He yells to Tess about what he has brought her, but there is no answer. He starts to set the groceries on the bed, but they fall to the floor. He sits down on the bed.

Tess enters a bar. She wants a cigarette from the bartender, but he tells her to smoke it outside. She orders a vodka, straight up, and no garbage.


Vangie hits Layla in the head for kissing Antonio. She tells them that if this is a joke, then it is not funny. Vangie questions Antonio about whether he knows what he is getting himself into by listening to Layla. Antonio points out to Vangie that he wants to set up a stable home for Jaime. Vangie doesn’t at all agree with him. Vangie takes Antonio aside and tries to talk to him, but he will not listen to her. He reminds her of lawyer-client confidentiality and adds that she mustn’t say anything about this.


Michael and Natalie discuss when she was kidnapped, and how scared he was for her. He also tells her that he was worried about her. He calls her “hyper” for being so worried about this relationship with John. He accuses her of being scared of going into this relationship with John.

Statesville Prison

John Doe denies being Christian Vega. Carlo points out that he must have had some motivation to beat up on Hayes Barber. John Doe gets a headache, and he puts his hands on his head. Carlo tells him that he should take something for that headache.


Natalie talks about her love for Christian and how she thought she would never feel that way again, but then she had found John. Michael asks her if she is feeling guilty that she had been a survivor. Natalie asks him if he is happy about her and John. They get up from the table, and then Natalie notices Evangeline.

Antonio gets a call and leaves Layla to take it.

Evangeline points out to Layla that Antonio is in love with Jessica. Layla points out that they do not know where Jessica is. Evangeline worries about Layla getting hurt if Jessica shows up. Layla changes the subject and shows her the file on Christian Vega. Evangeline immediately wants to know where she had gotten it. Layla admits that she had found it in John’s closet. Evangeline is upset that Layla had broken into John’s apartment.. Layla then proceeds to show her the key and points out that she had given it to her. Vangie reminds her that she had told her to do away with it.

The Palace

Todd and Dorian discuss the children and their whereabouts. Todd tells her where the children and Blair are.


Starr yells for Billy. Suddenly, the lights come back on. She rushes out of the office and finds Billy knocked unconscious. She tries the phone in the outer office but finds it is disconnected. She rushes back into Blair’s office and again tries the phone, but with no luck. The lights go off and the door shuts. Starr turns around and sees Margaret. They speak to each other. Margaret wonders if Starr is surprised that she is in her mother’s office.

Tess is in a bar, enjoying her drink, when Nash comes in. He sits down beside her. Tess is annoyed to see him there. She tells him that when she had awoken, he was gone. She also points out that she was thirsty. She expects him to argue with her about her being out, but he just sits there. He orders a drink. She wonders if he is going to say anything, but all he says is that he loves her.


Antonio asks Natalle if she has heard from Jessica. Natalie tells him that she hasn’t. Michael wonders, with Jessica gone, where that leaves Antonio. Natalie points out that it leaves him with Layla.

Vangie and Layla argue over the key and the fact that she hadn’t gotten rid of it. Layla explains to her how she had seen Roxie, but she had taken care of it. Layla takes the file back from Vangie. They wonder what the DNA results were doing in John’s apartment. Vangie notices Natalie, who walks up behind Layla. Vangie speaks to her.

The Palace

Todd gets a phone call and leaves Dorian. David walks up to join Dorian. David inquires as to where she has been all night. Dorian remembers making the CD in Spencer’s hotel room. They discuss Todd and how he is handling the situation about Margaret. She accuses him of being suspicious when he questions her as to what she has been doing. She asks him to pull the car around, but then she drops her purse. The CD falls out. David inquires as to what it is doing in her purse. Dorian lies and pretends that she doesn’t know what they call that.

Margaret fills Starr in about how she was the one who had sent her the text message. Starr wonders why Margaret is doing this to them. Margaret fills her in that she is pregnant with Todd’s baby. Starr accuses her of lying.

Michael tells Vangie that John and Natalie are together. Vangie shows him the file and wants his opinion on what it is.

Margaret pulls a gun on Starr and vows to take care of Todd’s "other family." Starr pushes Margaret away and rushes toward the door to get out.. Margaret catches her and pins her up against the door. They wrestle with each other around the room, and Margaret manages to knock Starr unconscious. Margaret begins to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

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