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One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/8/05


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The Palace

Dorian is on the phone with Pierre, and inquires if Spencer has left for dinner. Pierre informs her that he will be dining in the Palace dining room. Dorian thinks that this is awfully convenient for him. They hang up.

The Palace

David is on the phone with a man at Craze. David tells him to cut it down to five hundred words and leave it on his desk within the hour. The man tells him that he will.

Dorian and David meet in the dining room, and she comments on how handsome he looks. She also informs him that she had moved up the dinner reservations. David doesn’t like the idea because he has some calls to make before dinner. Dorian suggests that he make the calls in the morning, because he knows how the Palace is about holding tables. David doesn’t want to eat at the Palace again because Renee works there. Dorian remarks that there is something about the Palace that makes her want to go back.

Spencer’s hotel room

Spencer’s phone rings and it is the desk clerk, telling him that Ms.. Cramer is waiting for him. Spencer is delighted and tells the desk clerk that he will be right down.

Asa’s mansion

Nigel offers to fix Asa a drink. Asa informs him that he could chug-a-lug a gallon of bourbon, but it wouldn’t help. Asa is worried about the merger that is going through between B.E. and Cano Industries. Asa notices that the deal was to have gone through at five o’clock, and it is now six o’clock. Nigel tries to assure him that the documents will be there. Asa starts to say that if Kelly had given information about the merger, but his words trail off as Kevin comes into the living room. Kevin questions him about what he is going to do. Kevin wonders if Asa and Todd are going to ruin his chance of happiness with Kelly.

The Palace

Kelly comes into the dining room at the Palace. Renee greets her and tells her that she will make sure that her table is ready. Kelly thanks her. A woman comes up behind Kelly and puts her hands over Kelly’s eyes. The woman says, "Guess who?" Kelly turns around and is glad to see Blair and the children back. Kelly speaks to the children as they hug her. Kelly asks her if she is meeting Todd here. Blair confirms that she is, and then she spies him out on the terrace. She instructs the children to stay with Kelly while she goes to talk to Todd.

Todd inquires of Jack about the latest on the extermination project. Todd orders him not to let it be traced back to him. Blair walks up and inquires as to what he doesn’t want traced back to him. Todd asks when she got back. Blair asks again what lie he is going to try to make her believe, like that he is not plotting the death of Margaret Cochoran.


Rex talks to Bo on the phone and tells him that no one has seen Margaret, but he is still working on it. Bo informs him that if he hears anything he should call him on his cell phone.

Llanview Hospital

Paige and Spencer argue. Paige orders Spencer to stay out of her life. Paige tells him that she will not accept the chief-of-staff position. Spencer tells her that it’s her call if she wants to turn it down. Paige accuses him of manipulating her so that she would owe him. Spencer reminds her that she does owe him. Spencer leaves. Paige looks at the sign on the door: Paige Miller, Chief of Staff. She walks into her office to a surprise celebration planned by Bo and Matthew.


Adriana is alone at Capricorn once again. Rex approaches her and asks her if she is by herself. Adriana replies that Duke was around there someplace, but he had a business call. Rex tells her that Duke spends more time on the phone than with his girlfriend. Adriana tells him to lay off. Rex assures her that he is only messing with her. Adriana assures him that once this merger closes she and Duke will make up for lost time. Duke approaches them. He tells Adriana that he is going to have to leave. Adriana gets upset when Duke tells her that he is leaving. He tries to make her understand, but with no luck. He tells her that he has to go, but he will only be gone for about fifteen minutes.

Rex remarks, "There he is--and there he goes." Rex pays her a bunch of compliments, and then asks why she puts up with how he treats her. Adriana tries to make excuses for Duke by saying that he is a busy man, and his family depends on him. Rex wants to know whom she depends on. Adriana tells him she takes care of herself. Rex assures her that all she will be doing for the rest of the night is sitting around twiddling her thumbs. Adriana grabs him and kisses him.

Asa’s mansion

Nigel excuses himself by saying that he has to cook something. Asa asks Kevin what has gotten him all fired up. Kevin is upset because he had taken off and left them to clean up his mess. He also blames him for bringing Carlo Hesser back to town. Asa demands to know what he is talking about. Kevin informs him that Hesser isn’t the one who had kidnapped Blair and put her in an insane asylum; it was him. Kevin fills him in that he knows that he was the one who had brought Margaret back to town, and that he had hidden her in one of his cottages. Asa wants to know how he found out. Kevin tells him that it doesn’t matter. Kevin also assures him that he isn’t going to cover for him anymore, and he threatens to tell Bo everything. Asa tells him that he is not going anywhere.

The Palace

Kelly remarks on a bracelet that Starr is wearing, saying it is cute. Starr thanks her and tells her that she had gotten it when she was away. Kelly spots Spencer and tells them to hold on just one second. She approaches Spencer and says, "There you are." Spencer remarks that he hopes he didn’t keep her waiting. Kelly tells him not at all. Spencer speaks to Starr and Jack. Kelly informs him that Blair is out on the terrace with Todd. Jack and Starr both want soda, so Kelly goes to get them some. Spencer tells them to go on. Kelly and the children leave.

Palace Hotel terrace

Todd talks to Jack and wants to know what has been done about Margaret. Jack tries to make up some excuses. Todd orders him to get the job done so that it won’t be traced back to him. Blair walks up and overhears what is being said. Jack excuses himself so that Todd and Blair can talk. Todd tells Blair that he loves her, but she still demands to know what they were talking about. Todd tries to get her to listen to him, but she refuses. She exclaims that she doesn’t want to listen to him, much less look at him. She storms off in a huff. She meets Spencer. Spencer asks her if everything is all right. Blair angrily tells him that no, everything is not all right.


Adriana and Rex draw apart. They discuss the kiss, and that it had shut Rex up. They kiss again. Ginger watches them kiss and thinks that Adriana is stupid.

Asa’s mansion

Asa and Kevin argue as usual over everything. Asa reminds him of the things that Kelly had done in stealing the baby. They discuss Blair, and her giving false testimony against Carlo Hesser. Asa picks up the phone to call Bo, but Kevin demands that he give him the phone. Asa tells him that he has made the right decision. Kevin feels as if he is making a big mistake.

Palace Hotel

Dorian and Kelly have a conversation about whom Kelly is meeting there. When Dorian finds out that it is Spencer she is meeting, Dorian wants to know if it will be a full-course dinner. Kelly assures her that it is. Dorian sees David arrive and bids them good-bye.

Dorian lies to David and tells him that she had just gotten a call from the wedding planner. Dorian pretends that the wedding planner wants to meet with her now.

Spencer takes up for Todd when Blair is upset with him over how he is going to deal with Margaret. Todd approaches them and can’t believe that Spencer is defending him. Spencer leaves them to join his dinner companion..

Blair and Todd discuss Margaret and that he is taking care of her. Todd lies and tells her that Jackie is helping him find Margaret. He tells her not to worry. Blair finds this hard to do. Todd convinces her to go to the office and concentrate on Craze, instead of Margaret. Blair agrees to go to the office, but she leaves Jack and Starr with Todd.

David and Kelly discuss her meeting with Spencer. Kelly assures him that Spencer is helping her with a medical problem. David doesn’t quite believe her. Spencer interrupts them and tells Kelly that their table is ready. David wonders what Dorian will think about this.

Dorian breaks into Spencer’s hotel room. She immediately goes to his computer. She wonders what exactly Spencer and David are hiding from her.

Matthew gives Paige a present of a framed pennant, so she can remember the fun that they had at the game. Paige considers herself very fortunate to have good men like Bo and Matthew in her life. Paige wonders when the next shoe is going to drop. Bo assures her that they are not going anywhere..

Dorian is on the computer in Spencer’s hotel room, trying to find information on Spencer and David’s past.

Renee tells David, sarcastically, that his table is ready on the terrace, next to the edge. David likes this location just fine.

Jack and Starr discuss the roller coaster ride, and how Jack had started crying. Todd mentions to them that they have to go home with the security guards, but Starr makes a fuss. Starr notices that something is wrong when she looks at Todd’s face, and she wants to help. Todd refuses her help.

Kelly and Spencer discuss the fairly new medical procedure, and what effect it will have on her.

Kevin hates keeping secrets from Kelly. Kevin fills Asa in that Margaret had raped Todd. Asa is surprised.

A man drops off a package at Blair’s office. Margaret comes out of hiding and, sitting down at the computer, sends Starr a text message.

Blair barges in on Kevin and Asa’s conversation. Kevin asks to speak to Blair alone. Blair starts questioning him about what he knows about Todd and Margaret. Kevin denies knowing anything. Kevin tells her that he wishes he could help. Blair wishes he could too.

Starr gets a text message from Ginger (or so she thinks). Starr is to meet her at Craze. Starr begs Todd to let her go, and he finally agrees to let her. Starr leaves with the bodyguard.

Palace Hotel

Renee asks David if he needs anything--wine, beer, binoculars...? David tells her maybe a waitress without a sense of humor. Renee threatens to throw him out.

Spencer tells Kelly to call his office and make an appointment. Kelly thanks him and leaves.

David tries to talk to Spencer, but Spencer tells him that he doesn’t have time. David tells him to make time.

Dorian has found some personal files on Spencer’s computer, but they suddenly just disappear. Dorian is frustrated.

With Adriana’s help, Dorian burns the file to a CD. She is thrilled with herself.

Rex talks Adriana into letting him take her home. Ginger watches their every movement.

Duke brings Asa the Cano papers, which signify that the merger had gone through. Kevin, Asa and Duke celebrate the merger.

Starr arrives at Craze, but the bodyguard stays with her, much to Starr’s dislike.

A nurse brings Paige a beautiful bunch of roses, but when she reads the card she sees they are from Spencer, instead of Bo.

Spencer fills David in that Kelly wants to have a baby, and he is helping her achieve her goal. They discuss Blair and the fact that Spencer is in love with her. Spencer remarks that the conversation is over.

Dorian takes the CD out of the hard drive and leaves the hotel room.

Asa proposes a toast to the Buchanan family. Bo comes in and wants to know what they are celebrating. All the Buchanan men, including Matthew, celebrate to the past, the present, and the future.

Spencer finds out that the Buchanan-Cano merger has gone through. He is upset.

Todd and Jackie discuss the plan to get rid of Margaret and how much it is going to cost him. Todd orders him to just do it.

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