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The Palace

Bo meets Rex for a meeting. Bo inquires of Rex about why he had called this meeting. Rex reminds him of all the help that he had given him in the Colson case. He wonders why Bo hasn’t called him to do any more undercover work. Bo reminds him of the incident with the gun, and how Rex had smuggled it into the station. Rex makes his excuses as to why he had brought the gun to the police station. Bo, reluctantly, tells him of two cases that he might need his help on. Rex draws out his notepad and pencil. Bo notices that Rex has stolen them from the police station and confronts him about it. Bo goes on to inform him of the two cases. One case is the search for Margaret Cochoran. The other case is to look for Jessica.


Antonio is on the phone and insists that someone must have seen Jessica. He tells the person to keep him notified. Layla comes up beside him and tells that he must keep up the appearance that they are a lovey-dovey couple. Evangeline comes in and, seeing how cozy they have become, asks what is going on between them. Layla lies and tells her that Antonio is helping her practice for an audition. Evangeline doesn’t quite believe her, but she tells them to break a leg. Evangeline then tells Antonio that R.J. and Lindsay have stepped up their relationship by moving in together.

Roof of John's apartment building

John asks Natalie to spend the night. She wants to know how long a night.. He tells her all night, if she is up to it. She wonders why he has had a change of heart since the last time that they saw each other. She reminds him that he was distant because of Hayes Barber, but now he wants her to spend the night. John remembers the conversation that he had previously had with Christian. He asks her to trust him, even though he can’t tell her everything about his work. She asks him how he would feel if she couldn’t tell him some things about her.

Statesville Prison

Chris remembers his conversation with John. He jumps down off the bunk and knocks over Natalie’s portrait (of her in her wedding gown) that he had painted. A guard comes rushing in to see what is the commotion.. He tells Chris that if he can’t behave then he will go back to solitary confinement. Chris promises to behave himself. The guard tells him that they are putting someone in the cell with him. The guards bring in Hayes Barber. The two just look at each other.


Antonio fills Vangie in that he had been expecting this out of R.J. and Lindsay. Antonio tries to tell Vangie of his and Layla’s plan, but she stops him before he can. Vangie tells them that she isn’t there to seek solace from John and that she has a date. Layla is surprised. Vangie goes off to join her date. Antonio reprimands Layla for not wanting to tell Evangeline about their plan.

Evangeline sees Dr. Jamison at the bar. When she approaches, they sit down at a table. They share some small talk about their work. He embarrasses her by telling her that he has been wanting to see her outside of the office.

John and Natalie discuss the fact that he will not always be able to tell her things about his work. She turns the tables on him and asks if he would be able to accept it if she didn’t tell him some things.

The Palace

Kevin talks to a dark-haired woman at the bar. Kelly walks up and overhears them talking. The woman leaves. Kevin is surprised to see Kelly standing there. She questions him as to who the woman is, but he tries to change the subject by saying that Bo is there. He wants to go over and talk to him, but Kelly insists that he quit stalling. Kelly tells him to spit it out.

Bo and Rex discuss Jessica and her whereabouts. Bo orders him to keep all this to himself. Bo informs him that Margaret is armed.

Margaret has been shopping. She has purchased more thread to knit more clothes for T.J., and some bullets. She wants to come up with a plan to catch Todd by surprise.

Rex wants to get paid for what he is doing. Bo refuses. Rex notices that Paige has arrived. He inquires of Bo if he shouldn’t step things up a little. Rex gets up and starts to leave. Bo and Paige kiss. She wants to know what that was all about.

Layla doesn’t want to tell Evangeline about her and Antonio because of John.

Evangeline states that she wants to talk about anything but herself. Phil tells her that he wants to know her better. Evangeline realizes that this is a mistake, and she can’t continue with the date.

John and Natalie discuss keeping secrets from each other. They make a deal that there are things that both of them can’t tell the other. They shake hands. They sit down on the blanket. She orders him to kiss her.

Hayes and Chris just look at each other. Hayes yells at the guards that he will have their jobs. Chris mentions what Hayes’s real name is. Hayes is shocked that he knows his real name. Hayes looks at the picture of Natalie. He realizes who John Doe must be. He begins to yell for the guards.

Margaret keeps knitting clothes for the baby. She remarks about the bad smell. She remarks that she has to come up with someone to help her, and then she thinks of Kevin.

Kevin explains to Kelly about what had happened at the motel the night before. Kelly is upset when Kevin mentions about a baby. Kelly then inquires about the brunette. Kevin tells her that she had given him the key to their future.

Bo and Paige discuss their relationship. Bo mentions both of their failed marriages. Bo asks her to move in with him.

Chris reminds Hayes of what he had done to Natalie. Hayes tries to make him believe that it was all Nick’s doing.

Rex shows a man a picture of Jessica and asks about her whereabouts. He offers the man money for information.

Vangie tells Phil that she is in love with someone else. Phil realizes that it is John.

John and Natalie kiss. He stops and tells her to wait a minute. He gets up and locks the door.

Chris reminds Hayes of all the things that he had done to Natalie. Hayes blames it on John, and Natalie being in love with him. Chris hits him in the stomach, and he falls to the floor. Chris hits him again.

John and Natalie continue to kiss, and can’t seem to get enough of each other.

Kelly and Kevin discuss their future together, and their new home.

Layla and Antonio discuss their plan to get Jaime back from R.J. and Lindsay. Rex comes in and questions him about Margaret. They discuss Jessica and his plan with Layla.

Phil tells Vangie that one day a man will come along who will make her want to love again. He offers to take her home, but she refuses. Layla comes up and suggests that Phil get Vangie a drink. Vangie leaves to go to the powder room.

Rex talks on the phone at Capricorn. He tells the other person to get over there.

Margaret hears a noise. She takes her gun out and yells to whomever that it is that she has a gun. She fires the gun.

Bo suggests that Paige take the job at the hospital as chief of staff. She is reluctant. Bo gets a call from Rex. He tells Paige that he has to leave. He kisses her before he leaves.

Kevin mentions that he already has a son. Kelly is upset that she can’t give him children. She also can’t adopt after what she had done to little Adam. Kelly changes her attitude and wants to see the house.

Rex shows the man a picture of Margaret. The man looks at it and thinks that he recognizes the woman.

Vangie and Antonio discuss Layla and what is going on between them.

Layla searches John’s apartment for information on Chris. She finds the file on Chris and starts searching through it.

John and Natalie have finished lovemaking. They are exhausted.

Layla finds the information that she wants on Chris. She learns that John Doe is really Christian Vega.

Bo and Rex search the area where Margaret has been. They also find a bullet.

Chris is taken out of the cell with Hayes and put back in solitary.

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