OLTL Update Friday 9/2/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/2/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Evangeline comes into Capricorn. Layla approaches her for a conversation, but Evangeline tells her that she will talk to her later. She goes over to the bar, where she finds Antonio. She informs Antonio that the social worker wants to set up an interview with him today. They discuss Jessica and where she is, and what he is going to tell the social worker about Jessica. Layla listens to their conversation.

Tess awakens from a bad dream and yells for Nash. He comes to her side and wants to know what is wrong. She tells him about some dreams that she has been having. Nash starts to go into town to get her some medication, but she begs him not to leave her.

Todd is on the phone, demanding that the private investigator find Margaret and eliminate her before she harms his family. He also demands that they do it in such a way that it won’t lead back to him.

Someone leaves a package outside of Todd’s door.

Natalie questions John about who that was on the phone. John tells her that he cannot discuss it with her. She is persistent at first, but then she gives in. She assures him that she doesn’t care what secrets he keeps from her as long as he comes home to her.

A guard brings Chris back to his cell and gives him a newspaper.

Todd is on the phone in his condo. He tells the person not to put him on hold. He questions her about a car wreck on the highway and where the survivors are. The door bell rings about this time. Before opening the door, Todd picks up a ball bat. He opens the door and finds it is Ginger. Ginger tells him that she was just leaving a present for Starr and Jack before she leaves town. Upon hearing of her leaving, Todd offers her a job taking care of his children. She happily accepts. She hurries off to call her mother. Kevin gets off the elevator just as she gets on.

Kevin and Todd discuss Margaret and what had happened the night before. They also discuss Margaret pointing a gun at them. Todd assures him that he will handle it.

Evangeline and Antonio discuss Jessica and where she is. Layla listens to their conversation carefully. Evangeline suggests that he break up with Jessica and concentrate on his daughter. Evangeline tells him that he has to decide whether his daughter or Jessica is most important.

Layla comes up to join Antonio. They discuss the fact that she had been listening to their conversation. They discuss Jessica and where she is. The social worker approaches and introduces herself.

Natalie and John discuss how this must be a big case, since he cannot tell her anything about it. Natalie comes to the realization that she thinks she knows what this is all about.

Margaret asks T.J. if he is enjoying their snack. She points out their liabilities and their assets. She pulls out a gun and explains that this is Daddy’s attitude adjuster. A man comes up and wants to interfere, but she pulls her gun on him. He runs off. She can’t seem to think of anyone to help her, but then suddenly she thinks of someone who might help.

Antonio and the social worker discuss Jaime. She then questions him about a special woman in his life. Antonio tells her that there is one. Layla intrudes and tells the social worker that he and Jessica had broken up months ago. She explains that she is the new lady in Antonio’s life.

Tess and Nash discuss the dreams that she has been having. He wants to leave to get her some medication, but she pulls him toward her to give him a kiss. They continue to kiss and talk until he pushes himself away from her and leaves. Tess checks the messages on her answering machine. She finds that there is one from Ginger.

Vangie comes to visit R.J. and finds Lindsay there. Lindsay looks at pictures of Jaime. Vangie notices how happy Jaime is with R.J. and Lindsay.

Natalie keeps nagging at John until he tells her that this is all about her. Natalie looks confused, but then she thinks that he must be going to visit Hayes. She makes him promise that he will leave this alone. He just looks at her, but then he gives her a half-hearted promise. She tells him that she has some things to do. She kisses him goodbye.

Kevin and Todd discuss Margaret and the baby. Kevin reminds him of the fact that he couldn’t kill Margaret because of the baby. Kevin also points out that Blair might be able to forgive him for killing Margaret, but she would never forgive him for killing a child.

The warden comes to visit Chris and tells him that he is going to have a visitor--John McBain. Chris mumbles that he wants to see him, too.

Lindsay and Vangie discuss R.J. and how he has changed. Lindsay also points out that she and R.J. accept each other for what they are, despite their shortcomings. They are interrupted by Natalie, who has come to talk to Lindsay about Christian’s paintings. Lindsay goes to look for the contract. This leaves Vangie and Natalie alone to talk. Natalie tells her about the confrontation that she had had with Layla.

John calls Warden Stevens to discuss John Doe and how he is.

Antonio and the social worker discuss Jessica and her testimony in the custody hearing.

Tess has dreams of Jessica finding her and wanting her to come home. Jessica is also joined by Antonio, who wants to talk to Jessica. Tess continues to dream about Jessica and Antonio. She yells for Nash.

Layla and the social worker discuss the time that she has spent with Jaime and the things that they have done together.

Ginger gets a call from Margaret, wanting her to meet her.

Chris is alone in his cell when John comes to visit.

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