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One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/1/05


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John is at the boxing ring when his cell phone rings. It is a call from Warden Stevens at Statesville Prison. John asks him how soon he can see John Doe (a.k.a. Christian Vega). The warden refuses to let him visit with John Doe because he is in solitary. John insists on seeing John Doe. The warden again informs him that John Doe is no different from any other prisoner, and until he starts acting like he knows that he is going to be doing his time in the hole. John assures him that this is official police business and he has to see him. The warden again refuses his request. John insists that he is going to have to let him in.

Brennan Winery, California

Tess is busy sweeping the floor and saying to herself that she must be in love if she is sweeping the floor. There is a knock on the door. When she answers it, she sees that it is a man and he holds a sign that reads, “Brennan Winery.” He tells her that this is his house and asks if she would care to elaborate. Tess looks at him questioningly.


Evangeline enters Capricorn and immediately goes up to the bar, where she finds Antonio. Evangeline tells Antonio that he has to focus on providing Jaime with a stable family environment. Antonio insists that he already is.. Evangeline assures him that he will have to prove that he can or does provide a stable home for Jaime. Evangeline gets a phone call. Antonio questions her about what had just happened. Evangeline tells him that that was Family Services on the phone, and they want to set up a meeting with him and Jaime this week. Antonio assures her that he is ready and he will have plenty of time over the next couple of months to prove that the is the right parent. Evangeline tells him that no, he won’t--time has run out.

The Angel Square Hotel

Roxie knocks on the door and insists that if she doesn’t get herself up out of the bed she is going to have to make it herself. Natalie comes to the door. Roxie grabs her and begins to hug her, tightly. Natalie insists that she can’t breathe. Roxie exclaims that she will never get tired of seeing her come in the door, but she wonders why she isn’t at work. Natalie tells her that Bo had insisted that she just work a half day and then go home to get some rest. Roxie asks her if she wants to rattle around there with her. Natalie then asks her if she will let her into John’s room, so that she can be there when he gets home. At first Roxie acts as though she won’t, but then she begins to laugh.

Layla is busy going through John’s closet at home and comments on how many pairs of black slacks he has. She keeps ransacking and finds a box full of files, which she takes out of the closet.

John is still at the gym, hitting the punching bag, when a man comes up and wants to know if he wants to spar a while. John agrees.


Evangeline informs Antonio that they have moved up the date of the custody hearing to very soon. She also tells him that the judge wants Jaime in her permanent home before school starts. Antonio has his doubts about getting custody of Jaime, since Jessica is gone again. Evangeline reminds him that it doesn’t look good when he has a visitation appointment with Jaime and he doesn’t show up. Antonio reminds her that he was looking for Jessica, and she is part of Jaime’s family, too. Evangeline confides in him that he cannot afford any more mistakes. Antonio gets upset and informs her that Jessica is not a mistake. Evangeline reminds him that R.J. has Lindsay, and she is moving in on Jaime so fast that it isn’t funny.

Lindsay’s art studio

Lindsay talks to a man on the phone and tells him that she is sorry to see them go, but if the Vega family wants to sell them, then they are all his. The man assures her that he will await her call. Lindsay thanks him.

Rex comes to visit and Lindsay thinks that it is a nice surprise. He asks her if she is busy. He tells her that he needs to talk to her. Lindsay tells him that she was just about to go pick up Jaime and take her to Foxy Roxy’s for a manicure. She also implies that this is their new thing. Rex remarks, "A thing?" Lindsay assures him that she would spend every hour of the day with that little girl if she were allowed to. Rex doesn’t think that she should be getting that close to someone else’s little girl. Rex reminds her that she has just lost Jen. Lindsay insists that the little girl needs a mother.

Roxie jokes around with Natalie about wanting to be let into John’s apartment. Natalie stutters and says yes, she does want that. Roxie acts as though she will not let her in, but after looking at her face she gives in. She agrees to let her in, and they head upstairs.

Layla searches through the box of files and finds one on Christian Vega. She remarks to herself, "Isn’t that Antonio’s brother?" But before she can look further, she hears voices. Quickly hiding the box back in the closet, she hides behind the door as Roxie and Natalie come in. They stand in the doorway for a few seconds as Roxie sniffs the odor of a man in the afternoon, but with a hint of flowers. Layla stands behind the door listening to them. They go on into the room, and Roxie flops down on the bed. She remarks that the psycho killer had helped Natalie out with John. Natalie questions her as to how being in a pit helped her out with John. Roxie tells her that men love to be the heros, and women love for them to be the heros. While they are talking, Layla sneaks out of the room, and almost falls as she runs out the door.

John continues to spar with the man, but begins to imagine that he is sparring with Christian. The man notices and asks if he is all right.

Brennan Winery

The man threatens to call the police on Tess for trespassing on his property. Tess is sarcastic and informs him that he should be glad that they had saved it from turning into a roach motel. He tells her to save it for her jail cell. Tess thinks that there has been a misunderstanding, and the man claims that it is her misunderstanding. Tess tries to come on to him, and Nash walks in and wants to know what is going on.

Roxie continues to sit on John’s bed and remarks that you can almost feel a man’s arms around you. Natalie tells her to watch it, because John is hers. Natalie pushes her out of the room. Roxie tells her that she wants all the details when it is over. Natalie again insists that she get out.

Layla comes out of her hiding place in the closet and approaches John’s door. She is about to knock when Roxie comes up and wants to know who she is.

John is once again sparring with the man, but now he not only imagines that he is sparring with Christian; he also sees his father. The man asks him if he is in or out.

Evangeline and Antonio argue over R.J. and Lindsay’s budding relationship and whether they are providing a stable environment for Jaime. Antonio asks her if he is supposed to spend his time at home by himself. Evangeline is upset with him because he spent all his time looking for Jessica instead of attending his visitation with Jaime. Evangeline insists that he spends all his time looking for Jessica. Antonio insists that he is Jaime’s father. Evangeline points out that Jaime is living happily with her African-American grandfather. Antonio also points out that he has a white girlfriend. They continue to argue over Lindsay being here and him always being gone.

Brennan Winery

The man introduces himself as Gene Pavano. After a brief conversation with Nash, Gene finds out that Nash is the new owner of the winery. Gene is satisfied with what Nash tells him and leaves. Nash confronts Tess about coming on to him and says that she will never change.

Lindsay tries to convince Rex that she is not trying to replace Jen, but just trying to have a life without her. Rex assures her that he knows the feeling. They discuss the art pictures, whom they belong to, and how Natalie feels about Lindsay selling them.

Roxy asks Layla who she is. Layla, in return, asks Roxy who she is. Layla makes up a lie that she was looking for a friend of hers but doesn’t know which room she is in. Roxy suggests that she could have called her or asked her for the room number. Roxy’s beeper beeps. Roxy complains that the janitor can’t seem to do anything without her. Roxy tells her to be gone when she comes back, because she doesn’t want any loitering in her corridors. Layla resents Roxy thinking that she is loitering. Roxy leaves. Layla knocks on Natalie’s door. Natalie asks her if she can help her. Layla calls her Natalie, and it confuses her that she knows who she is. Layla accuses her of being the woman who ruined her sister's life.

John continues to spar with the man, who he imagines is Christian, and he argues with his father. The man he is sparring with is completely confused and stops the sparring. John talks to the man about Christian and how he is keeping his secret. John confides to him that he had given him his word.

The man leaves. John turns the tide on his father and wants to know what he is doing there. The man tells him that he has always been there for him.. They continue to argue and John's father accuses him of being mad at him because he had gotten shot. John tells him that he has been mad at everything since that day. John also confides to him that it had messed him up for good. They discuss Christian and what he would say if he knew about him and Natalie.

Layla and Natalie discuss John. Layla tells Natalie that her sister is Evangeline Williamson. Layla accuses John of dumping Evangeline for her. Natalie sets the record straight and tells her that Evangeline had dumped John.. Layla blames Natalie for taking John away from Evangeline, saying if it weren’t for her then they would still be together. Natalie questions her as to the real reason why she is there, since she didn’t know that she was going to be there.

Antonio and Evangeline continue to argue about Jaime and him searching for Jessica, which is preventing him from spending time with Jaime.

Tess and Nash discuss the guy who was just there, and how he had blood in his eyes. She also tells him that he was threatening to kick them out.. Nash is upset that Tess was coming on to the guy. They argue about everything that's happened from the time she had first begged him to take her to California. He accuses her of running away from her past. She finally agrees that she did want to come to California. They continue to argue about her past, specifically her sleeping with every man that she could. Tess insists that nothing had happened. Nash encourages her to have faith in him, as well as in herself. Tess asks him if it is worth his time finding out.

Rex and Lindsay discuss the time that she is spending with R.J. and Jaime. Rex confides to Lindsay that R.J. is getting into some stuff. Lindsay wants details as to what he is into. All Rex will tell her is that it is not-so-legal stuff. Lindsay tells him that she doesn’t want to hear anymore. They discuss Jen, and how death is everywhere. She recounts to him that she had heard Jaime’s laughter, and she could hear Jen in that laughter. Rex agrees that Jaime does need a mom. Rex then tells her that he had a reason for coming over. He hands her a present from Jen.

Evangeline gives Antonio a choice: either Jessica or Jaime.

Layla lies and tells Natalie that she came there to see John. Natalie asks her to leave. Layla tells her that she hopes that she and "Johnny boy" will be happy. Natalie orders her out.

Rex puts the necklace from Jen around Lindsay’s neck. She reads the inscription: “From your baby.”

John comes home and, finding Natalie there, thinks that something is wrong. She assures him that nothing is wrong, she had just started getting nervous at work. She starts to leave, but John stops her by kissing her. He gets a call and tells her to stay right there. The call is from Warden Stevens, informing John that the prisoner has been released from solitary.. John thanks him. After he hangs up, Natalie wants to know what is the matter.

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