OLTL Update Wednesday 8/31/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/31/05


Written By Suzanne
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Evangeline and Nora have lunch at Capricorn. Evangeline is very upbeat about getting on with her life, but Nora can tell she is fronting. Nora teases her a bit. Evangeline confides that she didn't sleep well last night because she kept having dreams about John and Natalie making love. She said that worse was imagining them being in love. Layla comes up and barges in on their conversation. She introduces herself to Nora, shaking her hand, because Vangie is embarrassed by Layla's comments about her and John. Evangeline and Layla explain that Layla thinks John has a deep dark secret and that's part of the reason that he chose Natalie over Evangeline. Nora agrees that it could be so, which surprises Vangie. Nora leaves, so Vangie sits down in her place.

John and Natalie awaken in bed together (both wearing sweatpants and tank tops). They kiss, but then John stops. He has realized that Natalie is finally safe. She agrees and says when she saw him in bed last night, it really helped her to sleep. He insists they are in no hurry with their relationship. He says they are late for work but points out that Natalie doesn't have to go in. She is eager to go back to the LPD. She tells him that she knows it was the right thing to do to come to his place last night, even though a lot of people think she is making a mistake. They chat about Cristian and the past as they sit on his bed. Natalie goes in the shower and yells for him to follow. He picks up the file he had taken out about Cristian. He takes out the DNA test and puts the rest back in the box in the closet. He has a flashback to promising Cris he won't tell Natalie his secret. They go to the police station. Natalie looks around, glad to be back. She kisses John. Vangie comes up just then. She braces herself and then gives Nat some files to give to Bo, acting very business-like and ignoring John. Vangie comments that it's good that Nat is back at work, then she walks away. John runs after her and tries to talk, but she tells him that he has nothing to say to her. She is clearly very hurt as she walks away, and he looks like he's just realizing how much he hurt her. Later, Bo welcomes Nat back with a hug. She works on some files as they chat. She tells him that Viki is going to London to see her heart specialist. Bo asks if they can have dinner sometime, so Nat makes it clear that she will be spending most of her time with John. She says they can have dinner when John is working late some night. She says she is very happy with John. Bo makes no comment, saying it's not good to get involved in other people's relationships. The only comments he'll make is that John is a good cop and a very complicated person.

Earlier, Antonio was at the LPD chatting with Bo about where Jessica might be. Bo has had people checking flights, but so far there is no sign of her. Antonio is very frustrated. Bo explains that he also has to worry about Margaret being back in town. Antonio tells Bo that he thinks Jessica might not be alone in her travels. Later, Antonio is at Capricorn. He tells Layla to get back to work, then he questions Ginger about where Tess might be. Ginger doesn't have any information for him, so Antonio yells at her a bit. R.J. walks up and hears that they are talking about Jessica being out of town, so he wonders where she is. Antonio informs R.J. that she is just out of town on a family matter. R.J. is suspicious and knows something is up. He and Antonio argue about custody of Jamie, as usual. Antonio yells at R.J. for not helping him out the other day when he had to cancel his time with Jamie. R.J. tells Antonio that Jamie and the social worker are right outside. He laughs at Antonio for thinking he might ever help him out. R.J. brings Jamie in. Antonio hugs her and sits her down. She is downcast, not smiling. He can tell she's mad at him for canceling their date. He tells her that nothing is more important to him than her. Layla comes up and helps out by joking that she told Antonio she is supposed to be the prettiest girl in the place, but now Antonio has gone back on their agreement. Antonio introduces Jamie to Layla. Jamie smiles up at Layla and waves hello at her. Layla further charms her by giving her a napkin that she shaped into a bunny. R.J. introduces himself to Ginger as the man who owns Ultraviolet. This surprises Ginger because she thought Rex owned it. When she mentions that she goes there all the time, R.J. notes that she is not old enough to drink. He promises to let her in all the time and give her free drinks if she tells him where Jessica really is. She doesn't tell him, so R.J. tells her she is no longer welcome at UV.

Vangie goes to Capricorn to meet with Antonio about his custody case. First she chats with Layla, who can tell something is wrong by Vangie's mood. Vangie tells her about seeing Nat and John together at the LPD. She is mad because Nat was wearing John's jacket, so she knows they slept together, and they were kissing. Vangie shows her the key to John's place that she still has. She berates herself for thinking there might still be a chance with them (that's why she kept the key). She asks Layla for a trash can, but Layla says she'll take care of it and takes it from Vangie. Later, Antonio gripes to Vangie about only having one hour with Jamie and says he is worried about Jessica. Vangie wonders why he never knows where Jessica is, but he can't tell her Jess' secret. Vangie tells him that the social worker thinks very highly of R.J. and Lindsay, and their commitment to each other. She urges Antonio to get his life back together and stop chasing Jessica around. Layla takes the key and goes to John's place so she can search for his secret.

John punches the bag at the gym. He keeps having flashbacks to conversations he had with Cristian. Finally, he gets his phone and makes a call to Cris' prison. He tells them that he needs to see one of their prisoners, a John Doe that had been known as Cristian Vega.

At the hospital, Paige is not happy to see Spencer when he shows up. She tells him to go away. He knows that she was offered the Chief of Staff position, but she tells him that she's not taking it. They argue. He wants her to take it, but she doesn't want to have anything to do with him or the job. She likes working with the patients, not being an administrator. She is enjoying her life with Bo and Matthew. Spencer makes sarcastic comments about them. She tells him to accept that she's happy and move on, but he can't do that. He threatens again to expose her secret. Bo comes up and kisses Paige. He can tell things are awkward with her and Spencer, so they admit they were arguing about a patient. Spencer tells Bo about Paige's job offer, sounding surprised that she didn't tell Bo. They kiss again as Spencer walks away. There is more hugging and kissing as she explains to Bo that she doesn't want to take the job because she wants to spend more time with him. He is fine with that but doesn't want her to give up any opportunities, either. Spencer watches them as he gets on the elevator. Paige tells Bo she loves him as they hug.

Later, Nora shows up, so Paige starts bugging her about why she is there. Nora tries to lie that she is just having a checkup, but Paige knows that she is seeing a neurologist. She questions Nora about the dizzy spells. Nora is frustrated and annoyed, so she argues with Paige a bit. Paige is sympathetic about Nora's wanting to know what's wrong with her. Nora turns nice again, unable to be a bitch to Paige when she is being so nice. Nora asks Paige not to tell anyone she was there, or why. After Nora leaves, Spencer returns and threatens Paige some more.

Tess and Nash arrive at the vineyards in California. Tess is shocked, saying that it doesn't look anything like Nash's picture. He tells her that it has been neglected for the past 6 months because the owner died and his sons didn't want to keep up the business; that's why he got it so cheap. He sees potential in the place, but she is very disappointed. She sighs and goes to put her bag inside the cabin. He touches the dusty sign, but it half-falls off. She screams, so he goes running inside to find her standing on a chair, scared. She says she saw bugs and a mouse. He laughs at her fright. She describes the bugs as being "big red bugs with antlers". He explains those are harmless water bugs. Tess gets down, reluctantly. He admits the place needs work, but she thinks it needs a bulldozer. She is completely grossed out by the unkempt cottage. He agrees it is a mess but points out the place is sound and they have electricity. There is no water, but he agrees to call for help to get that turned on and get an exterminator. Tess is too annoyed to be placated. She complains the place is a dump. She complains very loudly, saying it is a mess, listing what she had expected, and saying they are miles from a restaurant or "the fast lane". They argue. She admits she's shallow but says she hates hard work and wants to be in charge of her own life. He explains that to him, this is a way to have freedom, but he knows he can't keep her there. He says he's staying. She picks up her stuff and walks out, saying she's not staying. He watches her from the door. Later, he has swept up the place and is unpacking. His shirt is off and he's sweaty. He takes out the vase she bought for him and looks at it. She returns, carrying her shoe. She comments that he didn't tell her that the vase she bought isn't worth 1/3 of the one she broke. She admits her shoe broke and as she walked back, she had time to think about the place again. She puts her stuff down. They sit on the bed and talk about the future. She tells him that she was never loved before, but now she thinks there are different kinds of love. He tells her what he did to fix up the place, including plugging the holes in the wall to keep out the mouse. She shows him that she did do some work of her own. She brings in the sign. On the back she wrote "Brennan Winery" in lipstick. He laughs and they kiss. They hang up the sign together. She tells him that she sees her future when she looks at him. They pick some grapes and make a toast with them to their future.

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