OLTL Update Tuesday 9/30/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/30/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

John’s apartment

John and Natalie kiss. He suddenly pulls away from her and tells her that he can’t do this. Natalie questions him as to why.

A hotel room somewhere in America

Tess sits on the window ledge. Nash comes up and wants to know what she is thinking about. Tess has never felt this happy, and she is never going back to Llanview. Nash motions for her to follow him.


Antonio is behind the bar. Rex comes up. Antonio asks what he can do for him. Rex orders one drink, and then another. Rex has taken a drink of his beer when he sees Adriana come in. Duke gets up and eyeballs what she is wearing, and then they kiss. Rex watches them, and then orders Antonio to bring the keg.

Duke asks Adriana if that is the bra that he had bought to replace the one that she had lost in Argentina. She informs him that it is, as he hugs her. She asks him if he is looking forward to their weekend at Bayberry Inn, and he assures her that he is .

John’s apartment

John assures Natalie that he has always tried to protect her, but he needs to get this out in the open so they can move on. Natalie wants to know what he is talking about. John admits that this is about Christian.

Unknown hotel corridor

Kevin pulls Todd off of Margaret and shoves him against the wall. Kevin notices that Margaret is pregnant.


Duke and Adriana kiss. Adriana suggests that they put her new lingerie to good use.

Antonio brings Rex another drink and tells him that it is on the house. Rex talks to himself about how some girls like bad boys. Ginger approaches him and assures him that some girls do like bad boys. When she sees how flustered he seems to be, she wants to know what girl has him all twisted. She looks around and sees Adriana. Adriana and Duke are kissing. Rex also watches them.

John’s apartment

John and Natalie discuss Christian. Natalie urges him to let it go about Christian. John remembers the conversation that he had with Christian when he had urged John not to let Natalie know that he was alive. John admits that Christian is alive. Natalie looks surprised.

Unknown hotel corridor

Kevin is shocked to see that Margaret is pregnant, and he is the godfather. Margaret reminds Todd that he is the father, and this baby is his heir. Todd lunges at her again. Holding Todd back, Kevin insists on knowing what is going on. Margaret tries to explain. Todd, forcefully, pushes Kevin aside. Margaret is frightened for her life, as well as that of her unborn baby.


Antonio is on the phone. He demands that the private investigator find Jessica and report back to him with the news.

Ginger and Rex exchange slurs about Adriana and how interested he is in her. Rex pays Adriana a supreme compliment in telling Ginger that she knows how to dress and how to treat her man. Rex tells Antonio to keep an eye on his drink. Rex leaves. Antonio asks Ginger if he can help her, but he suddenly remembers her as being Tess’s friend. She questions him about Jessica.

An unknown hotel room somewhere in America

Tess and Nash eat dinner together. Nash makes a toast to her. They discuss their train ride to a state that you normally could fly to. He kisses her. She admits that she has a goal, and she is going there with him. Tess confides to him that she is scared. She goes over and sits down on the bed. Nash sits down beside her. She remembers how badly she had treated people, and that it hadn’t seemed to matter to her. She also admits that if he knew half the things about her, then he would leave her.

John’s apartment

Natalie doesn’t want to talk about Christian. She admits to him that Christian had been the love of her life, but now that love is gone. She assures John that he is the only man that she wants. He just stands there not saying anything.

Unknown hotel corridor

Todd starts to choke Margaret again. Kevin manages to pull him off of her. Kevin reminds him that if he kills Margaret then he will kill his child. Kelly comes out of the hotel room with only a towel around her. She yells to Kevin and wants to know if he is all right.


Antonio and Ginger discuss Jessica/Tess. Antonio wants to know how long she has known about the D.I.D. Ginger admits that she has known for a while. Antonio wants to know everything she knows about Tess.

Adriana suggests that they go to a hotel room. Duke smiles and wants to know where this is coming from. Adriana admits that she wants them to be spontaneous. Duke gets a call on his cell phone, which aggravates Adriana. He insists that he has to take the call for the sake of Buchanan Enterprises. Adriana tells him to take the call. Rex watches Adriana.

John’s apartment

Natalie notices that John isn’t saying anything. John picks up the file on Christian, hands it to her, and tells her to read it. Natalie, instead, throws it on the floor. She tells him that she doesn’t care. She admits to John that the only man she wants is him. She tells him to kiss her. He walks over to her. He reaches up and pushes back her hair. They kiss.

An unknown hotel corridor

Kevin tells Kelly to go back inside and lock the door. Kelly wants to know what is going on. Kevin still holds Todd around the neck. Todd lies and tells Kevin that he will stop choking Margaret. Kevin lets him loose. Kevin tries to get Todd to go home and forget about this. Margaret draws a gun on Todd.

Kevin tries to get Margaret to put the gun down. She assures Todd that life for them could have been perfect, but he wouldn’t open up his eyes. She angrily screams at him that she had fallen in love with the wrong man. She also tells him that he will never be able to hide from what he had done to her. She leaves. Todd starts to go after her, but Kevin stops him. Todd makes him promise that he will never tell anyone, including Kelly, about what had been happening. Todd leaves. Kevin goes back to his and Kelly’s room.

Ginger and Antonio discuss Tess and what she is like. He also wants to know where she goes. Ginger tells him what she knows. Ginger asks him if Jessica is all right. Antonio isn’t sure that Jessica will ever be all right as long as Tess keeps trying to take over. Ginger apologizes for what Tess is trying to do. Antonio thanks her for her help.

Adriana approaches Ginger and asks her sarcastically if she had a date. Adriana confides to Ginger about what had happened between her and Duke. Ginger makes a sarcastic remark about what Adriana is wearing. They continue to argue over Duke. Ginger tells her that she doesn’t know who she is, whom she knows, or what she can do. This infuriates Adriana. Rex watches them. Duke approaches them and informs Adriana that he has to go back to the office. This upsets Adriana, and she walks off. Duke follows her.

Rex comes up, clapping his hands, and wants to know if what she said is true.

Nash and Tess are living for the moment. Nash suggests that they just focus on the next moment. Tess agrees. Nash reminds her of all the things that she had done when they first met. They kiss.

John and Natalie continue to kiss. They pull off each other’s tops and lie on the bed. They can’t seem to get enough of each other. Natalie suddenly pulls away from him. He realizes that this is all too soon for her after she has just gotten out of the hospital. She confides to him that she feels as though she is falling apart. He assures her that he will be there for her and that he is not going anywhere.

Ginger and Rex argue over what he had heard her say. Rex reprimands her for what she had said to Adriana. Rex accuses her of coming to Llanview to snag herself a cowboy, namely Duke. Ginger tells him that she knows exactly what Duke is thinking when he looks at her. She walks off.

Duke tries to smooth Adriana’s ruffled feathers. He tries to apologize to her for having to leave her. She insists that he go before he is late. He leaves.

Adriana accuses Rex of eavesdropping. He orders her a sarsaparilla.

Kelly wants to know what is going on. Kevin lies and tells her that it was just a lovers' quarrel. She suggests that they forget the fight and get to the good stuff. She asks him for a quarter to put in the bed.

Todd goes after Margaret. He calls the security guards and orders them to keep an eye on Blair and the children. He sees a car wrecked up ahead, and he prays that Margaret is dead.

Tess and Nash have just finished making love. He asks her if she is comfortable. They kiss.

Antonio looks at the picture of Jessica.

John and Natalie are in bed, and he has his arm around her.

Kevin climbs into bed with Kelly. They begin to kiss.

Todd goes back to his car and hits the steering wheel with his fist.

Margaret runs for her life. She finally finds a place to hide behind some garbage cans.

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