OLTL Update Monday 8/29/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/29/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Angie


Evangeline sits in a booth, daydreaming. Michael approaches her and asks her if she was thinking about John. Evangeline encourages him to sit down. They discuss John and how Michael hopes that John will get his life together, before he ruins someone else’s.

John’s apartment

Natalie arrives at John’s apartment. He questions her as to what she is doing there. John is surprised to see her there. Natalie thinks thought that after what had happened, he would want to see her. John insists that she should go home.

Viki’s patio

Kevin and Kelly are kissing when they hear a knock on the door. Kevin wants to know why she is knocking when this is her house. Viki comments that she thinks that she is interrupting. She tells them that she is going to bed and that they should get a room. They just smile.


Blair talks to Ginger on the phone and tells her to call her if there is a problem. David hands her a drink. Blair begins to tell him all about what had happened with Starr leaving the penthouse, even though there were security guards on the outside. Spencer comes up to join them, and they discuss what had happened with Starr the night before. Spencer questions her about Todd, and she informs him that Todd will not be joining them that night, as she takes a drink.

An unknown hotel room

Margaret is busy packing her suitcases and arguing with herself about it not being her fault. She complains that if Starr hadn’t shown up, things would have been different. She hatches a plan to use a high-powered rifle to get rid of Todd’s "other" family. She picks up the two suitcases and starts out the door, when Todd takes the suitcases from her. He throws the suitcases to the side.

John’s apartment

John invites Natalie in. She mentions to him about the welcome-home party but says she just wanted to be with him. She relives the time that she had spent in the pit and the promise that she had made to God if he would let her get out of there. She also mentions Christian and how she had lost him.. She realizes that Rex must be right, though, and John just wants to be left alone. She starts to get up, but John catches hold of her arm. She questions him as to what he is going to do about this thing between them.


Kelly asks Viki if she is ready for her trip. Viki has decided to postpone her trip for a couple of weeks so that she can stay there with Natalie. Kevin tries to persuade her to go so she can see Clint and Joey. Viki insists that she is only going to postpone the trip for a couple of weeks. Kevin then questions her as to where Natalie is. Viki informs him that she had gone to see John McBain. Viki also tells them that she needs to be there for Jessica.

Llanview Police Department

Bo is on the phone in his office. He instructs the other police officers as to where to look for Margaret Cochoran. Antonio stands in the doorway. After hanging up, Bo questions him as to what he wants. Antonio fills him in that he wants to report a missing person, and the person is Jessica. He also shows Bo the fliers that he has been circulating. Antonio hands a flier to Bo. A police officer sticks his head in the door and informs Bo that he is needed out front. He also tells Bo that someone thinks he has spotted Margaret Cochoran.

Margaret’s apartment

Todd confronts Margaret about being in his office and scaring his daughter. Margaret fills him in that she had been listening to the conversation between him and Blair. She is surprised that he hadn’t told Blair that she had stabbed him. Margaret tells him that he must not have wanted her to go to jail. Margaret is happy because she thinks that, since she had stabbed him and he had survived, this must be a sign. She feels that they belong together. Todd reminds her that when they were in the cabin she had promised that she only wanted his child, and then she would leave town. Margaret has changed her mind. She not only wants the baby; she also wants Todd. Todd won’t listen to her reasoning, and he threatens her. Margaret reminds him that if he kills her then he will be killing his poor, defenseless baby. She rubs her enlarging stomach.

John’s apartment

John insists that Natalie doesn’t know what she is getting herself into. Natalie makes a joke about them having enough baggage to fill an airplane. Natalie reminds him of all the good times and bad that they have been through lately. Natalie thinks that they may be making a huge mistake in doing this, but they will never know unless they try.


Evangeline insists that John hadn’t ruined her life. Evangeline also tries to make Michael believe that her life didn’t revolve around John, and now she doesn’t want him anymore. Michael reminds her of all the time that they had spent together. Evangeline tells him that the only thing wrong with their relationship was that she had fallen in love with John, but he hadn’t fallen in love with her. She excuses herself and goes to get another drink. Michael gets up and follows her. He reminds her that in a relationship, you give the other person your whole heart. Evangeline leaves to get her drink. Michael looks around and sees Marcie. They just look at each other for a moment. It comes to Michael’s mind to approach Marcie and talk to her, but Hugh comes up between them. He asks her if he can buy her a drink. Michael looks disappointed that Hugh is getting in the way.

Hugh asks Marcie if she was meeting Michael. Marcie reminds him that they had broken up. Hugh thinks that it bothers Michael to see Marcie with other people. She remembers the night that she had gotten wasted and he had taken her to bed. They discuss Marcie feeling odd when she sees Michael with other people. Marcie admits that it does feel strange to see him with other people. He offers to buy her a drink to see how Michael will react to seeing them together. Marcie tells him that she doesn’t play games. He then suggests that it would be just an experiment. She agrees.

Blair and Spencer discuss the possibility of Margaret being in Todd’s office. David interrupts and wants to know why he is so interested. Blair is upset and tells him that Spencer had dropped by the apartment earlier that morning. David suggests that they sit down. Spencer asks Blair if she thinks that Margaret is back in town. Blair confesses that she does, and that Todd is hunting her down. Blair also tells him that she can’t do anything about it.

Margaret thinks that Todd loves her and the baby. Todd insists that he loves his wife and his children. He also thinks that Margaret is just using this baby to get to him. Margaret tells him that she is a mother now, and that baby is everything to her. Margaret fills him in that she will leave town and love him from afar if he will take the baby home to Blair, and make the baby a part of his family.

Bo tells the police officer that the picture is not of Margaret Cochoran.. He instructs the police officer to keep an eye on his father’s house.. The police officer leaves. Bo goes back into his office and shuts the door. They discuss Jessica being missing and Bo asks if Viki knows about it. Antonio fills him in that Jessica has D.I.D. and has known about it for a while. Antonio tells him that the name of Jessica’s alter ego is Tess, and she is dangerous. Bo sees the connection between Tess and Viki’s alter ego, Niki Smith. Antonio fills him in on all that has been happening and that Jessica may be in danger. Bo and Antonio agree that Viki doesn’t need to know about this.

Viki fills Kevin and Kelly in that Jessica had called and had left a message on her answering machine. Kelly tries to offer her assurance about Jessica. Kevin suggests that she go to London and get treatment for her heart. Viki assures them that this is something that she has to do for herself. She tells them good night and goes upstairs. Kelly hugs Kevin and tells him that Viki had told them to get lost. Kevin laughs and tells her that she just wants to get him into bed. They leave the house.

Margaret wants Todd to take the baby when it is born. Todd tells her that makes their baby the son of two rapists. He hates the thing inside her as much as he hates her--and as much as he hates himself.

David wants to know what Todd would think if he knew that Spencer was moving in on his wife. Blair orders David to shut up. Blair questions Spencer about Todd’s stab wounds and whether he thinks that they could have been done by someone. Spencer remembers what Todd had told him about Margaret and the baby.

Evangeline, Michael and Layla are at the bar at Capricorn. Evangeline introduces Michael to Layla. Layla asks him if he is any relation to John.. Michael tells her that he is his brother. Evangeline gets a phone call on her cell and has to take it. Evangeline leaves the bar. Layla tells her that she is Evangeline’s sister and that they look out for each other. Evangeline wants to know what is up with John.

John and Natalie discuss the advice that Viki, Rex and Kelly had given her about their relationship. John mentions that he had almost lost her. Natalie assures him that she wants him. She also suggests that they just “jump in” and see what happens. John tells her to shut up. He reaches out and pulls her close to him, and they kiss.

Bo and Antonio discuss Jessica being either in New York or California. Bo asks him if he is going back to New York. Antonio tells him no, because if he goes back now then R.J. will get custody of Jaime. Bo also mentions Viki going to London to get treatment for her heart. They discuss how Viki’s alter ego Niki Smith is just like Jessica’s alter ego, Tess. Antonio leaves Bo’s office.

Blair and Spencer discuss Todd’s stab wounds. Blair reminds them that Todd hadn’t been lying to her and asks why he would lie about this. Blair is afraid that Margaret has come back to town and will hurt her or her family.

Margaret and Todd discuss the baby. Todd also reminds her that she had raped him. Margaret denies raping him. Todd admits to her that they are both rapists. He also points out how ugly she is. He talks about his other children and how beautiful they are. He calls Margaret’s baby a “monster.”

Kevin carries Kelly to their hotel room on his back. When they reach the door, they hear arguing and decide that it is just a lovers’ spat.. They go into their room and shut the door.

Margaret and Todd continue to argue about the baby, and she decides that he has backed her into a corner and she will come out fighting. She attempts to leave, but he grabs her by the arm. He offers her cash to leave town and leave them alone. She refuses his offer.

Antonio comes to visit Viki at Llanfair. They discuss her trip to London.. They discuss Jessica and whether Viki had heard from her. Viki plays him the message that Jessica had left on the answering machine. Antonio assures her that Jessica does sound fine. He encourages Viki to go to London. Viki agrees to go, thinking that both Jessica and Natalie will be home when she gets back. Antonio wishes her a safe trip and leaves.

John and Natalie discuss their kiss. He asks her if she is all right. She is happy that she finally has gotten John. John remembers his conversation with Christian involving Natalie. He looks at the file on the floor. Natalie wonders what is going on in John’s mind. John grabs her and begins to kiss her again.

Layla and Michael discuss John and Evangeline. They argue over Natalie and what John sees in her. This offends Michael, and he defends Natalie as being a good person. Layla notices that not only John is into Natalie; so is he. Hugh comes up and orders a drink. Michael watches him.

Hugh goes back to his table. He tells Marcie that their plan is working and that Michael is jealous. Marcie mentions that she maybe could use this in another book. Hugh picks up on it and thinks that she is serious. Marcie states, firmly, that she will never write another book. Hugh tries to encourage her to attempt another book. Layla comes in and, upon hearing their conversation, tells Marcie that she had read “The Killing Club.” Hugh again introduces himself. He begins to introduce Marcie, but Layla interrupts and finishes his introduction for him. Layla is also impressed that Marcie is famous.

David and Spencer discuss Blair, and Spencer’s interest in her. They also discuss Todd and his looking for Margaret.

Kelly suggests that she is going to take a shower. They continue to hear the arguing. Kevin suggests that she take her shower, and he is going to see what is going on.

Margaret and Todd again discuss the baby, and how Margaret had given Todd his choice. She hits him in the stomach and leaves the room. He follows her into the hall.

Bo arrives to take Viki to the airport. Bo tells her that Clint will be excited to see her. Viki admits that it will be good to just talk to him. Viki leaves Jessica a note on the table. Bo looks at it, but doesn’t say anything.

Antonio arrives at Capricorn. When Layla sees him, she asks him if Jessica had rocked his world. Antonio changes the subject and asks about the contractors. Layla is puzzled by his actions.

Evangeline and Michael discuss his breakup with Marcie and how long it is taking to just let go. Evangeline is surprised that it would take that long. Michael suggests going to Rodi’s. Evangeline agrees, as long as they don’t run into Natalie and John.

John and Natalie are lying in the bed. John pulls away and tells her that he can’t do this. Natalie is confused as to why.

Evangeline and Michael leave Capricorn.

David and Spencer discuss some childhood experiences. David questions him about his interest in Todd. He also asks Spencer about his interest in Bo, and if it has anything to do with Paige.

Blair comes back to the table and tells them that she is going home to wait for Todd. She tells them that Todd is going to have some explaining to do.

Todd continues to choke Margaret. Kevin comes up and wonders what is going on, but then he sees Todd.

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