OLTL Update Friday 8/26/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/26/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

John looks at a file on Christian Vega, and he remembers the conversation that he had had with Vega and the promise that he had to never tell Natalie that Christian was alive.

Viki brings Natalie home from the hospital, and Natalie is ever so happy to be home with her family. There were times when she was in the pit that she thought she would never see her home again, or her mother. Viki hugs her and can’t even begin to know what she had gone through in that pit.

Blair is upset as she talks to Bo and tells him that Todd will be out for blood when he finds Margaret. Blair is frightened that Margaret has come back to hurt her and her family. Bo wonders how Blair knows that Margaret has come back to town. Blair tells him that she had thought that she had seen Margaret in town. Blair is worried that Todd will kill Margaret when he finds her, and she wants Bo to do his best to help in this situation.

Todd is angry as he grabs the doctor by the shirt and pushes him up against the wall. He demands to know where Margaret is. The doctor starts to ask if he is looking for Rose, but Todd shouts that her name is not Rose.

Margaret is in a room with a nurse, looking at the ultrasound results, when she hears what sounds like Todd. Margaret remarks that that sounds like Todd.

Dorian and David come into Capricorn and sit down in a booth. Layla comes up and wants to take their drink orders. David orders a bottle of champagne--on the house. Layla goes to get their drinks. David wants to know what they are celebrating. Dorian assures him that every day with him is a cause for celebration. David wants to know why they had to come there, since he was craving a drink from the Palace. Dorian mentions to him that in the next issue of Craze he should do an article on this place. They continue to discuss his career at Craze and why she is suddenly so interested in pitching him ideas. He accuses her of trying to keep him busy at Craze so that she can get busy on some precarious ideas of her own. Dorian looks at him in astonishment.

Layla is behind the bar. Evangeline comes in and walks up to the bar. Layla offers to buy her a drink, but Evangeline informs her that she doesn’t want a drink, she has come there to get something straight about John.

John still looks at the file on Christian Vega. There is a knock on the door. When John answers it he finds that it is Michael. Michael asks him if he wants to go out and shoot some hoops. John declines the offer. Michael apologizes, knowing that there are no hoops in his future. Michael then offers to go over to Capricorn and get a bite to eat, and maybe a beer, but John declines this offer also. John insists that he has too much to do. Michael wants to know what, and then he says to let him guess: it has something to do with Natalie.

Natalie is thrilled with the idea of a party, and she thanks Viki for doing all of this. Viki lets her know that it wasn’t all her idea and that Roxie was responsible for all of this. Roxie calls her a Balsam. Asa comes up, hugs her, and tells Roxie that Natalie is a Buchanan. Viki remarks that whether she is a Balsam or a Buchanan, she survived. Kevin comes up and suggests that he propose a toast. Kevin proposes a toast to Natalie and tells her how much they love her. Everyone smiles.

Margaret listens to what Todd is saying to the doctor.

Todd tells the doctor that she is not his wife, and he shouts it out loud enough that she can hear that she had shot him in both of his legs and had kept him captive for weeks.

Margaret tells the nurse that she doesn’t know why Todd is spreading such vicious lies about her.

Todd threatens the doctor as he hugs him up around his neck. The doctor asks him if he is going to choke him just like he did his wife. Todd states that she has been here. Margaret again listens to Todd.

Duke confronts Rex about telling Adriana about them finding Natalie. Duke insists that he and Adriana are good right now, and that is all he needs to know. Rex remarks sarcastically, "Lucky you."

Duke joins Natalie as she is talking to Kelly and Kevin. Duke hugs Natalie. Kelly remarks that it is her time. Natalie notices the closeness between Kelly and Kevin. She tells Kevin and Duke to excuse them a minute. Natalie and Kelly step off to the side. Natalie asks her if she and Kevin are back together. Kelly confirms that they are, but they are taking it slow. Natalie tells her that she is happy for her.

Viki is approached by Kevin, who wants to know what is wrong. Viki tells him that Jessica had left her a message on her answering machine, and she wonders why she didn’t just call her on her cell phone. Viki thinks that Jessica is fine, but she sensed something in her tone.

Asa tells Natalie how worried he had been about her. Renee remarks that she may be just a grandma by marriage, but she was worried about her too. Renee also relates that she knew a little gal in Reno who wouldn’t take anything off of anybody. Rex stands up close to Natalie. Renee reminds him that if she hadn’t caught him for stealing from the Palace, she could have fired him for vulgarity. Natalie grabs Rex by the arm and takes him out of the room.

Natalie reprimands Rex for his attitude by telling him that Renee is a wonderful person, and she just cares about her. Rex is jealous because she is his sister and he hasn’t had a moment to spend any time with her.. He wants to know how she is. Rex commands Natalie to stay away from John McBain and send him straight back to Evangeline.

Layla has fixed Evangeline a drink. They discuss John, as usual. Evangeline insists that she doesn’t want to know John’s secret and doesn’t care what it is. She wants Layla to drop the subject of John. Layla agrees that she will not mention John again. Evangeline says good. Layla insists that Evangeline doesn’t want to drop the subject of John.

David and Dorian argue, as usual. This time it is about Craze and her wanting him to do an article on Capricorn. David insists that she just wants to keep him busy so she can pry into his past. Hugh comes in on the arm of a young lady. Dorian remarks that he is Llanview’s most eligible bachelor. David can’t help but be jealous. They argue over her ideas for Craze and the fact that she had shared them with Blair. David can’t believe that she did that. Dorian suggests that she call Blair so she can corroborate her story.

Blair waits in Bo’s office. Bo comes in and tells her that he will have to investigate this further. Blair gets a call on her cell phone. Bo questions her about when Starr had seen Margaret in Todd’s office, and he wants to know why she wasn’t with her. Blair tells him that she had been at the hospital. Bo wants to know what she was doing at the hospital. Blair explains to him that Todd had been stabbed and had to have a blood transfusion. Bo immediately wants to know what had happened. Blair repeats to him what Todd had told her. Bo wants to know why he hadn’t been called. Blair believes Todd and wants to know why he would have lied to her.. Bo believes that Margaret stabbed him and asks Blair what she believes.

Todd has the doctor’s arm pinned behind him, and he demands to know where Margaret is.

Margaret pleads with the nurse to help her find a way out of there. The nurse doesn’t know how she will leave without passing in front of Todd.. Margaret picks up her purse, and in doing so she drops her keys and her hairspray. She starts to raise the window.

Todd releases the doctor and says that he will search the place himself.

Michael tells John that since Evangeline is out of the picture, he should go for it with Natalie. John doesn’t think that it is that simple. Michael tells him that with him it is never simple. John informs him that what he is dealing with is definitely in the present. He tells him it's about Christian Vega.

Natalie reminds Rex that he was the one who had wanted her to send John that phony letter to get his attention. Natalie wants to know why he wants her to give up on John now. They continue to discuss John and her getting involved with him. He suggests that she run from John as fast as she can. Kelly overhears them talking and tells him that that is the most stupid thing that she has ever heard.

Blair thinks that it is stupid to suggest that Margaret had stabbed Todd.. They discuss Todd seeing Margaret and that he had told her that he hadn’t, and she wonders why he would lie to her. She mentions that Asa could have stabbed Todd, because they were together just before it happened. Bo wants to know why. Blair wants to know what he is going to do about this. Bo informs her that he is going to follow up on it and tells her not to worry. Blair leaves. Bo calls Asa and tells him that he wants to see him in his office.

Asa is reluctant to go to Bo’s office to answer any questions on Todd and Margaret.

Todd bursts into the exam room, and he demands to know where she is. The nurse pretends that she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Todd hears some tires screeching outside, and when he looks out he sees a car leaving. He sits down on the windowsill. Todd picks up the picture of the sonogram. He demands to know whose baby it is. The doctor leaves the room. The nurse explains to him that it is his. Todd looks at the sonogram.

David and Dorian discuss the brilliant ideas that she had given Blair for Craze. David accuses her of lying. David also informs her that she is only doing this so that she can find out from Spencer about his past. Dorian now accuses him of lying. They argue.

Evangeline is deep in thought. Layla questions her about whether she is thinking about what John is keeping so hush-hush. Evangeline insists again that she let it go, because she doesn’t want to know. Hugh comes up and orders two drinks. Layla asks if he would like to take her sister out some time. Evangeline is humiliated.

John and Michael discuss Christian and how Natalie will always love him. Michael mentions that John had always loved Caitlin. Michael encourages him to go after Natalie if that is what will make him happy, and he won’t say anything about it. John is surprised.

Kelly, Natalie, and Rex discuss love and how it makes you feel, and how it turns your world upside-down. Kevin stands behind Kelly and listens to every word that she is saying. Rex thinks that it is bull.

Kelly wants to know how long Kevin has been standing there. He informs her it's been long enough.

Asa tells the others that he has been summoned to Bo’s office. Viki wonders what he has done now. Renee hopes that, whatever he has done, no one is caught in the crossfire.

The nurse and Todd discuss the baby and what is best for him. She encourages him to work it out with the baby’s mother. Todd says maybe he will talk to her and try to work it out. He asks where she had gone. The nurse informs him that she hadn’t left an address. He sees the things on the floor.

Viki fills Renee and Duke in about how she is seeing a heart specialist in London. They are enthused. Renee and Duke hug her before they leave.

Roxie fills her plate with food.

Rex tells Natalie that she is a mess. Rex asks her if she believes what Kelly had told her. They discuss John, and him hurting her. They also discuss Jen, and her dying. Rex encourages Natalie to go after John but assures her that when she gets her heart broken he will tell her that he told her so.

Kelly and Kevin kiss. Roxie comes out and tells them to get a room. They smile at each other and agree with her.

Evangeline introduces Layla to Hugh and tells him that she is having some fun at her expense. Layla encourages them to dance. Hugh agrees. Layla informs him that if he has any secrets, Evangeline won’t mind a bit.

David and Dorian discuss his past and how Dorian wants to know about his past from him instead of having to question Spencer about it. Blair comes in and wants to know what she wants. David asks her what is going on. Blair relates to them what Bo had told her about Margaret.

Asa and Bo discuss Todd and Margaret. Bo fills him in on how Todd had been stabbed. Asa asks him if Todd is dead. Bo questions him as to why he had met with Todd. Asa lets him know that he was going to help him get rid of Margaret.

Todd finds the evidence on the floor. The nurse forbids him to take it. The doctor comes in and tells him that he can’t take it. After much resistance from Todd, the doctor tells him to take it and to get out of there.. Todd also takes the sonogram.

Margaret arrives home and decides that she has to find another place to stay.

Bo and Asa discuss Carlo Hesser and his involvement in all of this. Bo asks him if he knows where Margaret is. Bo denies knowing where she is.

Margaret is busy packing. Todd comes up to the door.

Dorian wants to know what is going on, but neither David nor Blair will talk to her. Dorian gets huffy and leaves, telling them that they can talk to each other. After she leaves Blair wants to know what that was about.

Evangeline sits at a table. Roxie comes in and fills her in that they had been having a party for Natalie, but it was cut short because Natalie had left.

Evangeline has a daydream of Natalie going to John’s apartment and him pulling her inside, where they begin to kiss.

Michael leaves after telling John to talk to Natalie. John goes into the closet and gets Chris’s file, putting it in the nightstand beside the bed. He hears a knock on the door and, thinking that it is Michael, he asks what he had forgotten. When he opens the door it is Natalie.

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