OLTL Update Thursday 8/25/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/25/05


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Blair freaks out about Margaret being at The Sun, saying she could have kidnapped Starr. She tells Todd not to try and tell her to not be scared. She swears that if Margaret is in town she wants to know, asking if she is. Todd says he thinks she might be.

Margaret cries out in pain, kneeling down on the floor and holding on to her stomach. She says she can't lose her baby, continuing to cry out in pain.

At Carlotta's restaurant, Carlotta comes up to Evangeline, saying she read in the paper about what happened and that they found Natalie.. Evangeline says it was quite a night. Carlotta says she went by the hospital to see how Natalie was, but she had been sleeping. She asks Evangeline if she knows how Natalie is, and Layla comes up to them saying Natalie is in the arms of her sister's boyfriend. Evangeline looks at Layla with a not-so-happy look on her face.

Viki is at the hospital, sitting by Natalie's bedside, while John is looking out the window. Natalie is sleeping. Michael opens the door and waves for them to step out of the room. He says he got Natalie's bloodwork back and that everything checks out. He also says he thinks she can go home today, and Viki says that's wonderful and then thanks him. She thanks John, as well. Michael walks away and John looks at Viki, both of them very happy. Viki asks him if he has a minute and he says of course. She says she knows he's uncomfortable accepting her thanks, but she meant it; what he did was way beyond the call of duty and she'll never be able to repay him. He says it's his job. She tells him she knows he cares about her daughter and she doesn't think she could ask for a better friend for Natalie than him. She wonders what his true feelings are for Natalie, saying so just as they hear her scream. John, Viki, and Michael run into the room.

Paige, Bo, and Matthew walk into Bo's office, and Matthew says he thought the ball was going over his head, but then he reached for it and it was in his glove. Bo says he snagged it like he was playing in the big leagues, and Paige says maybe someday he will be. Matthew says he wants to show the guys, and before leaving the office he thanks Paige and tells her he had a good time. She says it was her pleasure and then asks if he's forgetting someone, and he thanks his dad, leaving the room then. Bo closes the door and says to Paige that he can't believe she got tickets right on the first-base line. He says she doesn't even like baseball, but she says she does, just not as much as basketball. She says it's great to see Matthew so happy and that he's a great kid. Bo says she's so great with him and says he knows she regrets not having a child, but she can still have one; he thinks she would make a wonderful mother. She smiles and asks if they're really prepared to have this conversation. He kind of stutters and she kisses him, saying it was sweet of him to say so, then she tells him she has to get to the hospital and she'll only be half an hour.

Evangeline introduces Carlotta to Layla, who she says is missing the part of the brain that tells her to shut up. Layla munches on Evangeline's fries, and Carlotta asks her if she wants to order her own food. Layla says yes. Carlotta says she'll put the order in and Layla says she doesn't want this stuff 'cause it'll kill you; she orders a salad. Carlotta walks away and Layla asks Evangeline if she said something wrong. Evangeline says she doesn't know where to start. Layla says she's just a waitress with a bad attitude, and Evangeline tells her she's not just a waitress, she owns the place, and her name is Carlotta Vega. Layla asks if it's Vega as in Antonio Vega, and Evangeline says as in Christian Vega, as well--Natalie's late husband. She tells her Carlotta is their mother. Layla agrees that she was a little insensitive but says she lost it when she came in and heard Carlotta talking about Natalie. Evangeline asks if she has to remind her that Natalie almost suffered a slow and horrible death. Layla says she didn't mean to say she wanted someone dead, but she knows her sister is in pain, and she wanted to let Carlotta know that she's on her sister's side. Evangeline says there are no sides.

Natalie starts to say something and John grabs a guy in the room, asking who he is. He says he's a reporter from "The Sun." Viki tells him her brother owns "The Sun" and he's looking to be fired. He says Todd Manning sent him, and that he got what he came for. John tells him his time is up and pushes him out the door. Michael leaves the room, and John asks Natalie if she is okay; she says she's fine. Viki says she'll talk to Todd about this and Natalie says she can handle a stupid report, she was just having dreams, and when she woke up to see him standing there it freaked her out. Viki says not to worry about her when Natalie says she's sorry to upset her. Natalie asks John if he was there all night, and he says she shouldn't be alone. Viki says the guard at Llanfair will keep the reporters away and Michael comes in, telling Natalie she's being released today. She's happy she'll have her own room and own bed back. Michael says there will be no more looking up and seeing his and his brother's ugly mugs, adding that she must be getting really sick of them.. Not in a serious way, she says yes, she is sick of them.

Margaret says she has to save her baby and grabs the phone, but she realizes she can't call the police, saying there has to be somebody who doesn't know who she is. She remembers that there is someone and gets up, grabbing her purse and leaving, saying she's going to take care of them. She keeps groaning in pain.

Blair asks Todd if he saw Margaret and if she was there tonight. He says that he had said she might be in town, not that she is. Blair says they have to call the security and the house. Todd says no; he promised her he would find Margaret, and he will. He says he has everything under control and that he's got a platoon full of guys in the building searching for her. Blair says they have to get them up here to get fingerprints, but he says no. She thinks he is hiding something from her, saying he's at least acting like he is. He says the only peace of mind they are going to have is going to come from knowing their father is taking care of things, and he says he is, swearing on his life. Blair says Margaret came back because of the baby--his baby. Todd says that for the last time, there is no baby. She says it's never to stop, and he asks what that means. She says Margaret really wants a baby and won't be satisfied until she gets one. Blair says Margaret used her life to force him to have sex with her. She's afraid Margaret will go after Jack or Starr. Todd tells her she's getting worked up over nothing, both of them yelling at each other. She says she knew he was going to say that. They tell each other to go to hell and she starts to leave. He says to wait a minute and tells her to come back. He strokes her arm, and she says she's afraid of what Margaret will do next. He says she won't get a chance to do anything. Blair asks what makes him think it'll be different this time. He tells her he's ready for her this time. Blair asks him what he's going to do.

Evangeline tells Layla she doesn't want to talk about John anymore and Layla says she knows, but she can see what she's going through and it breaks her heart. Evangeline says she's fine, and Layla asks if that's why she was up all last night walking in the hallways. She says that when she told their mom she wanted to be an actress Evangeline was the one who stood up to her, telling Layla to never give up. Evangeline had paid for Layla to move to California. Evangeline says John was the wrong dream and she wants to forget about the whole thing. Layla says she thinks forgetting John is the last thing she wants to do.

John tells Natalie that Michael has a way with words, and she tells him she was hoping his ugly mug would take her home and tuck her into bed. He looks at her and she says to get his mind out of the gutter. He says he thinks that today she should be with her family.

Paige comes up to Viki and Michael, who are going over the release forms, and says congratulations on Natalie being found. Viki says thank you and then, looking at Paige, says, "Well, look at you." Paige says it's her day off and tells them she took Matthew to a Phillies game. Michael tells her it's about time she cut loose, and she says that by tomorrow she will be the same raging task-master he knows and loves. Michael says he has to get back to work and walks away. Viki tells her she wasn't talking about her clothes, but about how happy and relaxed she seems. Paige says it's the first time she's had a life outside of hospital halls. Viki asks if they can sit down and Paige says sure. Viki says she's not sure this is a good time to bring this up, but Paige says it's all right, and Viki says the hospital staff met that morning to discuss the chief-of-staff candidates. Paige tells her she can't take the job and to remove her name from the list of candidates.

Natalie tells John that he's right, he shouldn't go home with her today because she should be with her mom. Then she asks him to help her with her stuff, saying her ankles are still messed up. He grabs her clothes and shoes, handing them to her. She tells him he didn't have to stay the night and he says he did. She tells him to turn around and he says he won't peek. She says she knows they have a lot to talk about because she knows that before the kidnapping, she did a lot of things. She says she guesses almost dying does a number on your conscience and that there will be no more games. She tells him she knows he knows how she feels about him and knows how he feels about her, and now they have time to explore that. He says they should explore her going home and getting some rest.

Viki says she's a little surprised that she would turn down the chief-of-staff position, asking if it has to do with who recommended her. Paige asks if she knows about her and Spencer, and Viki tells her that all she knows is that they had been married. She asks Paige to think about the position, and she says she will.

Michael walks into Natalie's hospital room. She is walking around and nearly falls when he comes up to her.

Layla thanks Carlotta for the food, saying then that she didn't realize she was Antonio's mother. Carlotta asks Layla if she knows her son, and she says she single-handedly found Jessica in New York for him, and he must have told her all about her. Carlotta says that Antonio never mentioned her. Carlotta walks away and Layla is surprised that Antonio never told his mom about her; Evangeline says she'll survive. Layla asks what's wrong and Evangeline says nothing, but then says that Layla was right, it's not easy to erase John from her life. She says he was the first man in a long time whom she could see herself spending the rest of her life with. She says that the last few weeks have taught her that he's not ready to share his life with anyone yet. Layla asks her if, now that John doesn't need to play hero to Natalie any longer, she'll just wait around for him to get bored with her. Evangeline says she didn't say that. Layla says he will get bored with her. Evangeline says she's moving on and is going to prove to her and to everyone in this town that there was life for her before John McBain, and there will be a damned good life for her after him. Layla says that's great and adds that this is her chance to walk the walk when she sees John.

Blair says she knows that Todd thinks that he's the only person who can stop Margaret and starts to say something else, but he says he knows what he's doing. She says that when he first came back to town, he had said he didn't want to be like Victor Lord. She says that Victor Lord would kill Margaret Cochran in cold blood and not even think about the consequences. A P.I. walks in, saying he needs to go over a few things with Todd, and Todd says he has to do this now. He says security will take her to her car and that he'll see her at home. The guard says he'll take her to her car and will find someone to escort her home. She says she's not going home.

Natalie hits Michael and he says that hurt. She says that'll teach him to sneak up on her. He says he did keep her from falling on her ass, and she says thank you. He asks her how her ankle is and she says it hurts. He asks her how everything else is and she says it's getting there. He tells her he's sorry for scaring her and that he should've known she's not as put-together as she would like everybody to think. She says she's going home and can listen to her CDs as loudly as she wants and raid the refrigerator at 3:00 A.M. with Jess, and look after her mom, and live. He says that's good and she says she's never taking anything for granted ever again. He asks her if she's figured out how John fits into her life, and she says they're starting over and that there's nothing in their way, now that Evangeline is out of the picture. He says she's forgetting one thing, saying John is still John.

Layla says she's going to pay up and Evangeline tells John he looks tired. He says he didn't get much sleep last night and she asks if he stayed at the hospital with Natalie. She asks how Natalie is and he says fine. She says, "Give her my best, would you?" He says okay and Carlotta tells him his order is ready. They say bye and John walks up to the counter with Carlotta, who says she knows she once told him to stay away from Natalie and that with everything after Christian she really didn't want to see her heart get broken again. She says she's glad he didn't listen to her. She says he's the answer to their prayers, especially Natalie. He says it's nice of her to say but that it's what cops do; they're supposed to help people. She says he did more than that; he made Natalie believe she could find happiness after the tragedy with her son, and she tells him he's a hero to her. John tells her he's no hero. Layla hears them talking about Christian and, after John has left, tells Evangeline he is definitely hiding something.

Todd is talking to the P.I., who says she's as big as the Titanic, and he has a flashback to when he was in the hospital after Margaret had kidnapped him and she was saying she had told the doctor their names were Jack and Rose Dawson. Todd tells the P.I. he thinks he knows where Margaret is.

Margaret asks the nurse if her baby will be all right, and the nurse says the doctor will be right in. Margaret grabs her and says her baby will survive, he has to. Dr. Bricker comes in and says her baby is fine, and she asks why she is feeling this way, then. He says that the cramps she's experiencing are commonly known as round ligament pain, or spasms.. He tells her that they can be brought on by simply standing up too fast from a sitting position, and they're harmless. She asks why, if it's harmless, did she pass out, and he says anxiety would be his guess. He says he'll contact her husband, and she tells him her husband is out of the picture right now and doesn't even want him to know he's there. He asks if her husband has threatened her and she tells him that he had strangled her last week. She says they're going to work it out, just not right now. He says her medical records are completely confidential. She asks if she can go now, and he says he thought she might like to see her baby.

Michael tells Natalie she has a big heart and is definitely one of the most courageous people he's ever met. He tells her to be careful and she says it's one of the sweetest things he's ever told her, and he tells her not to get used to it. She says she has her eyes wide open, and then her mom comes in, asking if she's ready to go home. Natalie says more than ever, and Michael says he'll go get a wheelchair. Viki says she's been waiting for a chance to talk to her and Natalie says there will be plenty of time for that at home, but Viki says not as much as she had hoped. She says she has an appointment to see a very famous heart specialist in London. Natalie asks if something happened and Viki says no, but he might be able to prevent her condition from recurring. Natalie says she's sorry and Viki tells her it's not her fault; Natalie says it wasn't her fault, either. She says she's reconsidering going to London. Natalie says no, she should go take care of herself, and everyone will be fine. Viki says she's not sure about Natalie having John in her life right now.

Outside of Bo's office, Bo is getting ready to throw the baseball to Matthew and he catches it. John shows up and Bo says he thought he would be at the hospital. John says he was just there. John tells him he's got a lot of paperwork to do and Bo says they both just spent one of the longest nights of their entire lives. He says he thinks if there's any time to take the day off, today's the day. John says he's better off here, and Bo says he'll give him a choice: either he takes the day off and goes home and rests, or he can stick around and tell him what's been eating at him. John says he'll see him tomorrow and leaves. Bo asks Paige and Matthew if they're ready for the arcade and they say they are.. Paige says she's going to kick his butt at skee-ball. Matthew says she wishes just as Blair shows up, saying he has to stop Todd before he kills anyone.

Evangeline asks Layla what her big revelation on John is, and she says Carlotta mentioned this guy named Cristian, Natalie's husband. She asks if John knew him. Evangeline says yes, there's history between them. She says Carlotta was thanking him for rescuing Natalie and suddenly he got squirrelly and all weirded out, like he's got a guilty conscience. She says he didn't want to be thanked and didn't want any praise.. Layla says that whatever he's hiding, it's something big. She says if she were her, she would want to know what it was. Evangeline tells her she didn't spy on John when they were together and is not going to start now. Layla says she's late for work and leaves.

Natalie tells Viki that John is a good man, and Viki tells her she has been through one nightmarish ordeal after another, and she really thinks she needs to just step back and regroup and recover. Natalie says she gets what she's saying and agrees with her. She says she's not making any rash decisions right now and neither is John; this is a new beginning for both of them. She says that for the first time in their relationship, there's nothing standing in their way, and there are no secrets.

Bo tells Blair to calm down and relax, and she does. He tells her to tell him what's going on, and she tells him she and Todd think Margaret is back in Llanview. He asks when she was planning on telling him this and she says she wanted to tell him, but Todd didn't want her to. She says Todd plans to kill her and they have to get to Margaret before Todd does.

Dr. Bricker shows Margaret a picture and tells her that's her son, who is healthy and active and a spirited little boy. Margaret says he gets that from her and the doctor tells her he'll be right back. Margaret rubs her stomach, saying, "Hello there, little T.J." The nurse asks about the name T.J., and Margaret says it stands for Todd Jr.

Todd shows up asking where she is, and Dr. Bricker says he doesn't know whom he's talking about. Todd says he does know and tells him to tell him where she is.

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