OLTL Update Wednesday 8/24/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/24/05


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Rex comes into the diner where Adriana clears dishes off tables. Adriana wants to know what he is doing there, saying she thought that he would have been at the hospital. Rex informs her that her aunt had told him that she was there, and he had wanted to tell her that Natalie was going to be just fine. Adriana remarks, "And you are out telling everyone about it." Adriana comes around the counter, hugs him, and tells him that she is so happy for him. Duke comes in and sees them hugging.

Dorian has just taken a culinary delight out of the kitchen, and she heads to the table with it. Kelly comes in and thinks that she is in the wrong place. She asks if that is actually her aunt cooking. Dorian tells her to stop teasing and to just wait until she tastes this culinary delight, which is called "egg blossoms." Kelly jokes with her again about her actually knowing how to use the stove. Kelly asks her what has gotten her so interested in cooking. David comes in and remarks that it is Spencer.

Spencer has an argument with the security guard who is watching outside of Todd and Blair’s door. Blair comes out and wants to know what the commotion is. When she sees that it is Spencer she invites him in. Spencer remarks that he should have called, but he just wanted to come by and see how Starr was doing since they found her last night. Blair explains to him that Starr had thought that she had seen Margaret in Todd’s office, and she goes on to explain that Margaret had been the one who had tried to kill her and Todd. Spencer remembers what Todd had told him about Margaret being pregnant with his child. Todd comes downstairs. Spencer expresses his opinion that Starr is a pretty level-headed young lady, and she wouldn’t imagine something like that.

Nash and Tess are busy packing for California. He comments on how she is packing. She remarks that it takes too much time to fold everything up. She informs him that she is so out of there and on to California. She affirms that she is ready for her new life with him; him, his vineyard, her, and her new life, away from her family.

Antonio arrives at the apartment building, and he states to himself that Jessica is there.

David shows the evidence from the garbage can that the “egg blossoms” had indeed been brought by Spencer, and that he had stated that if she liked these then he would teach her how to make them. Dorian remarks that she hadn’t said that she had made them; all she said was that they were freshly baked. David remarks that he will give her a dollar if she will stop saying "egg blossoms." Dorian suggests that Kelly let Spencer give her a few cooking tips. Kelly informs her that she and Kevin are in love, and they are going to work things out. She also confirms that she and Kevin had done many hurtful things to each other, but he knows that she would never sell out Buchanan Enterprises. Kelly remarks that she would like to know who had sold them out. David discloses that he knows who did.

Todd claims that Starr had not seen Margaret at his office. Spencer suggests that Todd give his daughter the benefit of the doubt. Todd affirms that he did. Blair asks what if she had in fact seen her, and she was back to finish what she had started. Blair reminds him of the things that she had done to her. Todd tries to convince her that Margaret is not going to hurt her, or his family. Spencer suggests that if Starr hadn’t seen Margaret she might be in need of some help. Blair, alerted by what he has said, asks him what kind of help. Spencer tells her that he would have to run some tests. Blair suggests that Starr might be having emotional problems. Starr comes downstairs and tells them matter-of-factly that she is not having emotional problems. Starr insists that she saw Margaret and asks why they don’t believe her. Blair tells her that she does.

Tess finishes her packing and tells Nash that she is out of there. Nash assures her that leaving town won’t solve their problems. She reminds him that she is his lucky charm. Nash reminds her of all the things that she had done to him in the past. Tess tells him that she thought he liked the rush. Nash grabs her, kisses her, and tells her that he loves the rush.

Antonio looks at the list and picks out one name in particular: Mr. Rodriguez.

Nash tells Tess that she is the best thing that ever happened to him. Tess, between kisses, tells him that if they keep this up then they will never get out of there.

Antonio knocks on a door.

A man comes to the door. Antonio shows him the picture.

Nash mentions her uncle and asks what will happen if he hunts them down in California. She assures him that Todd is resourceful, but so is she, maybe even more so.

Antonio shows the man the picture and explains that the girl's name is Jessica, but she goes by Tess. The man explains to him that he is blind, and he hasn’t seen anything in ten years. Antonio apologizes and then asks him if he has heard anything. Antonio urges him to help him, saying that it is urgent that he find her because she is in trouble and needs his help.

Nash tells Tess that he is going to take a shower, and he urges her to call her family to let them know that she is all right so that they won’t come looking for her. They kiss. He hands her her cell phone and tells her that she had left it there. He tells her that he is looking for her too. He goes to take his shower. Tess looks at the phone. She dials a number. After she finishes the conversation and hangs up, she hears Antonio’s voice coming from outside the door, and she begins to get a headache.. He tells her through the door that he is looking for his fiancÚe and that she needs his help. She will not open the door. The blind man comes by and informs him that he won’t find his girlfriend in there because that man had left town. He gives up and starts to leave, but not before he puts another flier under another apartment door. He gets a call from Evangeline, who reminds him that he has an appointment to see Jaime that afternoon. Antonio assures her that he will be there and that he will not be late.

Nash comes out of the bathroom and wants to know who that was. Tess tells him that it was no one. She picks up the picture of the vineyard and tells him that that is where she wants to start their new life.

Adriana and Rex stop hugging. Adriana sees Duke and asks him if he had heard about Natalie. Rex gets a call from his mother, and he goes to take the call. Adriana replies that his family must be so relieved. Duke suggests that now, since things are getting back to normal, they might take that weekend together. Adriana agrees. Duke senses that Adriana is hesitating. She explains to him that she knows that he is busy at B.E., and she doesn’t want to distract him. Duke tells her that when they are together, his mind is on her.

Rex listens to his mother’s non-stop chatter.

Kevin enters the diner and sees Duke with Adriana. He approaches them and tells Duke that it's no wonder he wanted him to meet him here. Adriana gets back to work. Duke inquires about Clint. Kevin confirms that he had talked to him about Natalie. Kevin then fills him in that he and Kelly are back together. Duke asks him when he is going to start listening to his son. Kevin insists that he is not going to let anything come between them again.

Kelly asks again who had framed her. David squirms out of saying who had framed her by saying that they must have misinterpreted him. He suggests that sometimes business deals fall through, and other corporations might have caught wind of the deal. Kelly reveals to them that she and Kevin had been the only ones who had known about the deal. Dorian remarks that she just hopes that she won’t be sorry for taking Kevin back. Kelly questions Dorian as to where something is and then leaves the room to find it.

Dorian asks David what had gotten into Kelly that she had lost control of her senses. David states that no matter what she or Spencer does, nothing is going to keep Kelly from going back to Kevin. She suddenly tells him that she has lost her appetite. Dorian asks him why he hadn’t told Kelly about Spencer framing her. David smiles and tells her that sometimes it is fun to hold something over someone’s head, and it is powerful.

Todd questions Starr as to what had happened the night that she was supposed to have seen Margaret. Starr explains to the best of her ability. Blair wants to know how she could see who it was, since it was dark. Starr tells her that Margaret was glowing, and it was freaky. They begin to argue as to whether or not Todd and Blair believe her. Starr insists that Margaret is in Llanview. Todd informs her that he would rather die than see Margaret get to them and hurt them. Spencer suggests that he leave. Todd walks him out.

Todd tells Spencer that now he must see why Blair needs to never find out about Margaret and the baby, because she would freak out. All Spencer can say is that he hopes Todd knows what he is doing. Spencer leaves.

Todd calls Asa and tells him that they have loose ends to tie up.

Margaret talks to little Toddy and tells him that he is really active today. Margaret states that she and Todd were meant to be together. She pretends that Toddy is talking to her and asking her about Todd’s other family. Margaret tells him that she will have to deal with Blair and Starr sooner or later, and it might as well be sooner. She affirms that she knows what to do.

Blair brings in Starr’s favorite breakfast foods. They begin discussing Margaret being back in town. Blair admits that even she had thought that she had seen Margaret. Starr asks her what has to happen or if they'll let her be kidnapped and tortured before they will believe her. They continue to argue and then they hear a commotion outside. Blair goes to the door and finds out that it is Dorian. Blair instructs the guard to put Dorian’s name on the visit list. Dorian blames Todd for all of this, including them having to have guards. Blair is angry at what Dorian is saying and tells her that this is all Margaret’s fault, and not Todd’s. Dorian tells her that she had just come by to check on Starr. Blair blames herself for turning Starr into a psychotic. Blair tells Dorian that she had thought that she had seen Margaret. Dorian tells her that she should never have trusted Asa to do as he had said and dispose of Margaret. Blair tells her that Margaret is in Mexico, and that Asa’s men had seen her.

Todd comes in and blames Asa for setting him up. He accuses Asa of setting Margaret up in one of his cottages and telling him where she was so that they would dispose of each other. Todd wants to know where Margaret is now.. Asa informs him that he has no idea. Todd reminds him that they had had a deal. Todd picks up the phone and threatens to call Bo. Asa tells him that he doesn’t want to do that, unless he wants to bring Blair down with him.

Todd continues to hold for Bo. Asa tells him to put down the phone or Blair will go down with him for sending an innocent man to prison. Asa also reminds him that he doesn’t want Blair to find out about Margaret and the baby. Asa fills him in that Margaret thinks that they are going to live happily ever after. Asa also tells him that he thinks that he and Margaret deserve each other. After Asa leaves, Todd calls the P.I. and tells him to get over there and to bring all the information that he has on Margaret.. Todd walks behind his desk and sees the caption on his computer that Margaret had left the night before.

Blair tells Dorian that she wants to believe Todd that Margaret is far away from them. Blair also informs her that she needs to be strong for her children. Dorian accuses Todd of keeping this a secret from her in order to protect her, but she needs to look out for herself. Dorian also suggests that she stay close to Spencer, and he will support her. Blair orders her to stop. Dorian makes her promise to take care of herself.

Starr comes downstairs and confronts Blair for not telling her that Margaret was in town. Blair blames it on her paranoia. Starr informs her that there is no way of getting around it; Margaret is back in town.

Todd reprimands the P.I. and wonders how Margaret had gotten into his office. He instructs the P.I. to search everywhere for Margaret, saying he wants her caught.

Adriana and Kevin discuss his getting back together back with Kelly, and she thinks that it is great. Kevin leaves to meet Kelly. Duke tells her that he has to get back to the office, and he kisses her before he leaves.

Adriana joins Rex at his table. She apologizes for their conversation about love. He tells her that maybe she had found the perfect match in Duke. They discuss how he had felt when he had lost Jen, and how she had felt when she had broken up with River. She assures him that the perfect girl will be out there for him.

Nash and Tess are at the train station, awaiting the train. Nash asks her if she had ever been to California. Tess tells him that he is breaking the rules. Nash tells her that she had no life before she met him. Antonio waits on the other side of the train schedule.

Spencer and Kelly discuss Kevin, and he hopes that they will have a long and happy life together. He brings up the subject of children. This is a touchy subject for Kelly. He tells her that he has a new fertility procedure, and if she wants to discuss it then she can call him. She thanks him. Spencer starts to leave as David and Dorian come into the kitchen. They discuss the egg blossoms, and Dorian insists on knowing how to make them.

Nash and Tess leave for California. Antonio leaves for Llanview.

Todd instructs the P.I. to find Margaret and let him know about her immediately.

Margaret reads little Toddy a story. She gets up out of the chair, but then she begins to have labor pains.

Blair comes into Todd’s office. Todd wants to know about the children. Blair assures him that Ginger is with them. Blair wants to know if Margaret is in town.

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