OLTL Update Tuesday 8/23/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/23/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Dorian babysits for Blair and Todd. Spencer drops by. Dorian remarks that it is awfully late for a visit. Spencer tells her that he came by to check on Todd and to see how he is healing. Dorian accuses him of lying and says that he isn’t interested in Todd at all, it is Blair that he is interested in.

Blair arrives at "The Sun" to check on Todd. When she comes into his office she finds him gone, and she knows that he is up to something. He comes toward his office, and his cell phone rings. He says to himself that he isn’t going to let Margaret hurt his family, baby or no baby. He comes into his office, and Blair turns the lights on. Blair immediately wants to know where he has been and what this is about a baby.

Tess has just told Nash that she loves him, but he doesn’t utter a reply. She is frustrated that he won’t answer her. She thinks that what she just said is stupid. He wants to know why she said it. She tells him that he makes her sick. He comments that maybe she should see a doctor. She explains that she feels fluttery feelings when she is around him. She fills him in that she should be mad at him for making her fall in love with him, and she asks what he has got to say for himself.

Evangeline heads for her apartment. When she gets to the door, she hears Layla say that she has a gun. Evangeline immediately delves into her purse and gets out her mace. She unlocks the door and hurries into the apartment.. Layla is startled by her presence. Evangeline then realizes that Layla is just rehearsing a part in a play. Layla assures her that she is a shoo in for the part because her acting was so convincing. Evangeline then tells her that they had found Natalie, and she was going to be all right. Layla asks about John. Evangeline, frustrated by the remark, tells her that John had found Natalie.

John and Natalie look at each other. They kiss. Natalie pulls away. Natalie remarks to him that she had promised herself that if she got out of the pit she wouldn’t do things like that again. John informs her he had promised himself that if he found her he would do some things differently, too. Natalie smiles as they kiss again.

John and Natalie continue to kiss. They pull apart. Natalie remarks that that was nice. John agrees.

Rex sits alone at a table in Rodi’s. Roxie comes in with a bunch of other ladies and they chant, "Natty, Natty, Natty," as they bang on the bar. Rex hides his eyes to keep her from seeing him. She comes over to the table and wants to know what he is drinking. She takes a drink of the drink and then makes a face when she realizes that it is soda. She insists on buying him a drink, but he insists that he is good. He drinks the rest of the drink in the glass, but Roxie insists that it is bad luck to toast Natty on an empty glass. He insists that he is good, and that she needs to slow it down some. She assures him that she is as sober as a priest on Sunday. She turns around to go back to the bar, but she staggers. The girls all remark that they need a drink. Roxie remarks to Rex that she needs to go get some cash. Rex calls her a piece of work as he gets up from the table. Roxie and the other women all resume their chanting.

Antonio rushes into the bar and immediately asks Rex if he has seen Jessica. Rex asks him if she is back at his apartment. Antonio tells him that she isn’t.

Tess is beginning to get aggravated at Nash because she has told him that she loves him, and he won’t say anything. They argue about all the things that she had told him since he had found her. He reminds her that she had told him that she loved him, and that is a whole other ball game, and he doesn’t feel that they are ready for that. Tess, hurt, starts to walk away, telling him that she is sorry that she said anything. He tells her that she is cute when she pouts. He comes up behind her and hugs her. He remarks that he is afraid that he might say something he might regret. She orders him to spit it out. He forgets his pride and tells her that he does love her. They kiss.

Dorian and Spencer discuss Kelly kicking him to the curb. Spencer admits that she had cut him loose, but that didn’t mean that he had his eyes on Blair. They converse in French for a few minutes. Dorian mentions Todd being his blood brother, and then remarks that Todd isn’t her favorite person in the world. Spencer questions her as to what she is doing there. Dorian remarks that she is babysitting, and it is a grueling job. Dorian hands him his drink. She asks him if he knew that Kelly had been accused of corporate espionage. She also asks him if he had any idea who would have anything against Kelly and would want to set her up.

Starr comes rushing downstairs. She flies into Dorian’s arms. She tells Dorian that she had had a bad dream about Margaret killing Blair and Todd. Dorian tries to calm her down by telling her that Margaret is never coming back. Spencer remembers what Todd had told him about Margaret being pregnant with his child.

Blair questions Todd about the baby. Todd lies to her, as usual, and tells her that he had been listening to the police scanner and had heard this story about a police officer going to deliver a baby, and he had grabbed a camera and gone to cover the story. Blair points out to him that he is the editor-in-chief and not a reporter. Margaret comes into the building and listens to their conversation.

Blair and Todd discuss the shears being in the trunk. Blair convinces Todd to leave. Blair mentions that when she was coming up there she had noticed some of the security guards being downstairs. They discuss Asa and his involvement, and what he is going to do with Margaret. Todd tells her that they should hold out on doing anything to Asa right now. They discuss Bo not doing anything to Asa for what he had done. Todd also mentions that she would be in trouble if they found out what she had done to Hesser. Todd assures her that she could personally pull the plug to fry Asa. Blair is thrilled, and they kiss. She tells him that she is going to get him home to bed. They leave the office as Margaret watches them. They get on the elevator and kiss as Margaret watches them.

Starr wants to go the "Sun" office to check on her parents. Dorian refuses to let her go. Dorian orders her back upstairs. Spencer questions her about how much she knows about what had happened between Todd and Margaret. Dorian changes the subject and tells him that she needs a cup of tea. Dorian remarks that she needs to be wide-eyed to watch Blair's kids. They go into the kitchen to make the tea. Starr sneaks downstairs and leaves.

Layla asks about John and Natalie. Evangeline states that she doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Evangeline tells her that if John couldn’t give her what she needed, then she would let him go. Layla states that she doesn’t look like someone who could let someone go.

Natalie tells John that she thought she would never see him again. She also asks him if he is confused right now about them. John asks her whether she is asking why he kissed her or where they go from here.

Antonio and Rex discuss Jessica and her whereabouts. They discuss Jen and how much Rex had loved her, and that she was on her way back to him, but he couldn’t save her when she needed him the most. Rex also informs him that he had tried to protect her, but he had failed.

Tess and Nash kiss. They are happy because they have told each other how they feel. Tess suggests that they go to California. Nash has his reservations, since she had already deserted him once. Roxie comes up and tells her that she would have liked to have seen her face when she found out that her twin sister was alive. Nash looks at Tess questioningly.

Spencer pours the tea. Dorian readily agrees to let him give her cooking lessons, since he is going to be part of the family. They discuss Todd and Margaret, and that Dorian hadn’t answered his question as to what had been going on between them. Dorian accuses him of wanting to find Todd’s Achilles heel so he could use it against Todd and win Blair. Todd and Blair come in, much to their astonishment. Todd asks what he is doing there. He also reminds Dorian that she is not supposed to have boyfriends there when she is babysitting. Dorian reminds him that that is no way to treat the man who had saved his and Jack’s lives. Blair informs Spencer that he is welcome there anytime.

Starr arrives at Todd’s office and remarks on how spooky the place is at night. Starr knocks on the door and yells for her mom and dad. She opens the door and goes inside. Margaret speaks to her and tells her to come there so that she can talk to her. Starr just stands there. Margaret orders her to come there so she can talk to her. Starr runs out of the office and goes to the elevator, and starts pounding on the buttons.

John tells Natalie that he doesn’t know what to say. Natalie asks him if he likes it the way that it is. John doesn’t know what to tell her, so he changes the subject and tells her that she needs to get some sleep. She states that she is still afraid of going to sleep. He asks her if she wants him to stay for a while. She replies that she would, just until she goes to sleep. He comes back over and sits down on the side of her bed..

Blair goes to check on the children and finds that Starr is gone. Blair yells that she is gone. Dorian remarks that that cannot be, because she had ordered her back upstairs herself. Blair wants to know what she means. Dorian recounts to her about the nightmare that had awoken her. Blair panics. Dorian tries to reassure her that Starr is all right. Dorian doesn’t know how Starr had sneaked out of the apartment. Spencer reminds her that she could have sneaked out when they were in the kitchen fixing tea. Todd gets angry and tells her that she isn’t fit to take care of children.

Nash and Tess discuss her twin sister. Tess lies to him once again and tells him that her twin sister had killed herself. Roxie tells them that John had found her, and she was going to be fine. Roxie tells them that she is celebrating Nat’s safe return, and she asks Tess for some money. Tess informs her that they are leaving for California. Roxie leaves them.

Tess denies knowing what she is talking about. She once again lies and tells him that her sister is dead. Nash mentions all the things that she had been keeping from him. Tess turns the tables on him and asks him about the secrets in his past.

Dorian asks Spencer when is he going to own up and confess that he is in love with Blair. Spencer confesses that he had. Dorian immediately wants to know what she had said. Spencer informs her that Blair had told him that she was in love with Todd. Dorian wants to know what is he going to do about it. Spencer tells her that he had a feeling that Todd was going to wreck that relationship all on his own.

Starr tells her parents all about seeing Margaret in her dad’s office, and that she had spoken to her. The security guard tells them that no one had been in or out of the building except Mrs. Manning. Blair and Todd believe that Starr has just imagined seeing Margaret.

Rex tells Antonio that if he finds out something about Jessica, then he will let him know. Rex leaves. Antonio starts to leave but bumps into Roxie.. Roxie tells him where she had seen Jessica and that she was with a man, and they were talking about going to California or New York.

Starr, Blair and Todd arrive home. Blair offers to walk Dorian out. Todd questions Starr about seeing Margaret in his office.

We see Todd’s computer, and on it Margaret has written, "Todd, Margaret, and Baby makes three."

They show Spencer coming out of a building. Margaret hides until he is gone.

Nash tells Tess that they are stuck with each other, and they are going to California. They leave the park. Antonio arrives but finds them gone..

Layla and Evangeline fight over ice cream and reminisce over things that had happened in their childhood. Layla encourages Evangeline to sing their favorite song.

John tells Natalie that when she gets to feeling up to it then he will take her up on the roof, and they will watch the sunrise. He watches Natalie sleep.

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