OLTL Update Monday 8/22/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/22/05


Written By Mary
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Viki stands in front of the patio doors, impatiently waiting for Jessica to get there. She walks over to Antonio and asks him if Jessica had said what time she would be getting there. Antonio tries to calm her by telling her she should be there soon. Viki informs him that maybe it wasn’t so bad that Jessica had gone away for a while. She points out to him that sometimes family can be smothering. Viki assures him that she feels that this is what that this is all about. Antonio, not wanting to give anything away, tells her maybe. Viki feels for sure that Jessica had wanted to talk to her about this for a while but was afraid to, because she thought that Viki wouldn’t know how to handle it.

Jessica is in the park, and she is down on her knees with her hands over her ears. Tess is goading her again and tells her that she has two secrets, and Jessica doesn’t know them. Tess also confesses that she knows what had happened in their childhood, and also what had happened in New York. Jessica shouts, "What happened in New York?" Nash squats down in front of her and reveals that she had run out on him.

David and Dorian come into the hospital, and David cannot understand why they have to visit Natalie. Dorian replies that she has to commiserate with Viki. David still doesn’t buy it. Dorian points out that she has to show compassion, since Viki is her matron of honor. David demands to know what the real reason is for why they are there, and whether it has to do with Spencer. Dorian states that it wouldn’t hurt if they did run into Spencer.

Kevin and Kelly discuss her breaking up with Spencer because she was still in love with Kevin. Kelly confronts him about thinking that she had a hidden agenda for telling him that she was in love with him. Kelly calls him a big jerk. Kelly also reminds him that he had accused her of corporate espionage. She states that it is his move; the ball is in his corner.

Evangeline enters the bar and sits down. Rex comes in and informs the bartender that he is buying. Evangeline refuses by telling him that she is buying her own drinks. She states that she does not want any company. He asks her what she is drinking. He gives the bartender their drink orders. Evangeline tells him to sit down. Rex is surprised by her change of attitude. Rex thanks her for what she had done. Evangeline doesn’t understand why everyone keeps thanking her. Evangeline also remarks on having saved the life of the woman who is in love with the man that she is in love with.

Natalie tells John that he had saved her life. She tells him that the thoughts of him were what had kept her going. She also explains that she had passed out and had a dream about him. John wants to know what the dream was about. Natalie reveals to him that she had dreamt that he had married Evangeline. John sits on the edge of Natalie’s bed as a nurse comes in. David and Dorian look through the side window in the door.

David and Dorian discuss Spencer and how he had broken up Kelly and Kevin. Dorian states that Kevin isn’t trustworthy. Dorian points out that Kevin had accused Kelly of corporate espionage. Dorian also explains that Spencer had eyes for Blair, but she was too hung up on Todd. Dorian then points out that she is nudging Spencer in Kelly’s direction. David points out that Spencer is far worse for Kelly than Kevin is. Dorian doesn’t understand what Spencer has done to Kelly.

Kelly and Kevin discuss Spencer and how she had broken up with him because she was in love with Kevin. Kelly makes it known to him that she deserves his trust, not only in his heart, but also in business. Kevin grabs her and tells her to shut up as he kisses her.

Rex and Evangeline discuss John and Natalie. He thanks her for undergoing hypnosis. He also tells her that she had done a good thing. Rex reminds her of what Natalie had gone through with Christian.

John and Natalie discuss her dream, and how it had made her mad enough to fight for her life. Natalie also reminds him of all the things that they had been through together, the good and the bad. She mentions his blue eyes. She also tells him that while she was in the pit she thought about all the things that she wanted to say to him. John tells her that she has said enough.

Tess demands to be let out. Tess informs her that she is not telling Viki about her, because it was bad enough that she told Antonio. Nash asks her if she is all right. Jessica screams at him that no, she is not all right. Nash asks her to trust him. Jessica informs him that her name is not Tess.

Antonio asks Viki if she is up to this. Viki assures him that she is. Viki confides in him about how the housekeepers thought she was crazy putting fresh flowers in the girls' rooms every day, even when they were gone. Antonio tells her that he understands; he keeps buying Jaime toys and putting them in her toy box for the day when she comes home, and he keeps a pound of Jessica’s favorite coffee on the counter. Viki smiles and tells him that she hopes they are back together for good.

Natalie and John still talk. A nurse pops her head in the door and tells her that they have a room ready for her and will be moving her soon. John tells her to let them talk about what had happened. Natalie relates the story to him of how Hayes would bring food and throw it down to her just to keep her alive, but she didn’t know why. John fills her in that Rex and Marcie had been kidnapped. Natalie tells him that Hayes had kept saying that John had loved her the best because he had rescued her first. Natalie refutes this by saying that John had rescued her first because Hayes had lit the fires under her first. Natalie then realizes that none of that matters now. John shakes his head in agreement.

Jessica and Nash argue, but just as he is about to leave, Tess emerges. She begs him to stay. He orders her to start explaining, starting with the fact that she had told him that she wasn’t Tess.

Antonio and Viki come downstairs. They discuss Jessica not calling. Viki asks him about the obstacles that they have to work out. Antonio explains to her that Jessica wants to tell her everything. Antonio then begins to try to make excuses, saying that he might have misunderstood Jessica’s plan or they had gotten their lines crossed. Viki doesn’t buy it.

Evangeline and Rex discuss her and John getting back together. They discuss Roxie and her involvement. They discuss John and his feelings. Rex begins to stall in saying what he means, and Evangeline threatens to kick him in the face if he doesn’t spill what he is trying to say.

John talks on the phone and tells the person that he hopes Hayes fries. He also says that he is going to stick around there tonight.

John goes back into Natalie’s room, where Natalie argues with the nurse by telling her that she doesn’t want to ride in a wheelchair, she wants to walk. John assures the nurse that he will see to it that she gets to her room. John helps her into the chair and starts to take her to her room, and then they see David and Dorian. Dorian gives her the flowers and tells her that she was there with her mother when they were awaiting word on how she was. John then tells Dorian that he has to get her to her room, and they leave. At the elevator, Natalie tells John that she has an idea--she wants to go dancing. John promises to take her dancing but tells her to let the subject drop for now. Natalie just smiles to herself.

David insists that he just wants to go home. All Dorian wants to discuss is Spencer and his nobility. Dorian wonders to herself why Kevin would accuse Kelly of corporate espionage. Dorian again wants to discuss Spencer. David finally has had enough, and he owns up to what Spencer had done by telling him to look and see what was in Kelly’s attaché case. David makes her promise that she won’t let out what he had told her about Spencer. Dorian is thrilled about what Spencer has done by killing three birds with one stone. David just doesn’t agree with her.

Kevin and Kelly discuss trust, and how important it is in a relationship. Kelly again tells him that she loves him. Kevin promises that he will never again take anything for granted.

Viki rushes into the house to answer the phone. The call is from Natalie, and she is thrilled. Natalie informs her that she had been moved to a room. Viki confides to her that she is glad that Jessica is back. Viki offers to come over and keep her company, but Natalie refuses her offer by telling her that John is there. They say good-night, and Natalie hands the phone to John. He hands her a flower.

Rex confides in Evangeline that he thinks that John is poison to Natalie.. They discuss the looks that Layla had given him. Evangeline mentions to him that he and John have nothing in common when it comes to women. Evangeline reminds him of how he had endangered Natalie’s life when they were in the forest. Rex is sorrowful for that action.

Antonio comes into the hospital and speaks a few words with David and Dorian, but then he meets up with Dr. Jamison. He fills Dr. Jamison in on what had been going on that night and says that Jessica had never shown up to tell her mother about the D.I.D. Antonio asks him what he can do if Tess comes out again.

Nash orders Tess to tell him everything that had been going on with her. Tess explains to him what had happened and says she just wants to be free. She also tells him that she just wants to get away from them. She suggests that they just leave.

Viki calls Clint and gives him the run-down on Natalie and Jessica. She confesses that she can’t come to London right now because she is needed there. She promises that she will come later. Viki talks about the heart specialist he wants her to see in London. She tells him to get up and go to work, and they hang up.

John picks Natalie up and puts her in the bed. He plumps up her pillows. He orders her to get some sleep.

Kevin and Kelly laugh together. They discuss Spencer being off nursing his broken heart. They also discuss Dorian, and that she is not going to like them being back together.

Dr. Jamison and Antonio discuss Jessica/Tess, and where she might be right now.

Dorian remarks that she hopes nothing is wrong with Jessica. They discuss Spencer and what he had done. Dorian thinks that he should be commended for what he had done. David calls him a monster. Dorian divulges that she wants to see Kelly with Spencer. Dorian gets a phone call from Blair, who wants her to babysit for a while. Dorian agrees. David refuses to go with her, telling her that he is going to stay there and keep an eye on Spencer.. Dorian pats his cheek and tells him not to get into any trouble. She leaves.

Tess confides to Nash that she wants to get out of there. He reminds her of what she had done to him and says that he couldn’t trust her anymore. Tess apologizes for running out on him but tells him that it happened because her family had found her. Tess mentions to him that they should just pack up and go to California. He is reluctant to believe her. She points out to him that before she met him she didn’t know what she wanted, but now she does. They discuss the past and what she had done. She turns the tide on him and asks him about his past. She then surprises him by telling him that she loves him.

Evangeline and Rex both agree to go their ways and just remember what Jen had been to him and what John had been to her. They discuss John and Natalie and agree that it is up to them what they do.

John sits on the side of Natalie’s bed. They just look at one another, and then they kiss.

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