OLTL Update Friday 8/19/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/19/05


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Nash tells Antonio he's looking for Todd Manning, and Antonio tells him he doesn't work there. Nash says that doesn't mean he doesn't know Todd. Antonio asks him if he has a beef with Manning, and Nash says yes and that Todd went after someone he cares about, and he wants to make sure Todd stays the hell away. Antonio says to get in line, and Nash asks to compare notes.

Jessica is surprised by Roxy when she is telling Tess to leave her alone and asking if she has an imaginary playmate. Jessica asks what she's talking about, and Roxy says the invisible somebody that she was going off on. In a hurry, Rex shows up, saying that something is going on with Natalie. Roxy and Rex make a run for it and Viki comes through with Kevin, also hurrying to get to Natalie. After a few seconds of just standing there, Jessica goes to find out what is going on.

Evangeline tells Michael that Natalie woke up. Bo asks if she's sure and she says she saw it for herself. Michael asks Sandy for some help and heads towards the room.

Natalie weakly looks at John, not sure if she's really seeing him. He says it's him, and she says he has to help her, she is trapped and has to get out. He tells her she's not trapped and that she is at the hospital. Michael comes in, telling John to leave because he has to check her out. She says John's name twice, and he says he'll be right outside. Michael starts to check her eyes as John walks out of the room and sees Evangeline. They look at each other, and Natalie starts calling out to John for help.

At the Palace, Kelly tells Spencer she doesn't think they should see each other anymore. She says it's not that she doesn't think he's a great guy. She says he is a brilliant doctor and is charming, intelligent, and handsome. She tells him she doesn't think it's a good idea that they see each other because they are business associates, and they will be family soon. She says she hopes he understands, and he says he does understand, it's just that he doesn't accept it.

Also at the Palace, David tells Paige he thinks she should consider the chief-of-staff job. She tells him it's a position that Spencer wanted her to take and he talked her up to the hospital board, but she just knows there are strings. David agrees, saying, though, that she would have so much power. Paige says she thought she was done with Spencer when she divorced him. She says she was perfectly happy before this chief-of-staff job, she had a great career and a great guy. David says he's been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what Spencer is up to. David tells her he and Dorian are getting married soon and that Spencer is his best man. Paige says she's sure Spencer has a sick scheme planned for her and Bo.

Bo tells everyone that Natalie is awake and is just a little disoriented.. They are all relieved. He also says Michael is checking her right now, and Rex asks when they can see her. Bo says Michael will let them know and that they will have to hang in a little bit longer.

Natalie is screaming for John, and Michael tries to calm her down. He tells her who he is, that John and her family are there, and that she's in the hospital. She looks at him and says his name. He says hi, saying then that everyone wants to see her, which won't happen unless she lets him examine her. He asks if she understands what he's saying, and she nods her head yes. He starts to check her eyes again and asks her what year it is. She says it's 2005. He asks her where he said she was, and she says she's in the hospital. He asks her who he is, and she says he's his brother's guard dog. He says it's nice to have her back, and she smiles.

Evangeline tells John that Natalie is safe now and that Barber is locked up, so soon they'll all get their lives back.

Michael comes out of the room and Rex asks how Natalie is. He says she is awake and lucid, and she answered all of his question correctly. He also says there was no permanent damage done, then adds that they are hydrating her but her vitals look good, saying she did sprain her ankle. Jessica asks if they can see her and he says yes, but only one at a time. Roxy tells Viki to go first, who thanks her before going into the room. Natalie is happy to see her. Viki kisses her on the head.

Kevin asks Jessica if she's okay. She says it's a little headache, guessing it's from all the sress. He hugs her, saying maybe now their family can have some peace.

Antonio asks Nash what Todd did, and he says he doesn't know, just that she's afraid of him. Antonio asks who and Nash says his girlfriend, who won't talk about it. He tells Antonio he found out the guy is a convicted rapist and then it all made sense. Antonio says Todd uses the tabloid to hurt people when asked what Todd did to him, and he says that they don't like each other. Antonio says he knows they don't know each other and that he has no reason to trust him, but he asks if his girlfriend's name is Margaret. Nash says no, but that it's the second time he's heard that name that evening. He asks what she looks like. Antonio describes her and Nash says that's not his girlfriend. Antonio asks what his girlfriend's name is, and Nash asks why he wants to know. Antonio says he's lived there all his life, and since he knows Todd, he might know his girlfriend. Nash says that's fair enough, and then Antonio's phone rings. It is Jessica, telling Antonio that Natalie is awake and will be all right. He says that's great news and that he'll be over there. She says he doesn't have to, but he says he wants to be there for her. She says her family is with her. He starts to ask if there's been any sign of Tess, and she interrupts him, saying no and that she's got Tess under control. She asks him to meet her at Llanfair later because she wants to tell her mom about Tess. He asks if she's sure she wants to do that, and she says she has to.. He says he'll see her later and they hang up. Antonio tells Nash that he'd love to continue this discussion, but he has to go. He leaves and Nash stays, sitting at the desk and finding on the floor a picture of Todd and Jessica, otherwise known as Tess.

Jessica is trying to keep Tess out and Kevin asks if there's anything he can do. In Jessica's head, Tess says he can mind his own business. Jessica says no, she's fine, or at least she's doing better. He says okay and that if she needs some Tylenol to let him know, because he's sure they can wrestle up some asprin. She laughs.

Viki tells Natalie she needs to get some sleep and so she's going to let her get some rest. Natalie says she was alone for so long, and when she wasn't she was with Hayes, not knowing what he was going to do next. Viki says he is in prison and he can't hurt her anymore, not now and not ever. Natalie says that when Hayes stopped coming to feed her, she didn't think she was going to make it. Viki sits down and tells her she shouldn't think about it right now. Natalie tells her mom she knows that she never would have given up had it been her. Viki says she doesn't know about that.

John tells Evangeline that she doesn't have to stick around, and she says he's trying to get rid of her. He says he doesn't want to see her run herself into the ground. She tells him he doesn't need to worry about her, and he asks how he could not, saying it could have been her in that hole. She tells him to stop it and he tells her to tell him how to. She says whether it was her or Natalie isn't the point, the only thing that matters is that they both survived. She tells him to be happy that they're all alive.

Bo is on a pay phone talking to Paige, telling her Natalie is going to be okay, and he thanks her for caring. She says it's his neice, so of course she cares. She assumes he'll be working late and he says he doesn't have to. He says John has taken Natalie's statement and that he's taking the night off, and he asks if she can meet him at his place later. She says nothing would make her happier. They hang up.

David sits next to Paige, telling her he likes her better smiling, and giving her a drink. She says it's nice to have something to smile about. He agress and she says she worked hard at getting Spencer out of her life, and she has to do everything she can to keep him that way.

Spencer tells Kelly he's sorry, asking where they were. Kelly says she thinks he was saying why she's not allowed to break up with him, and he says what he said was he doesn't accept her reasons. He tells her to tell him the truth, asking if it's about Kevin. She says yes, that she wishes things were different between them but that they are not and they are never going to be. They both hope they can still be friends..

Rex and Roxy also visit with Natalie, entering the room after Michael asks her if she's up for more visitors. Roxy reminds Natalie of what happened. Rex tells her she's not helping, and she asks Natalie if that's true, because she's only trying to help. Natalie tells Rex she heard that he got mixed up in the mess. Rex tells her that Hayes used a stun gun on him, asking if Hayes did the same to her. She says no, but he threatened to many times. Rex tells Natalie that everyone missed her, including Michael, who is standing at the doorway. She asks if she grew on him and he says like fungus. Rex tells Roxy they need to let Natalie rest, and Roxy asks if she really needs to. Rex says yes, and they leave the room.

Before Spencer leaves the Palace, he goes up to Paige and David. He mentions how much the two were staring at him and Paige starts to pour her drink on him, but he stops her by putting his hand on the top of the glass, telling her she doesn't want to make him angry. She puts the glass down and leaves. Spencer and David argue about Paige and about other things. Then, when Spencer is on his way out, he sees Kevin and congratulates him.

Kevin goes up to Kelly, telling her he's surprised she's not having champagne with Spencer. She's not very happy, and he doesn't seem too happy either.

Antonio brings Viki home, and Viki tells him it seems to her that Jessica wants to talk to her about something specific. She asks if he knows what it is, and he says Jessica might want to tell her herself.

Jessica is walking through the park when Tess starts bothering her again, saying she's dealt with her family problems and now it's time to give it up. Jessica tries really hard to keep Tess inside but is having trouble. She kneels down beside a fence, holding her hands to her head.

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